‘Lunch Rush’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

‘Lunch Rush’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

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Welcome to Thunderbolt. Come on in. Hi, baby.
How are you? Hi. Today for stress test,
I’m gonna focus on the real
potential of this market. Which is the lunch business. – Danny.
– Amber: Hi, guys. Come on in.
How are ya?The goal is to serve
the plant employees
in ten to fifteen minutes.– Cuba and Juicy Lucy.
– Yeah. Juicy Lucy. So, Margarita.
You’ll like it.To simulate a lunch rush…– What you got here, sir?
– Ton of food orders. Okay, done.…I’m not only going
to pack the house…
Hello? Um… well, it’s gonna be swamped right now.
What would you like?…I’m gonna also flood
the staff with to go orders.
All right, I’ll have that
ready for you. Oh, those are really easy. – But our counts are off. Yep.
So we’re gonna dump all this.
– Okay. Lisamarie: Yeah, and we’re gonna
start all over. There are all these people that
have waited in line to be here and they can’t even get one
drink. Who does not have a drink yet?
Look up, ladies. That’s a problemo. And we have the easiest
cocktails on the planet. Watch our counts
’cause we’re a little strong
on Bourbon right there. Lisamarie:
They’re going so slow.
We’re having to dump so much
’cause our pours aren’t right.It’s blowing my mind. Ooh, the booze is going
down the drain. Anthony: We got tickets
all over here. – Got two more pizzas.
– Okay. – Two Lucys. One more chicken.
– Two Lucys. Anthony: We’re falling
way behind here, guys. – We’re like 25 tickets deep.
– ( phone rings ) You know, a third of–
of the dining room –Maspizza.
– Oy. – What are we doing?
– I mean, we can’t even get
caught up right now. We’re probably
30 minutes behind. Jon:
Where does this food go? What’s the ticket
that goes with this food? There’s just putting food
and that’s it. They’re not writing numbers
or nothing. Jon: Who’s told them
to do it this way?
Where’s Don? – Don, come back here for a
– Yes, sir. – These are ready here.
– All right. Stack, Chef.
Look at what you’re doing. They’re writing orders
on the back of menus. – I don’t know why they do that.
– Some are dupes. Some are originals.
I mean– We don’t have table numbers
on tables yet. Which I should
already have done. – What do we do with these?
– I took orders. If somebody had a green hat
or long hair, I would write
that down. – Whose ticket is this?
– And I did the best that I can. – ( phone rings )
– Well, this one here
is a whiskey, – and a cuba with a juicy.
– But to who, for what, who did? – To the guy by the fuse box.
– And why aren’t we writing
these on checks? – Yeah, why aren’t you–
– Because they don’t have
another tablet. There’s a pad sitting
right there. You know, guys,
if you don’t pay attention, the systems and all,
they don’t mean anything. Get us organized, Don. Is this what you do
for a living? Get us organized somehow! You’re sinking here.
Take a deep breath. This is gonna end
at some point. Yesterday I identified issues
to Don. He said, “I’m gonna change.”
Rather than have the kitchen set
up for success, he didn’t do it. Rather than giving the employees
a system for checks,
he didn’t do it. He did exactly the same thing. Why am I gonna keep
bringing food out when you guys don’t even know
where it’s going? – I don’t know where it’s going.
– I don’t know where it’s going. Watch, this is
how you do this. You had tacos? ( phone continues ringing ) Somebody’s gotta get the phone. Yeah, if I knew where it was. – It’s right there.
– No, it’s not. Jon: You can’t turn ’em
all away, Don. I don’t wanna talk anymore. Someone brought me
the wrong people. Who’s been waiting
over a half hour for food? Who has to go back to work
and not eat? So now he goes back to work.
He has nothing to eat at all. I’m worried
that’s gonna happen to you. Let me check inside. – Guys, this is not working,
is it?
– No. There’s people who just left
to go back to work, Don. They came here,
they waited a half hour, they got no food, no drink. Now he’s going to work
with nothing to eat. You are so quick
to discount standards. I don’t get it. And it wasn’t a mistake, Don,
it was a choice! Whose fault is that, Ray? – Donald’s.
– Don’s. Not one fricking system
in this place. Listen to me.
I gotta put about $60,000 worth of refrigeration
in this place for you. Why the ( bleep )
should I do it?

46 thoughts on “‘Lunch Rush’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight”

  1. every stress test is set up for disaster and failure… such crap no restaurant can keep up in an hour

  2. Idk why pouring alcohol correctly is so important. I mean as long as it tastes good it shouldn't be a problem. If the drink is a little strong then man up and take it. Secondly why smash the kitchen with orders when chances are when a bar opens up they won't have 10+ tickets right away (unless they are a big name bar lmao). Idk much but this show has plenty of flaws, but Taffer getting pissed off keeps me watching lol

  3. 1:42… computer screen saver clock says 5:31:16 pm. I thought this was supposed to be a lunch rush? Hmm, maybe this show might just be staged after all.

  4. Why would people act like this when there's a camera crew in the bar? This reminds me of Kitchen Nightmares. Very much scripted.

  5. Bar over by my work ( warehouse ) used to do a lunch rush with 60 to 80 orders in 45 minutes. Noone would drink but they had awesome burgers. It lasted until some idiot took over and couldn't get 10 orders out in an hour, places around that warehouse would live and die just by screwing up 1 time! Send people back to work hungry especially if we were on 10 or 12 hour shifts and your days were numbered. Amazed me how people could take a successful bar with a kitchen, keep the same employees and insist they had a better way to do things which was apparent they could not!

  6. John Taffer and Gordon Ramsay need to team up together. The scenario would be that Jon goes in to a combination bar and restaurant and the staff think he's there to help, not knowing Gordon is also coming. Jon and Gordon would sit in the SUV together and watch the survailence videos to spot the problems. When they've seen enough Jon goes in to speak with the owner(s) about what his scouts experienced as far as service went and asks to see the crappy disgusting kitchen. After about 5-10 minutes of Jon berating the kitchen staff and owners about the condition and lack of cleanliness and the quality of the food, Gordon walks in to the kitchen and says,
    "Is there anything I can do to help?"
    Gordon takes over the kitchen, has them clean, teaches the cooks and overhauls it all while Jon does his thing and they both together make a new place. Good lord!, I'd pay good money to see that. Can someone make that happen please?

  7. Wheres the prep work?….like seriously you need to have most of your main course prep cooked before you open restaurant….you dont have nothing prepped thats why you fall behind

  8. Taffer reminds me of Trump. To the point, no bullcrap with of his character. Tells it how it is and if u dont like it, go to your safe place! Jon Taffer and Donald Trump are winners, and if you disagree it's simply because you're a loser.

  9. Drinking margaritas/alcoholic drunks during lunch breaks? Typically, that's a no-no with MOST employers (if not all).

  10. So you give money to failing bars and yell at them for rating’s come save my bar right now it’s just a cooler in the back of my truck 😂

  11. I wanna just position myself under where the chick is dumpin all the wasted booze. I get it that shes trying to teach tehm a lesson but damn it's making me want to be like NOOOOOOOO POUR IT IN MY MOUUUUUTH I DONT CARE!

  12. Don’s face when he says “why should I do it?”
    Like it’s always a surprise to people to learn he can just not fix their bar? He owes you nothing man.

  13. I’ve been a bartender for a while now and bars shouldn’t even hire a bartender if they can’t make a margarita, literally the first citrus mixed cocktail you learn in training programs

  14. Thunderbolt Bar & Grill was renamed to Thunderbird KSC Tavern by Bar Rescue and the bar has kept the name. There weren't too many reviews of the bar as the Bar Rescue makeover was done just a few months ago, but the few reviews were positive. With Thunderbird KSC Tavern being right across the street from Ford, it seems like for them to succeed, they will have to keep the Ford employees happy.

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