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Mom I was shooting today’s video. I just thought of lying down after completing all my work… And you’ve started shooting your video. What is this? Can’t I have a little peace? I get so tired working all day. Whenever I try to rest for a while you start with your nonsense. Enough is enough Prajakta. Stop this right now. Let me sleep for a while. No no you sleep. I’ll shoot afterwards. Prajakta! You haven’t shot the video? It’s a Tuesday video, and its 6pm in the evening on a Tuesday. When will you edit the video? When will you upload the video? Are you even bothered about the punctuality? Or about the people who watch your videos. Or you like to leave everything for the last moment? I’m telling you Prajakta this habit is not good. Start taking your own responsibility. Hurry up and shoot! Prajakta. What are you doing? Watching Friends? Great! Keep watching. You don’t have anything else to do in life. All day long you’re glued to your laptop. You just watch Friends all day long. You don’t want to do any other work. Have you heard about something called ambition, career, motivation? I’m fed up of you Prajakta! I feel like giving you a tight slap whenever I see you. You don’t want to do anything. All your friends have become CEO, CFO, Director, Managing Director. And what does Prajakta do? She remembers all the dialogues of Friends by heart. That’s what I’ll tell everyone. You just sit. No need to do any work. At least now get up and do some work. Prajakta! What are you doing? Come with me for sometime we’ll get some vegetables. No mom I can’t come. I have to reply to a bunch of mails otherwise my boss will kill me. Whenever I have some work you remember that you have your own work to do. When you were sitting all day you didn’t have any work. Now that I want your help you suddenly have some work to do. Okay you sit. I’ll bring a silver plate for you. Because getting the groceries, cooking food this is all my job. You’re not going to eat food, Montu’s not going to eat, nither is your dad. You’ve grown up now. You have a lot of work. You don’t have time for your mom. It’s ok you work. I’ll go. My legs are hurting but still I’ll go. Your emails are more important than your mother. It’s okay. This is what happens when your kids grow up. Well done. The photo is amazing Prajakta You are looking very pretty. But what about this room? You want to leave it untidy? What is with all this mess? I’m getting a headache just by looking at this room. You think I don’t have any other work? You’ll create a mess and I’ll clean it up. You are not bothered about your own room. I’m cleaning it mom. How? You should not have a room of your own. I’ll do it right now you go. You’re 24 years old and look at your room. Is there anything in your wardrobe or everything is lying here. Even if a cow comes in this room it won’t be able to come out. Shall I clean the room now? Sangeeta come here I’ll show you. What are you doing? Cleaning the room. The table is left but I’ll do that too. Who asked you to do all this? I’ve been asking you to do this for the past two months but you didn’t do anything… Today when I have paid extra money to the maid to clean the room And today you’ve decided that you’ll clean the room. You couldn’t do this earlier? You’re just like your dad. Now the money that I’ve given to Sangeeta is a complete waste. What should I tell her now? That my daughter has finally come to her senses But I’m doing it now. Why do you even spend our money? I’ll give it to you, just burn all of it. Leave now. Sangeeta will do it. So many times have I told you. What happened mom? This habit is not good. Glued to your phone all day. How many times have I told you. Now that you have some free time you should read a book. You’ll gain so much knowledge. When I was your age, you know how many books we used to read? We didn’t have phones or laptops at that time. If you read books you’ll gain knowledge, your perspective will change. You can also change your ambition. Think about the future. Okay mom I’ll start reading. Or you just want to be on Instagram for the rest of your life. Prajakta that day you… Which book are you reading? Yes. I just bought this yesterday. Does your dad get money from the trees? Everyday you go and buy expensive books. You only said that you shuld read books… I asked you to read books not to spend your dad’s money. You don’t need to give excuses. There’s a library next door. Have you ever gone there to check? You just want to buy new books and piling them up here. Why go to the library when you’re getting money? We have also read books. But I used to take books from my elder sister and I passed on my books to my younger sister. Not like you. If you have the money, keep spending it. Mom! Mom! What’s there for dinner? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Three times in a day you ask me this question. What’s there for dinner? I don’t have anything else to do in life. I just have to be in the kitchen all the time. Breakfast different for everyone, lunch different for everyone. In the evening you call your friends over. You think I don’t have a life? I should just be in the kitchen. If you want to talk to me it has to be about food. Okay. Why do you get angry at everything? What do you want to eat. I’ll order online. Great! You just want an excuse right? You keep looking for opportunities to order food online. Look at all the pimples you’ve got from eating junk from restaurants. But you’re not at all bothered. You’ll eat from outside and then cry about having a bad stomach. Outside food is more tastier than a home cooked meal. Sometimes he just overdoes it. I understand you need to do a little savings. But it’s been 2 months he hasn’t bought a single saree. Everyone will be there at the kitty party. They have started a new trend that everyone has to wear a new saree. Will it look good if I wear the same saree that I had worn two years back? They remember everything. They keep pictures and discuss that Archana was wearing the same old saree. He can’t buy me one nice saree. He’s so frugal. He’s getting more and more frugal by age. Where is going to take all his savings? What harm is one saree going to do? I’ve selected such a beautiful saree. He has become a little frugal. I asked him for 500 rupees because everyone was contributing. But he said no. I need some savings. You think 500 rupees is a joke? Kids these days don’t know the value of money. You think 500 is a small amount? What’s the need to party everyday at Sonakshi’s place? We’re not one of those who spend money on their kids and spoil them. Don’t get used to all this. You only said he’s being frugal. I can say whatever I want. You don’t speak in between. Have you finished your work? Don’t you have to check your mails? Great! Just lying there like a potato on the couch. You’ve been lying down since morning. Like you don’t have any energy left. Whenever I ask you to do something you just keep delaying it. Go out and play badminton, or go for a walk or do some zumba. You’re just lying there doing nothing. When I was your age, I used to walk 15 KM to get to school. That would be our excercise for the day. If you miss your school bus you will call for an Uber. If not that you’ll ask your dad to drop you. As if he doesn’t have anything else to do. You just keep sitting in one place like a boss. Okay mom! Why have you got 2 KGs of chicken and kept it in the fridge? I’m sick and tired of your tantrums. You want 200 grams of chicken in the morning and in the evening. Steamed vegetables and all. I can’t do all this. If you want to do this kind of workout and follow this diet then don’t do it. Do something that normal people do, like wrestling or zumba. I can’t tolerate your diet tantrums. This is not going to help. When there was no gym and diet, people still used to workout.

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  1. Being Marathi… It was Really relatable… Even the same dialogues.. ??Was watching with my mom.. And she was like tune bheji KY script?? ????..

  2. #SawalSaturday Hey Di how was your mom reaction after watching Mom Ka Gussa video..
    Bybthe way just love all your videos #Lovelove

  3. Abh lagta hai India ke saare parents Bhagwan se permanent script likhwa kr aaye ..bole toh same to same hai bhaiya ??

  4. OMG!!!! it was as if my mummy was there in the video.. Everything was soooo trueee. ?.i have shared the video with her??.

  5. As you are growing in this field, you are becoming very much responsible about what you are delivering which is great about you. By the way, video was really funny ?. #lovelove

  6. Kisine notice kiya ki prajaktaaaa bhi kitni relatable hai video mai 🙂 mai bhi aise hi padi rehti hu phone/laptop/TV dekhte hue xD

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