MAKE ME HAPPY!! | Vines That Cure Depression

MAKE ME HAPPY!! | Vines That Cure Depression

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“Please let this be a normal field trip?” Matthew- Yes Arnold “NO WAY!” (Magic school bus music bass boosted) *Laughing* Stephanie- It shouldn’t be that funny *still laughing* S- Really I shouldn’t be laughing at all. That was just, horrendous Hello Int-er-net Wel-co-me t-o gam-e *GT live intro* M- Hey guys and welcome *grunts* *sings high notes* M- Hey guys and welcome *sings high note* M-To GT live S- GT life coming at you from the void M- Coming at you in all different octaves
S- Wow M- Similar to the last vine reaction compilation, on a scale of one to ten, one loops to ten loops M- how much did this cure your depression which is a serious mental illness that really is more of a treatment than it is a M- Curing but your your colloquial usage of the word depression M- How much did it cure it? Your, your Tuesday blues?
S- Oh, Tuesday Bluesday! S- Yeah, does this cure your Tuesday Bluesday? M- All right. Here we go. Vines. M- Let it let them cure us. Let their healing properties wash over us begin *upbeat music* M-It was alright. it’s fine. That was that was a three looper S- Yeah
M- do I feel cured of my depression, no S- Again depression not something that can be cured with vines S-We are well aware.
M- It was fine. It was fine. S-Yeah, it’s fine. I appreciated it for what it was. I also agree, three M- Next! *laughing* S- Wait, is it …is it just like slick on the bottom, is it frozen? Oh my gosh this is amazing! *more laughter* M- As a swimmer you got to appreciate this one right? S- This is incredible! M- So is this just the bottom of a pool?
S- I don’t understand how this is working M- Oh,
S- But, I S- appreciate it so much M- It’s like the best slip and slide ever.
S- appreciate it so much S- Yes! S- This looks, so fun. I want to do this, so badly. What is he doing, that’s a disqualification! M- Yeah, that is that is no such Breaststroke, friend.
S- What the heck is even going on? M- I am seeing no no frog kick there S=This is it, wow, oh man, hes really crawling back hes really crawling back on the fourth leg OHNO! Illegal maneuver it’s freestyle. You can do anything That was awesome that is Incredible that was awesome so I think I think right they were filling up the pool and I think the bottom of the pool was slick enough and Wet enough that they were able to treat it like a slip and slip man. It looks like it was covered in jello That is awesome. That was so cool as so as a former competitive swimmer Steph. Oh, did you ever do anything like that? only in my wildest dreams Oh jesus. Wanted destruction of property come on Kevin! No No, you had so much warning Kevin and then you like you play just blatantly disregard and almost like you did that on purpose I love it that when I give a – looper I did not enjoy that when I give a Kevin at it Kevin Maybe maybe it’s just the fact that I’m sick. And so I’m rating thing’s lower today so my threshold of looping is like I always thought your your Logical reasoning is break like breaking down because you’re sick and you’re just lea laugh at anything We’re still early in the stream and by the end. I’ll probably break down. Yes. Here we go Yes Arnold Freely I shouldn’t be laughing at all. That was just already no! I’m glad that Chris enjoys the wanton destruction again or wanting destruction for the lulz what’s so funny about that one Chris if if the frizz in real life was driving the school bus I Imagine it would be like that do you imagine that that’s what it would no really if you Transplanted miss Frizzle. If you made her into an actual human and what she would really be like as a person she would prolly Educational specialist she would probably have killed so many children in here. It is true she puts a lot of kids at rest Literally on one of her field trips a kid removes his space outfit. So he dies in the cold. Yeah vacuum of space Oh my gosh. Oh No, demonitized. no “THIS IS WHY MOM DOES NOT LOVE YOU!” Wait, was that a real Gun? Think that was an actual gun, I think so, too It’s the time it’s it was the it was the challenge before the tide pod challenge It was the fire alive come in your house challenge Is it real It’s hard. It’s hard to tell what to say if it’s a real gun because I even when I was growing up I owned a cap gun that looked very sad right I was gonna say that it feels like your red cap on the end so you can very clearly see that it’s not Theirs it like a big red like stopper on the end of the gun. It’ll be fully metal It’ll look very realistic. But it usually you could tell next all right BEAKFAST! I was just confused I was confused what was he making pancake he was making it looks but it looks like ketchup. I’m confused chicken and waffles The quality of these preserved vines is very low We bowling be like I I Appreciate that now I get the joke. That was nice. That was awesome. I like that one I’m as someone who frequently does that in in Wii bowling? No, you don’t do stepa. Stephanie is being modest here Stephanie is like the best we bowler ever. Well I either release it backwards or I get a strike it I swear there is no middle ground Does not enter the lane I get It was smart and I’m a seven seven it was WOW there was a lot going on Pinocchio es ca pe It’s got a that is I like that one. I like that one a lot And it also points out how difficult English pronunciation can be. It’s true with no rules. That was a good one I appreciate that a lot of effort. Oh, yeah, it’s funny to mispronounce thing. Oh, yeah as someone who appreciates a good pun Anyway, yeah, I give this one I like this one a nine looper. Yeah. I’m an I’m an eight it was it like Super low. Yeah, but it was really fun. And I enjoyed it. Look that’s horrible French. Yes, it is Yes not it’s not intended to be criticized. You don’t worry the worst French. It is all the bad French So much bad frenching going on in our house Next What is that the horse fly that’s because it’s on oh Thanks, thanks Steph for ruining the comedy with your your brutally hard realism it was true though. It was a horsefly Next Simple and effective Good, it’s so good. I think swans are in in real life. They’re actually really mean and aggressive but that was so good That was enjoyable I give that an eight Good. I’m glad we agree next let’s let’s speed through a couple Surprised cats. Oh no No, maybe they were just eager to get patted here, okay, I would watch the cat one again cat. What amazing Check it out that booty. Check it out that tail feather next. Oh My god, oh My gosh that’s like skip at five o’clock. Oh, yeah like literally like MEOW If you like cloned skip that’s what it would end up being it would just be that That was that was more just a terrifying reality. I know really these vines are just all terrifying reallities. Let’s be honest Let’s continue. Let’s go Awesome, oh my god. That was so simple and so cute. Oh My gosh so many cats, okay Oh my gosh, I love that that’s so cute. That’s adorable okay, was he waving or hiling Hitler so that Yeah left hand. He was waving it was his left hand. Yeah, come on, man Geez, stop with your conspiracy theory and just say and maybe the bees are working for Hitler So I showed this thing to Matthew the other day what? Guys, someone has to ask the question my stuff So I someone has to ask otherwise the Bee uprising happens and you didn’t see it coming Okay next No zero zero loops for taste part a really important. I just thought it was just kind of like When you have to explain the joke, I know right? You’re also not at a funeral and on it was Plus the laughter at the end. No garbage zero zero loops Okay, that’s all right so click a 5 5 4 4 It didn’t find it didn’t match the music as well as I would have liked Yeah, if you could if you’ve been to New York City or if you go there we actually were there like pretty regularly and we Have meetings that are like in Times Square and stuff and you see these guys all the time and they are Gratis telmo’s you bet. They’re the saddest Dumbo some of the creepiest Elmos They’re pretty unfortunate It’s a it’s a dark situation it is I give that one a five. Yeah, definitely. Excuse me, sir Has there ever been a robbery at this establishment? So good that looks so stupid no, I loved it. No, it’s great We go both. Excuse me, sir. Has there ever been a robbery at this establishment? Also the fat The guy in the background is just so perfect The bag is so oversized hat his little booties the fact that he changed you talk about these booties again Are you talking about this man’s? Booties today ba na na na, I like that Again, we’re going back to that. Let’s pronounce words in a funny way ba na na na Enjoyed that one. You’re a lizard Good production values very nice. Those fun. I enjoyed that one. Here we go yikes, I feel like that one little bit time to build I think that wouldn’t even a little bit more time to build like I was starting to get into it That one I think is another one that’s better in long-form. I give that up. Yeah three looper. Oh No charlie I i knew that was coming you just see it you just see it from a mile away. Oh boy boy Oh Kratos would be disappointed in you Give that one of five six, I give it a six six loops It’s a firm Sixers. Yeah, I think that’s a six for me, too Oh No, what happened oh my gosh Okay Here we go just drowned himself in his own side that poor guy epic prank that was oh man. Oh that was pretty funny. Uh, I Don’t know I give that one I give that one in. Oh Look how happy this bird is Look at how happy he is! Okay. Those are really pretty bird ready. Who’s a pretty bird. I know he’s a pretty bird That was good one. Okay, okay Great no one suspects the guy. Yeah, I’m gonna do that. Yeah. Look at this one. It reminds me of whee Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s like high-end grocery stores, too. It’s got like so much Stuff and it’s like densely packed. I mean it’s got its its promoting. It’s like Crumbly aged. Yeah, but you know is like the sign of a fancy. It was like a Bristol Farms or something So to slide across the floor of a Bristol Farms, I feel like is is great I was significantly uplifted by these vines today. My Tuesday Blues day is now a Tuesday good day It’s less it doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, but it’s better for my psychological state. Excellent Yeah on a scale of 1 to 10 loops. I get Today today’s vine compilations is hole deep. I you know good job Chris today on the hole I give this like an 8 out of 10 loops for the day. I would agree. Yeah eight out of ten. Loops strong strong loops Hey guys Thank you so much for watching this episode of GT live if you want to see the full Uncut livestream with all of our reactions to all of the vine. Click the box left Another vine compilation’ where we yuk it up even more click the box to the right Trust us. Your depression will be cured colloquially

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  1. Magic school bus one comes on

    I wonder how this one is gonna be weir- HOLY DKGXKCKHCHDLHDOGDIGDOTDKTDTDTSTDITVHBKJJPGLYSTSRARSGUHJNJIHOFKSRABAJDZURDRXTVUNOMPMPVYDRSWAWSTCHBJBLJVKHCKXXLTXLYDGSJFjdzjfzicog phvlhvpgcotxirzursurzurzitcotcpyvpucyCoycoycoTclYcpyCyCpyCotCOYPyOTXOYCOTCOTVyvoyvoyVpygpugoyFpyYPcoyvpycpycoycpgcPhcoycoycCOTXIRSRAIRSOGDOTFPTFPTFODOTDOTDLGCPHNINKNOctditdufiyItditfiyfitfoygpuvuHvpcoycoyvpygovotVYOpyfoycotCTodotXoyCitcITfoyfyfotxfoyzitzurditdudurcitvifci

  2. Wow matpat that's actually really high singing great job!!!!!

    Ps Miss Frizzle was based on one of my cousin's teachers not kidding

  3. People think Billie eilish depressed but people seem to forget the comedian who killed himself from depression such as Robbin Williams and Vern Troyer like come on icons of people's childhoods from Ms Doubtfire many other classics but no the "Edgy Teen" oh no life's so hard

  4. Just a quick question:
    How DID that school bus destroy all those other cars? Shouldn't it have been slowed by the first one it crashed into?
    And I laughed really hard at that one, Judge me.

  5. That near-demonic cackle from the magic schoolbus one…so unexpected, and I found it genuinely contagious. Loved the reaction!

  6. 9:08
    Makes me remember the time my father was learning English and said “smash potatoes” instead of “mash potatoes”
    Everyone thought it was intentional—

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