Meditation Demo | Relax & Let Go of Stress, Tension, & Anxiety

Meditation Demo | Relax & Let Go of Stress, Tension, & Anxiety

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Hello everyone! This is going to be a demonstration
of the meditation content I will have in 2016. This is also the last demonstration of 2015
to prepare for proper content in 2016. This includes meditation, spiritual growth, hypnosis,
and ASMR content. This meditation here is going to be able to allow you to let go of
resistance, any stress and anxiety you have, and to let go and relax. Please feel free
to give me any suggestions of what to do in the future and how I can improve. So to begin, you want to find a spot that
is comfortable for you, preferably lying down or sitting in a comfortable place. Just begin
to concentrate and focus on my voice. And as you begin to focus on my voice, you begin
to relax. And as you relax, you close your eyes and feel your body becoming heavier.
Letting go of all stress and anxiety in your body and mind. Now, bring your focus to your breathing. And
as you breathe in, breathe in positivity and relaxation. And when you breathe out, let go of any negativity
and tension you are holding within your body. Breathing in positivity and relaxation. Breathing
out and letting go of things that no longer serve you. Breathing in this relaxation moment.
And letting go of obsessive thoughts and tension. Now, as you continue to do this, your mind
is becoming clearer. You’re focusing more and more on your breathing, and relaxation,
and letting go of things that no longer serve you. Occasionally, you may have some thoughts come
to mind that are not related to the mediation. This is perfectly natural as thoughts are
a part of meditation. What you can do is you can let them go. So as you breathe in, you focus on your intention
of positivity and relaxation. Then when you breathe out, you let go and release those
intrusive thoughts. Any thought that comes to mind, just let it go and bring you attention
back to the meditation and your focus. Your goal of this meditation is to relax and
let go of stress and anxiety. Letting go is natural. So with enough time, your mind will
become calm and you will be able to focus easier on the meditation and relaxation. Breathing in positivity and relaxation. And
breathing out things that no longer serve you, stress, anxiety, intrusive thoughts.
Letting them all go as you relax. And you feel your body relaxing. And you feel your
mind becoming calmer and clearer. Now, you may continue this as long as you
like. There is no rush. And all you have to do when you want to wake
up is just gently bring your focus to the world around you while retaining that relaxation
you have achieved in this meditation. So, let’s do that now shall we? Continuing to
breathe in relaxation, and continuing to release stress and anxiety. Now, gently focus your attention to the world
around you. Gently being to become aware of your surroundings. And as you become more aware, you retain that
relaxation you have achieved during mediation. Beginning to awaken from meditation while
still feeling relaxed and calm. Now that you are fully awake, you may open
your eyes while feeling relaxed, free of stress, and tension, and anxiety, and all those intrusive
thoughts you had. Now you may continue on with your day feeling this relaxation in your
mind and body, helping you be productive and go about your day with happiness and positivity. So, I hope you enjoyed this meditation. This
is just a demonstration. And, I will certainly get much better at this as time progresses.
But for now, you are free to share your experiences with me and what I can improve so when 2016
comes around, and I am making more content, I can get better at it as well. I value your
feedback and I value you sharing your experiences with me. Thank you very much for listening and I hope
you have a nice day. Thank you very much. Bye bye!

22 thoughts on “Meditation Demo | Relax & Let Go of Stress, Tension, & Anxiety”

  1. I liked that you said "any thoughts that come up, you can let them go". I really let them go. It's not what you say, it's how you say it, and you said it well. take care autmn.

  2. I'm looking forward to a long meditation with a long 'intro' to really get into the zone. That said, I'd also be happy to just listen to you read a car manual – your voice is very soothing on its own.

  3. I don't know what it is, but every time I try to meditate, it's like my mind tries to fight me, it fills with traffic and the range of my ears seems to intensify and I hear more. I also find it hard to focus on my breathing, and I don't feel that different as I breathe. I may just be impatient or it may just be the sound of my flat (people talking in the next room and my bathroom humming, even through the headphones I can hear) but it always feels like meditation has little effect on me.

  4. Normally when i meditate, i don't think of the things in my life, but somehow it always goes to a rainbow.
    Something that typically shows up is a Rainbow Hummingbird wasp, hybrid, with other animals i can't recall at the moment.
    Or i see a bunch of textures.
    With this, i felt more relaxed, as if i was sleeping, while still awake, and feel better about everything.

  5. This was the first time I had ever done something like this: it really worked :O I have a lot of problems with sleeping, but I feel like meditation can help me with that too… Thank you!

    I feel so relaxed… I haven't felt like this in ages u_u

  6. I knew you would be amazing at this! Your voice is already naturally soft-spoken, so it's perfect for soft-spoken ASMR (I prefer soft spoken to whisper myself)I hope you make a TON of videos on fhis channel!!!!

  7. Thank you so much I have find the way to relax.i have ADHD and have medication about a month.i had really bad feelings?my hart was going so fast .my friends say to my try meditation.your vois is really hope you make a lot of this videos.greetings holland

  8. this was soooo relaxing, I'm actually kinda shocked. I've done different breathing techniques with my therapist before, but there was a huge difference in the results. It probably helped that I did this at home with my headphones on and your voice is so gentle! My eyes were tingling the entire time… You did amazing, even though it's "just" a demo! Thank you! ❤

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