Men Take “Birth Control” Pills For A Month

Men Take “Birth Control” Pills For A Month

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– I get why they could be a pain, but I personally think that I can take a pill once a day at the same time. – So I forgot my birth control. – This is infuriating. – It’s just bothering me. – Ohp, oh, oh no. – This fucking pill. – Alright, I’m officially
sick and tired of the pill. (whimsical orchestral music) – Like many women living in
2017, I’m on birth control, specifically the birth control pill. So, since we’re living through some pretty trying ass times right now with women’s access to birth control always being a topic of discussion but rarely a topic of
discussion held by women. – Now I can tell you
this is most troubling. This is disturbing. – [Woman] Rise up, women. – [Group] Rise up. – [Woman] Rise up, women. – [Group] Rise up. – I felt like now was a
really great time to challenge some of my male coworkers
to an experiment. – Birth control is the ultimate gift that came out of science. – The wonderful way to be
able to plan your life out. – The women I’ve dated
have had many complaints about the different types of
birth control they’ve been on. – So while the women of
Buzzfeed were extremely excited to see a video like this getting made, I literally have no idea
what happened to the men. It was dead silent on that email thread. – I was hesitant to do this
video because I was afraid it was gonna be some weird placebo pills. After knowing that it’s gonna be Tic Tacs, I feel a little better. – It can’t be as simple as I think it is, and that’s how guys view
birth control, right? Because they view it as being very simple. What’s the big deal? – Because believe me, if there
was a pill that could hey by all means, I will be not potent at all. This would be a Sahara desert. – My girlfriend does things for me and one of these things
is taking birth control, and I really wanna know
what she’s going through. – Let’s go over the rules. So while I couldn’t give
them acne and weight gain and mood swings and all the other bullshit that we go through, I figured we could at least
simulate the inconvenience. Rule number one is you have
to pick up your birth control from me on Sunday between 11 AM and 1 PM. – Okay, Super Bowl Sunday. – This is not a good time. – You can only take your birth control from the original pack of
Tic Tacs that you are given. There’s no buying of
another pack of Tic Tacs just because you don’t
have your pack with you and you need to take it. – What if I forget it? What would happen? – If you miss a pill, a.k.a. if you’re over an
hour late taking your pill, you will have to refrain from
sexual activity that night, and that’s partnered sex or masturbation. – What?
– Yes. – I can’t even masturbate.
– Nope. – Fair enough.
– We’re not done. – Okay. – You have to wear a pad
with a period like substance. – What is that? – So the reason for that is that when a woman misses her birth control, for a lot of people, that
will mess up her cycle. – Deal. That’s actually more incentive
to never miss this pill. (laughing) – I’m feeling more nervous now than I did at the start of this. – But also confident at the same time. – Alright, let’s do it. – I had an idea that in
order to make this experience even more relatable to women, I should give them insurance
cards that they have to present when they pick up their birth control. I have a gift for you. – What is it? – [Daysha] So, I have an insurance card. (laughing) – Specialist copay’s 25? Mine, I pay 30. – [Daysha] I know, this is some – This is good insurance.
– [Daysha] Bomb ass insurance. – This is good insurance you’ve given me. – So I can’t give you your pills unless you present your
insurance card on Sunday so don’t forget it. – You’re just really trying to make this more difficult, huh? – [Daysha] What are you talking about? – You’re just doing
whatever you can to just ’cause I think you’re afraid
that we’re gonna crush this. – Good luck, sir. – I’m gonna get it. It’s 21 days.
– [Woman] Good luck. It’s a rough road. – I can do 21 days, same hour everyday. – You would think. Just wait. – I hope there isn’t a real $15 copay. – [Daysha] You don’t have a copay. – Uhm.
(laughing) – So right now, you’re okay because under the ACA,
birth control is free. (whimsical orchestral music) – I’ll be seeing you on Sunday. – It’s almost 11:30. I’m going, I’m on my way now to get my birth control
from the pharmacist. – I made it in time, and now
I gotta wait 15 to 20 minutes probably a little bit longer
to get my birth control. ‘Cause that’s what
normally happens, right? – I’m really nervous
because the pharmacist just asked me if it was
my first time picking up which means I’m in for some more bullshit. – I’m pretty sure that they just thought that they were going to walk up in here and just take a pack of Tic
Tacs and go about their day, and I said hell no. We’re really going
through this experience. – She’s looking at the insurance card as if there’s any
information on there at all. – Garrett, it looks like
you have a prescription for male birth control. Is that correct? – [Garrett] Yes. – Okay, so if you give
me about 15, 20 minutes, I should be able to fill it for you. – This is infuriating. – It’s a pharmacy with only
three people that go to it yet I’m waiting this long. – [Garrett] I don’t know what she’s doing. She’s just like doing arts and crafts or some shit over there. – Look at this. This is very thorough. Let me tell you, how much
work I put into this. – But I’ve also waited
for other, you know, drugs other than birth control. I’m used to that. I guess I don’t have to
just do it every month like a female does. – It’s true. Woman are amazing creatures – [Daysha] Don’t do that. Don’t do that. – And they live such a struggle. Alright, taking my first pill. – I have the option of
starting to take it tonight or tomorrow morning. I’m gonna prefer tomorrow morning because I think that’s better for me. When I wake up and take all my other meds. – 10 PM, day one of 21. – Day two. – Two for two. So far, killing the game. – My alarm just went off,
and I was like oh good. Time to take my pill, and I realized that my pills are in my car. This fucking pill. – Still going strong. – It’s just bothering me. I freaked out because I thought I lost it. I’m always worried when I don’t have it. It sucks. – Some people said I shouldn’t suck on it because that’s something good
that girls don’t get to do. They don’t get to enjoy it,
but I have to dry swallow it. So I’ll just dry swallow this one. – So I forgot my birth
control so I have to go back and there’s a lot of traffic on this side. – I’m doing it on time, but it just sucks that I have to keep doing it. – This is gonna become more
mundane, I have a feeling, as I get better at it. – Okay, I’m currently
here flying to Ireland, and I don’t know how I’m gonna figure out what time I have to take
it while I’m up in the air ’cause the time zone is
literally changing constantly. – Well I got into an
argument with my girlfriend. I can’t imagine what she’s going through being on her birth control, and you know, if this was actually
like male birth control, the hormones that I would feel. And you know, it stopped
and made me think, and I cried a little bit about it. You know, not because of taking this but just knowing there
is hormones being pumped into her body that she
probably doesn’t wanna have. – I definitely didn’t anticipate how hard it was going to be to
take this pill everyday, and it’s really hard to explain why. – We haven’t experienced the weight gain, the hormones, and all that stuff. And I’ve been going through
some emotional stuff so I can’t imagine what I
would actually feel like if I had extra hormones
pumped into my body. – It’s just fucking annoying. It’s a constant worry. – If you’re not thinking
about it ahead of time, you’re gonna be in trouble. So you’ve gotta constantly
have it on your mind. I will say that the first week especially, every time I successfully
take it, I feel immortal. – I thought that it was
important for the boys to learn as much as they could about birth control while being on this journey
so we invited a doctor to come in and sit down with them. – First week, I screwed
up almost everyday. It was like oh shoot, I’m out
and I don’t have my pills. Luckily, I’m two blocks
away form my house. – You were in between bars and
you went back to your house to take the pill?
– Yeah. We left the house party.
– Good for you. – I paid for the Lyft to go to the bar, and I told the Lyft
driver to stop at my house and then everybody sat in the Lyft and I ran inside my house. – That is dedication. – Got no other option, man. I don’t wanna get pregnant. (laughing) – But it sounds like for all of you, taking the pill on a
consistent basis everyday at the same time was challenging. – Yes.
– Yeah. – Yeah, that was a pain in the ass. – That’s basically all we have to do, and it was very difficult. – But what women also have to deal with is all the side effects
that sometimes can happen when they take the pill. Headaches, nausea, breast
tenderness, bloating, and all of those things
you guys didn’t have. – Only other convenience that we had that women have to go through is going through the pharmacist. – Yeah. – That pharmacist we had, man. – I’m getting a new pharmacist. – It was the worst pharmacy ever. – They were like oh I can’t
wait to give this pharmacist a bad Yelp review. I’m like I wish you would. – So could you imagine a situation where every single month, you’re
having to deal with that? And remembering ahead of
time that you need to do that because if you’re starting
your new pack on Sunday, that you have to go in on Friday? – So what are the developments
of birth control for men? – Well men are, it’s really tricky to have birth control for men. Men produce millions of sperm every day, so in order to prevent pregnancy, you have to prevent production
of all the millions of sperm, and you have to do it everyday. That’s a lot of sperm versus actually just preventing one egg from ovulating which is what the birth
control pill does, alright? So in order to do that, you need pretty strong levels of hormone, alright? And often times, strong levels of hormone are associated with
pretty bad side effects. And in fact, an oral
formulation of the hormone that you would need to take, men would clear that hormone so quickly they would actually have to take a pill multiple times a day. – No way. – No way, it’d be hard, right? – Couple of my guy friends were like, I don’t, even if that was a real thing, I don’t know if I would
do it because hormones. And I was like, well
that’s kind of fucked up because your girl’s taking it. Why shouldn’t the onus be
put on just the females and not the males? – Sometimes I take the
pill and I’ll think like oh my god, imagine if you
knew you were doing this for the next 15 years, how it just like has
become part of your life. ‘Cause like right now, it’s like definitely inconveniencing me
and it’s making me appreciate how hard it is but I’m also aware that it’s just like for a video. – I’m pretty ready to
get this shit over with. – Two more days, easy peasy. – You win ladies. I apologize for ever doubting you. It sucks. – This wasn’t as easy
as I thought and I know we didn’t have even like
more than half of the issues that you ladies have but
just picking that time, trying to stick with that
time, it’s difficult. – My life day of pills so I did it. I did all 21 days. Didn’t miss a day. – I’m proud of myself. One guy that didn’t. I don’t know if he admitted to it yet. – So you’re sure there’s
nothing else you wanna tell me. – What do you mean there’s
nothing else I wanna tell you? What? – Eli’s little lying ass. You missed a day.
– I didn’t miss a day. – [Daysha] Yes, you did. – You have no proof, okay? – But he didn’t know that I had receipts. (dramatic music) – You have no proof. – So Eli’s running from us. – We’re trying to find him. – [Eli] Oh God. – [Daysha] Yeah, God is right, Eli. – [Nyla] We got receipts. Damn, damn, damn. – [Daysha] There are receipts. – [Eli] Wow, this is like – [Nyla] Receipt for everyone. – Front street and blast
boulevard, darling. – I can’t believe the last part of his name is so significant. – Wait, what? – E-lie. – Oh. (laughing) – I feel bad but he – [Nyla] ‘Cause you outed him.
– [Woman] You should feel bad. (laughing) (dramatic music) – When I set out to do this video, I didn’t want it to be a
“we appreciate women so much “for what they do for us” kind of video because this is about so
much more than appreciation. Women are very aware of how
amazing and bad ass they are for taking on the risk
and the social stigma that comes with taking birth control. I think what women are really looking for from the men in their lives
is solidarity, not sympathy. – Yeah, when it comes to baby prevention and all those other
things, this whole project made me realize how easy I have it. I never knew exactly how
expensive birth control was. – You don’t realize that,
even though it might be a $20, $30, $50 copay each
month depending on your provider or if you have health insurance, that adds up significantly over time. – I mean, that’s what I spend
on groceries every month so if I have to double
that for like a pill that frustrates me to begin with and makes me feel bad sometimes, it’s like man, this sucks. – We need guys that are
willing to help us pay for it or if you’re not willing
to help us pay for it, help us protect things like the ACA that are making it inexpensive, or advocate for scientists
to make more progress on male birth control. We need you guys to stand
with us and not against us. – Guys, don’t pressure your female partner to be on the pill just so you can have that extra sensation, you know? Let them decide. Let them decide the pill that they want. Let them decide if they
even wanna be on the pill. It’s their body, it’s their choice. Just be cool with it.

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  3. Fun fact: when i got off the pill i got insane acne that even after 4 years of Treatment isn't gone. While on the pills i was dry like the sahara, gained weight and got depressed. My Ex (boyfriend at that time) complained constantly about me not liking the pill. Not not taking the pill, not liking the pill! Lol i'm Glad i left both the pill and the ex

  4. If only they could experience the mood swings and weight gain. I am the most mild mannered person and if I’m off on my BC pill I turn into this mean person that I am just not. I almost lost a job over it. “What happened? You used to me so happy and energetic” I heard that often but when I became regular on it I evened out. Though I’m 4 month in, every day, at the same time, I still have two periods a month because my actual cycle is soooooo stubborn. I was not regular on my cycle when I started so it just hasn’t synced yet but month after month the “extra”period gets less and less. You boys have no idea

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    Also, what's with the "no masturbation" rule? Who abstains from masturbating when they missed their pill?

    I mean, I've had plenty of issues, migraines, back acne… But with the one I'm taking now, I get none of those things and also no longer get my period!

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