Men Try Painful Chest Waxing


-This is not a happy day True manliness is being frowned upon this day.
– It’s nice being hairless I will say

-I think it’s nice being hairy. It keeps me warm in the winter It stops me from getting sunburned
– how about in the summer though, don’t you get really hot? – That’s just that’s just cuz it’s hot outside in general – Oh, no, I’m catching you in a lie right now because remember when we waxed your back and you were like it’s cooler – No,
– yeah, you don’t remember that in the very end?
– My back is like hot and cold
but still I feel like I have more of a it’s like a sixth sense I know things are gonna happen before they happen
-like the spidey sense.

-anyway today Cam is getting his chest waxed How do you feel about that?
– How do you think I feel about that? You’ve seen the rug that I wear on my chest.
– Do you wear it proudly? – I wear it proudly but it’s also deeply ingrained in me. Okay, literally I Wouldn’t be surprised when she rips out the hair. The root is just as long as the hair – I’m so nervous for you man, as a friend. I feel terrible because I’m the one that scheduled this video – Oh and you’ve been happy about it ever since
– I have but the same time, I feel so terrible So we have to do something in turn to me – yes
– that hurts just as much if not more is cause it’s an old friendship ritual of ours -it is we have a gentleman’s accord that we are not allowed to inflict pain on another one of our friend group without Allowing them to do it right back to us – without further ado. Let’s go get his hair waxed We are back here to lashed out with Megan last time we were here Cam’s back got waxed, my legs got two strips waxed. It wasn’t really- – I don’t know why we keep coming back here – Because it’s funny.
-I always am in pain when we leave -I recall differently I remember you putting on a shirt and being like oh my gosh, like put on a new shirt. Yeah – Okay I see why people do this
– It felt differently -Exactly.
-It felt cool.
-I lost part of the feeling in my back,
-but, you liked it I remembered you liking it.
– I have so much hair – You do have so much hair and what part then we totally forgot about is the fact that we’re gonna have to wax. Ah, – My nipples – What kind of pain would you say Cam’s going to experience today? – your hair’s being ripped off from the follicle so It’s not the most comfortable a girl would say a one to ten scale would be probably like a four So a good like 7 to 8 for you, I think it’s something – Whoa! Doubling Doubling – Men just seem to handle this a little bit more dramatically – His chest hair is like two maybe three four inches long. – Whoa, that’s exagerating – the longer the more painful what? – Yeah, cause the wax will pull the hair
– You all lied to me – Prepare yourselves, it’s gonna be a dark time. – Oh is this thing gonna hold me? -Yeah
– Okay – Well, It’s go time – Do we have a leather strap to bite on is it already Oh, what’s happening? Oh, it’s beginning This is going this is this is a thing. This is dumb. Oh That was not as bad as I thought. Oh my goodness gracious – Remember when we did the painless one? and then I kept this strips for like a year. – Oh, that’s hot No, it’s not hot. It’s not hot. I don’t know why I said it was hot – Are you nervous? – No! Oh my god feels like they’re individually being like tweezed, what are we looking at people? – You look so good, we’re looking at perfection – I don’t like the feeling of the wax it already pre pools – Oh my gosh, I’m so scared – I feel like once we get below the neck like top of the chest. It’ll be even better – Oh, it is so pretty – Looking pretty good, like seriously. Is it bro? You hate me right now. – We’re not on the best terms Ugh, Jamima Son of a- I’m scared for my life after this. Oh my gosh and i’m right at like nut height – Sweet Josephine! Ugh! Gosh! Dang it, Judy! – You like a lot of J names Jamima, Judy-
– They’re just good to yell They’re great for getting out aggression, how is there anything left up there? – This is like uncovering a whole new cam that I’ve never seen before – it didn’t need to be seen – I’d never see-
– it was fine being hidden away Oh My Goodness! Oh my gosh! If you don’t give us a thumbs up I will come to your house and I will personally cover you in wax remove your hairs until you click that button. -Are you feeling alive?
– I’m feeling murderous It’s like a berserkers rage. It’s whatever is in front of me is probably gonna die – Hey!
– Not you, you’re fine Below the comments let us know what I need to do in order to make up for this.
– Yes dig deep people – I’m so afraid to be anywhere near cam right now – why isn’t there a punching bag near me that I can just beat in between – I hope I don’t become that punching bag – Ugh, – buddy – Cam I come bearing gifts. So you don’t punch me in the face later – Oh That’s cold – does that feel good?
– I don’t know anymore. – Oh my God, we’re going right for the nipple, right out of the gate. – What’s happening?
– Nothing. Do we go? Oh gosh. How does this work? We- [unaudible sound] Ah words! [grunting] Those are sensitive nips Oh my gosh! Oh I don’t like that Oh, that’s better You son of ah- [grunts] – Look at how cute it is – I mean – You better think it’s cute Oh you punched me in the face Enjoy it now because it’ll never happen again. – Dude, This is this is the thick right here You know what? Punch me in the face after, it feel better Oh my gosh, that’s a clean sweep – Dude we could give you a six-pack. Do you want us to give you a six pack? – A hairy six-pack, do it! – Cam, you gonna have a six pack – That one was not fun – Oh my gosh! Cam, you have curly hair – What the devil? Look at that it’s curly
– I told you that’s where it converges The hair groups together and migrates down south.
– I don’t want to know any of these details – Oh, it doesn’t stop there.
– Do you want me to throw up on you? Cam, you now have a two-pack on your journey to a six-pack
– weird mind over matter mind over matter – You got this
– walking on hot coals – I didn’t seem too bad.
– It wasn’t, it’s working! I’m at a safe place of an island. That didn’t rip It’s a very strange sensation, getting hot wax in your belly button. Austin, pull it – No – I just wanted to see if he would Did it do anything? – It did it Yeah, hard wax is –
– Did it do it? – It did it
– Weird! why don’t you just cover me in that? Just ripped off in one go
– Just one big hard wax and just start at the top corner – have like four people or like attach it to a truck and drive away really fast We are not doing that – Ugh… I we are, why not?
– because I’d be the one doing it – it would be awesome
– for you! – Well yeah, but then Austin’s gonna do it too – and then I’ll rip my skin – Whoa, hold up – We’re doing it, it’s on now That’s low enough. Ooh, I’m not gonna like this Not gonna like this at all
– Are you sure? – You rip it hard – You okay?
– Mm-hmm. – Okay good, cause I just threw out my shoulder – Good! – I have to ice my shoulder after today I so badly want to slap you right now – I will murder you I can’t say in this state. I wouldn’t retaliate. – I mean she could just leave that it’s like a jewel – Vajazzled – Did you just say vajazzle? – It’s a thing – It’s more like man-jazzle – Dizzle – Dizzle my nizzle
– Do you wanna keep it?
– No! – You’re almost done – Cams almost-, she’s almost out of wax again guys.
– You’ve underestimated my power – Thanks for joining us today guys on how to get your six minute six-pack Mm-hmm.
– Oh, yeah dude! – Bam! Look at that
– Congratulations – Oh, thank you. thank you, worked real hard on it – You want some chicken nuggets after this cam?
– What? – You need to stand up.
– It’s complete.
– So show us what you got – I’ve been laying down in pain so long. I don’t know what’s with how to stand up anymore My back’s probably sweaty. Don’t look at it [Growls] I’m a beast – Let me see, man – Look at it!
– Ahhh
– Look at it – Gee, that’s so much better than I thought Dude, you look great, man – Six-pack man, here to wax the world – Look at all these little bumps.
– They’re all blood – Dude, I cannot believe it looks like a very bad rash especially like up here How you feeling though? I need to know
– Everything we’re here was ripped off feels like it’s vibrating Because it’s tingling. It’s not good yet – So, if I were to slap you? – I would probably slap you back. Just out of just pure reflex. That’s all it would be – You’d slap me back and I go through the window – Sorry!
– Alright. Well there we have it.
– I got my six-pack. I’m done My armpits are sticking, I have to keep my arms up Yeah, you don’t have this problem
– I don’t
– This guy – Cam, how was it?
– Terrible
– Was it worse than what you had expected – I don’t know. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting. I think it was worse than what I was expecting Do you don’t have that feeling of pain every day, so you can’t really expect it – But I mean you kind of knew what to expect compared to your back.
– I don’t remember exactly how that feels – Yeah
– This is way worse than I expected still sucks, it’s freaking tender I keep getting goose bumps and hurts
– 10 out of 10 would recommend?
– Nope I mean if you’re gonna do it go hit up Megan – Yeah
– She made it bearable, you know if that’s the kind of thing you want – Thankfully I often experience that but-
– Good freakin.
– I think I might experience something more painful in the future We shall see. So if you’re in the northern, Utah area check out lashed out by Megan. She does great work and- – She does. I mean I can’t complain like it is pretty dang clean. She’s very thorough – You want to give them the final showing? we never showed them the finished image – Because it still hurts
– Dude! Oh it’s going down – Kinda, yeah Like it’s not as bumpy I guess but it’s so I’ve never seen my body Like this now
– you know what you need to do?
– I feel like a ten year old right now? – So again, check out Megan will provide everything down in the description below – Yes
– Hit her up. And oh, man, I’m so scared to even say but let us know what I can do To make up for it – Come on, guys.
– I mean, I think we all are kind of heading in one direction
– We need a good recompense. – But, I think I think, I don’t know should Cam do it with me? – No, I don’t think so, I think Cam Cam is up one in having done something Austin needs to catch up – Alright guys. Thanks so much for tuning in. We hope you enjoyed it Hit that subscribe to join this tribe, and we’ll see you next time.
– Bye
– Peace – Cam, i’m gonna lift your boxers up. So don’t be weird about it – Oh, hey hey, you’re gonna have to take me to dinner first. That’s me being weird about it – Don’t want to ruin your nice belt, you know,
– That’s true. That is a nice belt worth twenty dollars
– Ten years ago?

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