Migraine Buddy: What are Prodromes

Migraine Buddy: What are Prodromes

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What is a prodrome? How to identify it whydo I track it? The prodrome is that sign that your migraine potentially has already
started but you’re not feeling the main part of the attack.
It can come it’s usually considered that it can come up to 72 hours before and
this when you track it when you identify can really help you in preparing in
telling to people around that it’s coming so that you know and you’re not
taken by surprise. My example before prodrome
I feel like full of energy going all over the place to totally abnormal level
I know that in the next morning there’s very very high chances that I will be
completely knocked out by my migraine. Many people for example will be yawning before
and you feeling that strange why am i yawning like that that’s actually the
prodrome – the sign that the migraine is potentially coming in. So you can record those and
after some time you will be nailing down which ones are the most common and
most likely to be your prodrome. It’s okay to have a to do mistakes and thinking
that over observing yourself a bit but after time and with 10 records 20
records you will become very the master of prodrome basically like many of the
patients. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Migraine Buddy: What are Prodromes”

  1. It's hard to identify a prodrome. I have chronic migraines – every day, all day, 365 days of the year. Often I will be at a fairly low pain level and then suddenly be bowled over by high levels of pain. I've had migraines for 24 years, chronic for the last 5 years. I've never been able to identify a prodrome. So I wonder whether every single person with migraine gets a prodrome?

  2. Mine are like sharp stabbing pains behind the right eye. It also lasts for a few seconds every few hours for about 2 days before a full-on migraine hits. It's good to be able to recognize so I can warn everyone – heads up – I'm gonna be off my game for a while. 🙂

  3. Fits of rage and sensitivity to noise and light are some of my worst prodromes. They play off of each other and I get so snappish over noises and voices that are a reasonable volume for most people. It makes me feel like a massive jerk!

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