Migraine Glasses You Need to Know About! – Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity

Migraine Glasses You Need to Know About! – Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity

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Do you suffer from photophobia or light
sensitivity? Well in this video. I’m gonna be reviewing glasses from Axon Optics
the glasses designed for light sensitivity and migraine headaches. so
let’s take a look. hey everyone and welcome I’m dr. Joseph Allen here from doctor
eye health the channel that helps you learn about the eyes, vision and finding
the best vision products. And on this channel you’ll find a lot of educational
videos as well as product reviews just like this one so make sure to subscribe
so you don’t miss any of my future videos also at any point throughout the
video make sure to check out the show notes and links below further
information or anything else that I forget to mention including extra
details and specifications about these glasses so the World Health Organization
estimates that over 50% of all people globally who’ll experience headaches and
about 30% of those individuals who experience headaches will also have
migraines and of the people who have migraines almost 90% of those people
will experience severe light sensitivity also known as photophobia which is why
I’m so excited to talk about these migraine glasses from axon optics now
these glasses have what’s called an FL 41 tint FL 41 tint is actually a type of
filter that shifts the light going through that lenses so that it removes
any of the harsh more offensive light while still letting the good natural
light that you want to get into your eyes through the lenses now these lenses
are a little bit different than just wearing sunglasses because wearing
sunglasses indoors when you’re really light sensitive can actually lower your
threshold for bright light and then you adapt to it so that when you take off
the sunglasses you’re like really sensitive to even just the normal lights
indoors so yeah watch out you don’t want to be wearing your sunglasses indoors
too much studies have also shown that the FL 41 tint not only reduces severity
of migraine headaches but also reduces the frequency of migraines the axon
optics company also reports that it these glasses will help reduce light
sensitivity for people with blepharospasm and suffering from visual
snow. I personally find they help the most with brightness irritation from
really fluorescent lighting stuff that you’d
see in like a hospital something at the office or even at the grocery store so
they might actually help you a lot if you’re really sensitive to fluorescent
lighting now I actually do experience migraine headaches myself now I don’t
get them that frequently again it may be like three to four times a year and
they’re certainly not as severe as some other people who get them like every
single day but the type of migraine I experience includes these kind of
flashing lights off to my side and if you’ve maybe experienced that you’re not
really sure if you’ve ever had what’s called a migraine with aura or maybe an
ocular migraine and you want to know more the difference I do have another
video on that and I’ll hook that up here for you in the YouTube card above as
well as in the description below if you want to check that out but otherwise
I’ve actually had experience fitting these types of lenses before when I was
working in the Minneapolis VA during my residency a lot of my experience at that
VA was fitting patients for TBI or working with TBI traumatic brain injury
rehabilitation and a lot of the veterans at that clinic
experienced bad migraine headaches and so yes we were actually trialing these
type of lenses and exon optics actually work specifically with the VA system and
it’s really awesome that they’re able to do that now to review the different
frames and the lenses and the different options that axon optics has I’m going
to come to start off with the base pair now this is an indoor lens so this is
their indoor lens it does kind of have like this pinkish rose hue to it which
isn’t quite the same as like the yellow lenses that you get with blue light
blockers these are a little bit different but again they do have this
subtle little red rose color which I actually find is pretty nice because it
filters out just enough of that harsh light without really dimming things down
so yeah you know you can tell by just how it looks on me how kind of pink and
red it is and if you tell me what you think in the comments section below like
is this something a color that you think looks good on me is it something that
you would be bothered by you know having this kind of pink rose look on your face
I personally think it’s kind of cool it gives kind of a john lennon vibe I know
that when I’m wearing these lenses I don’t feel like I have to squint as much
I don’t get as much digital eye strain when I’m staring at things like the
computer but you know it’s even for as much as I’ve worn them
it’s tough to say if it really reduces the frequency of my migraines because I
can only get them a couple of times a year but I know that I do actually enjoy
wearing them just because I don’t feel like all the lights around me are as
harsh then X on optics has sunglasses these are actually outdoor lenses so
these are actually kind of cool because they are darker they’re still the same
kind of FL 41 kind of that rose-colored tint now this FL 41 tint for outdoors is
excellent because it does help reduce a lot of that light sensitivity when
you’re outside in bright lights but I’ll tell you when comparing it to a darker
gray standard sunglasses lens I do find these aren’t as dark they’re just a step
just underneath that they’re not quite just blocking out all of light it’s not
super dark or anything like that but I do find that’s almost somewhat
beneficial especially on a cloudy day like right now outside the clinic it’s
kind of a rainy cloudy day and so these these sunglasses are actually fantastic
I think for outdoor use and it does reduce all kind of that that really bad
light sensitivity feeling they also do have lenses that are available in
transitions those are the ones that go from light indoors and then they turn
dark when you go outside and vice versa and they are available in the same FL 41
tint so they will be the lighter colored pink indoors and then they’re gonna turn
more of that darker kind of sunglasses tint outside now I’ve never tried their
transition lenses but it’s something you certainly couldn’t look into there is
more information on their web store but I know it’s something that I would
actually kind of think about using just because you’re gonna be wearing the
glasses indoors and then when you head outside you really want to switch
between two different frames some people like to do that like I have here but
also those transitions are a little bit more of a convenience as far as the lens
material specifically I find they are really good quality they’re made of
polycarbonate material these ones don’t have any prescription in them they do
have a nice kind of special anti reflective or anti glare lens that’s
kind of built in there and so that’s an extra benefit so it does keep them
rather clean and clear and reduces a lot of glare and extra reflections coming
off again the computer screen headlights and other things like that actually that
is another benefit that I just thought of headlights when driving and
wearing either the sunglasses or even the indoor glasses at nighttime
headlights seem way less sensitive and way bright to me so I might actually be
wearing these as just driving glasses as far as frame options now you can
purchase different frames of theirs online through their web store they have
a couple of different selections in general I find they are more of de Geer
toward kind of a female look more for women it’s true that women do get
migraines more often than men do there are a couple of different frames that
are great for just I think for men and women’s there’s a couple unisex frames
if you’re gonna go with the frame this is probably my favorite called the Juara
these are really just meant for the kind of a sunglasses for me but you can get
them in the clear indoor the lighter color indoor lenses as well they also
have the option to send in your own frame and they are available in just
both both plain old lenses like non-prescription like these ones and
they have them available for prescription glasses up to a certain
point right now at the timing of this video they do not have contact lenses
available however I know they used to have lenses available and they probably
plan on having them again in the future but certainly again if your contact lens
where you’re also a migraine sufferer you can again check out their store look
all that information up i’ve included a link in the description below now as far
as my personal experience wearing these lenses I do find that they do reduce my
personal light sensitivity especially eyestrain related to looking at the
computer screen and the harsh blue lights coming from there even though
these aren’t specifically blue light blockers and when going outside the
sunglasses are excellent I actually enjoy being that they’re not super dark
also like I’ve given them to my friends and they’ve tried them on and they even
like them now again these lenses are not in my prescription these are just plain
ol because I usually am wearing contact lenses in the future maybe when the
contact lenses are available I’ll give those a try and have a review on those
now if you’re somebody who does experience photophobia migraine
headaches I certainly think these lenses are gonna help with light sensitivity as
far as helping reduce the severity and frequency of the migraine headaches it’s
tough to really say the website does claim outstanding success and has really
good reviews about these different lenses helping people it’s tough to say
for myself just cuz I don’t get some eye headaches that frequent but it’s
something that hopefully you try them out and you have great success with it
also check out their website because they do have extra information and
resources about migraine headaches about light sensitivity about blepharospasm
and even visual snow and using these lenses to help with those conditions so
why health question of the day do you have bad photophobia and light
sensitivity maybe you’ve had a TBI maybe you’ve tried these lenses let us know
what you think of these different types of frames and lenses which ones are
working for you kind of what was your experience go ahead and comment in the
section below I’d love to hear from you guys all right around thanks so much for
watching give me a thumbs up subscribe if you’re new and hey if you’d like to
see another cool video in my playlist about eyewear education about glasses
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just click or tap the screen down over here again this is dr. Joe Allen hear
from doctor eye health the channel helps with the eyes vision and finding the
best vision products keep an eye on it we’ll talk to you soon

46 thoughts on “Migraine Glasses You Need to Know About! – Photophobia Glasses for Light Sensitivity”

  1. Let me guess.. it’s rose colored isn’t it? I have chronic intractable migraines with a rare eye disease. It’s challenging lol

  2. SO glad I grew out of my 'childhood' migraines… whew. They ALWAYS made me cry – :-/
    Regarding the tint of the 'inside' lenses, the color reminds me of when the first commercially available lenses that darkened with sunlight and reverted back to lighter; this was back in the '60s or so, before you were even THOUGHT of yet – hee hee. Any who, when inside, out of the sun, there was still a slight tint to the lenses, but again no where near as much as these lenses. And YES, Doc; looks way cool on you. 😉

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    Upon Returning Into The House My Eyes
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  4. I have all of what you described and I’d like to know more about these glasses, however, pink? Is this the only option?

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  6. Thank you for this video! Ive been suffering from migraines for a while now and the light sensitivity is so awful! I will definitely adventure into this option to help! Really appreciate the video?

  7. I've been an Optician for 3 years and been working in the eye field for almost 10 years and I've never heard of this tint before. Not one of the doctors I've worked with have ever mentioned it either ??Very interesting. Goes to show, you can always learn something new.

  8. I just noticed that I’ve been having bad photophobia for most of my life and wasn’t aware of it. Everyday, especially during workdays, I would have migraines after work and felt fatigued. I bought a pair of glasses from pixel eyewear originally for dry eyes due to eye strain. But then noticed the glasses also helped with my daily migraines. I guess I’m one of those severe light sensitive patients. I can’t wait to try these glasses soon.

  9. I have horrid photophobia from my uveitis. I get Botox injections for migraines, which has helped those a lot.

  10. I get Migraine ocasionally and I've got Migraine Aura without the headache twice over the past two years. It looked like oily water covering the center of my vision for just over a half hour to 40 minutes. I do get headaches a lot too. I get a headache at least once a week and maybe a few days in a row.

  11. Also my eyes are sensitive to the sun. I get a very fast when I go outside on a sunny day so I bought sunglasses that have a ridge at the top that I can wear over my perscription glasses

  12. Hi doc, is there any cure of traumatic mydriasis or a blown pupil.I have it after suffering a eye injury with a tennis ball.

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  14. Quick question. Can lasik help glaucoma? I’m 17 and was referred to an eye doctor (appointment soon) as my pressure was a little higher than it should be. I’m so scared and just want to know my options because I’m not going blind no Thankyou

  15. These are awesome! I never knew they existed.Had a horrible scare one time while driving: I noticed tiny weird squiggles kind of like a line of dead pixels in a damaged led tv screen, in the corner of my eye. The line vibrated and then began to diffuse across the vision, which was then followed by loss of speech. Went to neurosurgeon next day and had a whole slew of tests only to be diagnosed with migraine with aura. I noticed that there are a couple of triggers for me:
    Sun light
    Food poisoning
    New shirts that I was too lazy to wash ( chemicals in the clothes during shipping and processing can leach out and be absorbed through the skin)

    Avoiding the others are easy and now I can add the glasses to my arsenal since wearing sun glasses indoors will often get you stares with people assuming you were high last night, or had botox, or trying to be Anna Wintour lol.

  16. I have such terrible photophobia and suffer with migraines and chronic dry eye due to my adies tonic pupils ?

  17. Informative! I didn't realize that there are so many types of eyeglasses especially for migraines. I have one for my nearsightedness. Not really proud of it and wish that i could have a perfect vision. =D

  18. i have had a Migraine problem for over 2 years now. Had every diagnosis from menieres to Vestibular Neuritis. Doctors have been very little help. My symptoms are not gone but am managing to deal with them and try and ignore them. What actually helped me get to this point was a book my wife bought me which I didn't read until a year later. It opened my eyes up to how to deal with this and has been a god send. Cheapest I can find it is from here :https://amzn.to/2xaTFZt

  19. My optician has always ignored my eye concerns since youth. My vision has changed many times but never my prescription. I’ve had optical migraines for years so painful that nothing helped and I would eventually cry myself to sleep. My migraines seem to be triggered by light sensitivity and low sugar. My vision goes blurry, my body shakes and I struggle speaking. I’ve gone through this for years with no answers from greedy Drs. I’ve even had a MRI and they found “nothing”.

  20. I've got darker brown lenses, not quite as dark as sunglasses, but darker than those. They help alot!

  21. This is some serious stuff, but it sounds way too much like an infomercial. I get migraines. I had cataracts. I have a food trigger. I have photophobia. I can't listen to your whole video. You talk fast and miss significant points.

  22. I don't get migraines. I think I only get them only once a year or something, but the light still bothers me a lot. I turn all lights off at home. I used a dark mode plugin on my browser that turns all websites black. Not sure why this is, but I hate it.

    I did read that it's a symptom of colourblindness, which I have, so I guess this photosensitivity isn't going away any time soon.

  23. I have been suffering from headaches for 3 months now, i can't do ANYTHING anymore, and since i'm a gamer it means i cannot game with my brother and friends anymore and so i'm basically bored all day if i'm not working.
    I'm frustrated beyond belief, is there nothing i can do? The only thing i mostly do these days is lay in bed waiting until i can go on the PC again for a "whole" hour before i take yet another hour break and rinse and repeat… i'm so bored and angry that after 3 months of suffering, the only light of hope that were Theraspecs are appearently not working… i guess there is no hope.

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