Moms Talk About Their Postpartum Depression

Moms Talk About Their Postpartum Depression

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– Everyone I knew, I felt like had the most wonderful experience
after they had their baby but I didn’t know how
to say I’m freaking out. – Postpartum depression to me is the disconnect you have with your baby. – An overwhelming, uncontrollable sense of anxiety. – One of many mental illnesses that can affect mothers. – When I got pregnant, I
was instantly in a bad mood. In addition to that, I had fibroids, which are tumors that grow in your uterus and it was really scary. – I knew I had postpartum depression the first time when I went to go and pump my breast milk at work and I just broke down crying. – I actually remember
saying to my husband, “You know, people kept
saying I’d be so emotional “and I feel fine,” and the reality of the situation was that I was
completely emotionally numb. – Right after I had the baby, it was my husband’s birthday
so I baked him a cake and I invited people over. And people were like,
“What are you doing?” But I felt like it was my duty to celebrate his
birthday, to try to nurse, and then come back and
put on a happy face. – I believed that every parent around me knew what they were
doing and that I was this devastating failure. – When my son was four months old, and I remember breast feeding him but he wouldn’t stop crying and I got face to face with him and I screamed, “Stop crying.” That was probably the moment I realized I needed help. – It’s a really defeating feeling, knowing that this is something you have no control over. – I thought after that moment, “I just need to hold my baby. “I don’t ever want this to happen again “and something has to change.” – Being a stay at home
mom was really isolating but I felt like I kind of came out of it when I started exercising and
hanging out with other moms. – I started feeling better when I could wake up to my baby every morning and he just makes everything better and everything worthwhile. – To all the mothers going through this, surround yourself with people who get it because you’re not alone. – I know there’s so
much pressure right now to be like a perfect mom. You have to be honest,
you have to let people in and let them know what
you’re going through. – If you are out there
and you are struggling, I want you to know that
it is going to get better. – I’m a mother and I’m vulnerable but I am capable. – And I am fighting every day. – And I’m doing the best that I can. – And struggling with
postpartum depression didn’t make me weak but
becoming victorious over it, that’s what made me strong. – We have lost way too many moms so please stay with us. Find yourself a community
and keep fighting. (“There’s Still Time”)

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  1. My mom had postpartum depression when she was pregnant with me and we're both in studies to help further research on helping with anti-depressants

  2. wow I just made a video about this. Yeah it is a horrible thing to go through alone. I didn't tell anyone I just suffered alone.

  3. Im still struggling with postpartum depression and my babys almost a year old and ive never spoke out about it because i thought i would just get over it. I dont know what to do…hoping that someone knows a support system online or something anything?

  4. My mom told me recently that after I was born, she had this. She said it was like depression, she felt like she wasn't good enough and that she couldn't be a good mother for me. Then she said she had suicidal thoughts, she was convinced that I would be better off without her. I'm glad she decided to stay, because she's the best mom in the world 🙂

  5. i suffer from postpartum from 2014 when my son was born and i didnt get any help i hid it an i still now suffer from depression

  6. I believe that having kids is the most wonderful thing in the world, but what really is a huge problem is that parents (usually especially mothers) are expected to always perfectly function. We're people too. Not robots.

  7. this is actually one of the reasons I'm terrified to ever get pregnant and be a mom. I already struggle with depression and anxiety and I'm scared that if I get affected with postpartum depression it'll lead to me neglecting my child and eventually harming them.

  8. i love moms. every mom out there. you try and love more than we will ever know. post pardum scares me because i have such chronic anxiety and panic disorders

  9. PPD is so isolating and lonely. I strongly urge all mothers to talk and seek professional help if they feel any form of depression. There IS help and there IS hope.

  10. If you require support for pre or postnatal depression/anxiety, please contact the PANDAS Foundation (pre and postnatal depression advice and support) You are not alone ❤️

  11. I'm sorry but this is he most generic and trashy art work in this video! Who did you hire an 11 year old who uses DeviantArt bases? Oml it's just so bad

  12. When I was down the pit of depression, there was no advice that anyone could’ve given me that would have made things better. When I was depressive, I couldn’t help it: most of the time, the negative comments would make me angry. My youngest is two. Oldest almost 4. I had ppd with both. They were born with help of IVF procedure in Kiev clinic. I’m struggling with anxiety now and saw my counselor just today. I still get this response from some close family and friends. “How can you be so stressed — you have what you wanted and don’t have to work!!!” ughhhh I sometimes say, “I know, but, I don’t know why. It’s not like I like feeling this way!” counselor suggested finding watch YouTube with hubby. Cuz people without any history of depression have no clue. My own sister had the nerve to say to my face how her and her friend (who had just had a baby) were talking about PPD and how they think ppl who say they have it are just making it up. That’s the hardest thing for me is to hear the negative comments.

  13. When I had my baby I felt really lonely I missed him even though he was right next to me, I concisely had to tell myself that he was there It was a strange feeling and awful feeling.

  14. it's hard when you have this, I don't know anyone personally having this but it's very strained when it happened to these mothers

  15. I told my story on postpartum depression just posted it today I know people say this but it would actually really mean so much you anyone will check it out ❤ I wanted to share my story also because it is real and it's hard! But just wanted to also share with you that you really are not alone ???

  16. Peace and liberation Goddess! Thank you so much for sharing your story so bravely. I know that is no easy fate. I just release a book called Mothering Through Pain and Suffering in Silence: A Collection of Stories From Survivors that delves deeply into the Black Superwoman complex and how that impact us during our parenting journey! You can learn more about the book by checking out the Facebook page:

    This is a topic that seems to get brushed under the rug and I am so grateful that you and others like myself are opening up about it. I'd love to talk more with you. Im looking forward to hearing from you. <3

  17. Today 22:05 Year12student

    I'm currently in year 12 and doing an extended project qualification (epq) to see if there is a correlation between type of birth and risk of postnatal depression. Anyone willing to complete this survey, I would be extremely grateful!!

  18. My mom had a longterm postpartum depression after having me, she is still on meds but feels much lighter nowdays. I'm having a baby soon, there is so many anxieties could rigger depression, it's scary as hell.

  19. I actually had a severe case of postpartum psychosis which eventually ebbed down to severe postpartum depression. After being released from the mental health facility, I immediately began abusing prescription medication and now I am a full blown addict. I've been in and out of rehab countless times and last about three months before relapsing. My son is almost three and while the intense symptoms of PPD are gone, Im just not the same person. I'm barely a person at all now. What I don't think they want women to know is that for some like me, this is a lifelong illness. I'm sure every woman on here that were successful with conventional treatments is judging me right now, but they can't even fathom how much I wish I were them. And I'm not going to pretend that I'm not angry and absolutely disgusted that there is virtually not treatment for this disease. There are fates worse than death.

  20. More like postpartum stupidity. Your cells are extremely deficient in Magnesium. Take the RnA drops and complement products for a few months and your post-partying will go away. Your cells will thank you for it!!!!!

  21. Unfortunate that, as a young teenager, I am only just know learning of this condition. It's a tough and debilitating thing that is never talked about enough.

  22. I had my baby two years ago i had very bad ppd. I barely told my husband about it and broke down in tears. And watching this video also made me tear up just remembering what i went thru. Thanks for the video really. Being victorious over ppd has made me stronger as well 🙂 planning for baby #2, i just needed to research more on ppd cz i dont want to go thru it again <3

  23. I have mental illnesses now, and I'm terrified I'll have to go through this. Because, I know myself. I am almost certain. I'm scared.

  24. I encourage mothers, and those who love them, to purchase my book. Real facts, and women's shared stories, like is done on this video, make all the difference to a mom who thinks she is the only one! Please check out "Breaking the Grip of Postpartum Depression," Kindle and Paperback available on Amazon. It helps get women out of the dark!

  25. There are several different options. You can go to counseling alone, with family, or both. You can get medications to help, or some herbal teas and vitamins claim to help. I have a 5-month-old and had very bad ppd. I was drinking Relaxing mama stress reducing tea. It works great and I feel so much better.

  26. Exercise is great for depression. The adrenaline levels that are heightened during exercise are a natural combat for depression. Plus, Relaxing mama stress reducing tea will help to keep yourself fit and stress-free at the same time.

  27. When I gave birth to my baby, the nurses recommended me to go and see a doctor just in case I develop it, since my baby's father was in prison at the time, but thankfully with the support of my family and friends I never had any thing serious past mild anxiety,I went out a lot,surrounded myself with hobbies and use aromatherapy for my anxiety, it helps too when her father told me I am a great mother,it means a lot and now after almost 2 years even if it's just my baby and me ,I feel like I can do this even if there still problems.

  28. My mom has been telling me about the depression she had with me since I was about 5 because if I one day had it she wanted me to know I wasn't alone. Now I would like to share it all with you. When I was born I was very very sick. The doctor said I had the worst case of joundus (I have no clue how to spell that it's the thing where it makes you skin really yellow) that he had ever seen in his 20 years of delivering babies. My mom knew deep down somewhere that it wasn't her fault but there was a little voice inside her head saying "this is your fault. Your body wasn't strong enough and now she's suffering. You've hurt your own baby." She used to tell me that the worst part of it was that I was so sick that she couldn't hold me even though I would often cry through the night in pain. My mother is the strongest most beautiful woman I've ever met and I would not be anything of what I am without her. I love you momma.

  29. I feel like I have postpartum, and I've had it since my son was born. I got a birth control put in a few months after my son was born, and I thought I was just having side affects from that. I got it out, and months later I still feel this way. I have bad anxiety, I have no drive, and I snap at my husband all the time. I've been constantly angry at him for the smallest things. I feel like he doesn't understand what I'm going through. And he doesn't have any patience with me. I don't know what to do? At times I feel so helpless and worthless, like why am I like this? My son doesn't deserve a mother like this. I'm so ashamed and embarrassed about this, I should be happy right? I have a beautiful son, husband, and home. What is there to be depressed about?

  30. One reason I'm scared to have kids is because my mental health is very sensitive. Anything could trigger it but I don't know what. I don't want to ever go through depression again

  31. I just had my baby, on April 16th.. I feel like this a lot. I haven't slept hardly at all.. I really relate to the woman who said "I felt like everyone knew what they were doing and I'm just this failure."

  32. Postpartum depression to me was fighting to overcome the high standards that I set for myself. They were so high that I failed to meet them everyday, and therefore I felt like I failed as a mom.

    Luckily, with changing my daily routine and how I talked to myself, I was able to overcome it. Now, I make videos about my experience with postpartum depression. I hope to help other women feel like themselves again by posting funny videos about parenting and some serious videos about what I did to get better.

    Thank you, Buzzfeed for talking openly about postpartum depression!:) Keep up the good work!

  33. What about the men with postpartum depression? Don’t leave them out just because the percentage is lower and overlooked.

  34. If i walked in a room and my wife yelled at a baby due to Postpartum depression, i would yell at the baby too so she doesn't feel crazy. If the baby is my son he shouldn't be fazed by any yell so its fine.

  35. real talk. My Mother had this with me so im told. She had no friends at the time and my dad worked all day. i couldn't talk so i was not very fun to be around. one thing she said that scared me was that nothing helped but time. she eventually stopped feeling that way as i grew more. so if your feeling this way just know that it most likely will grow away once your child has some level of intellect

  36. in my country , women stay at their parent's house for 6 weeks , her family never leaves her alone, they cook and help her with the baby so that they prevent postpartum depression. I see this is missing in western cultures and I just hope they would be more aware.

  37. I'm a Father trying to understand this. Based on what I'm getting from this video… postpartum depression is the anxiety, stress and emotional experience woman suffer from DOING the WORK/ACTIONS involved in being a Mother? The examples the woman provided were all triggered by the requirement to do a job required by a Mother….? Sorry if this sounds over simplified but thats my interpretation? Thinking about the work or doing the work => induces stress and depression?

  38. I think I have postpartum depression after I had my baby cause of my random feeling of crying and then I do, I crave alcohol when depressed and the temptation was so strong one night I was so close to having a glass of wine but I didn't cause I feel like drinking would be irresponsible now that I have a baby, I don't want to be alone, and this morning I felt kinda annoyed that my son was crying cause he was hungry and wanted his bottle.

    I do love my son very much but I probably need help.

  39. I begun to think a lot of negative things until the depression that I felt became most awful. But now w ith this depression treatment “fetching kafon press” (Google it) I can totally concentrate my energy and thoughts into a decisive line on how to make my life better constantly. Right now, I can truly say that I am free from depression..

  40. To all those mom here. You can talk about it. People are gonna listen to you. Make sure first you go first to your dokter.

  41. How do women get past the sad weird feeling or anxiety that the post pregnancy body goes through, especially when you don’t have family around to talk to.? Any advice?

  42. Sorry mothers that I've been thinking of you as irresponsible girls that caused yourself all the problems and that it's now your obligation to not cry and raise the baby and withstand all the hate you deserve, personal depression experience made me more empathetic to everyone who seems struggling. I'm no longer an arrogant normal person thinking that if I handle my problems anyone who can't is weak.

  43. An Online Program To Help Moms Navigate All Things Postpartum. Join Dr. Gillian & Leading Women's Health Experts /advocates. for more look my channel

  44. Thank y'all ladies for sharing your stories my wife and I just had our first child together 6 months ago after 4 rounds of IVF and 2 miscarriages. We were able to welcome a little girl in this world. With her having postpartum it really can be hard on a relationship. But as her husband I will always just support her the best way I know how. Thank you for posting it really helps me know she not alone.

  45. it would be cool if such a big media outlet could do more than a less than 3 minute video on PPD also had to scroll far down to even find anything that wasnt from a hospital. humm.

  46. My mom told me I gave her postpartum depression but before that I always felt like something was wrong with me, like she hated me because I was never good enough. It’s scary to think how much being a mother could affect a child which is why I refuse to ever have children, just the thought of my child feeling this way sickens me. I know my mom loves me but some days it’s really hard because I can’t help but feel guilty like if I was a piece of the puzzle that broke my mom and my family.

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