Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience #3

Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience #3

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This video was made possible by WIX. If you’re ready to create a website, head
over to to try out one of their premium plans right now. No pain no gain, so they say. And on that note we’re back again for the
third time in this series as we explore the avenues and alleyways of physical discomfort. In our quest to discover the most painful
human experience you can possibly suffer you might find yourself (as a passive bystander)
feeling a little squeamish. But, that’s okay. Seems you guys can’t get enough of it, and
we’re as always, happy to oblige here at the Infographics Show. From the potentially fatal sting of the stonefish
to the artful execution of the death by a thousand cuts, we explore a world of pain
once again. Discover the acute delirium of malaria and
the utter horrorshow of a gonadal torsion. On this episode of The Infographics Show we’ll
be looking deep into pain as we share with you the – Most Painful Things a Human can
Experience – Part 3 In previous episodes we’ve explored the
pain of stepping on a simple Lego brick and the agony of arthritic gout. Just imagine if you were to step on a Lego
brick while suffering from gout. Hurt much? Well, it should do. That’s what we’re looking into again,
the greatest pains a human can deal with. We’ve discussed toothache, kidney stones,
being burned, and being stung by bullet ants. We’ve weighed up shingles and spoken about
the joys of childbirth. What other pains can a human experience? What excruciating stones (other than kidney
stones) have we left unturned? Have we simply exhausted our supply of agonizing
experiences? Is the well of throbbing discomfort drained
dry? Let’s take a look at some of the most fiendishly
terrible experiences left known to man. #7 Stonefish Sting. Found lurking behind rocks in Indo-Pacific
waters this fish is one of the most venomous aquatic life forms known to mankind. Their stone-like camouflage might suit their
lifestyle but it sure hurts like hell when you mistake one of these suckers for a rock. How much pressure you apply while stepping
on that aquatic predator equals the volume of venom you’ll be awarded for doing so. Should the sting not be fatal you might wish
it had of been as you double over in excruciating pain, convulsions, nausea, and vomiting. That’s if it doesn’t kill you first. #6 Lingchi. Otherwise known as ‘death by a thousand
cuts’ this Chinese and Vietnamese form of torturous execution is far from ‘a walk
in the park.’ The victim’s body is slowly cut into pieces
with the intention of keeping the unlucky customer alive for as long as possible in
order for them to fully ‘enjoy’ the ordeal. Think about this next time you complain of
an unbearable paper-cut. #5 Malaria. When it comes to tropical diseases malaria
wins hands down in the pain game. A plethora of ailments will overcome the unlucky
sufferer. Intense mind-blowing headache, audio and visual
hallucinations, delirium, and the ‘will to die’ are the order of the day here. You’ll experience freezing chills one moment
and a burning fever the next. If you find yourself lucky enough to be hospitalized
medical staff will apply ice packs to your body one moment and hot water bottles the
next in an effort to control the fever. Morphine may or may not be administered to
fight the pain caused by this terrible condition. You better hope it is. #4 Gonadal Torsion. Most men in the Infographic house will testify
that there’s nothing quite as painful as a kick in the nuts. Gonadal Torsion is taking a kick to the balls
to a whole new level. This is the big boss of wedgies – if you will. This overwhelmingly painful experience can
apply both to the testes in the man or the ovaries in the woman. Torsion involves the twisting of the gonads
(or respective female reproductive glands) to such an extent that blood supply is cut
off. Often surgery is required to save the offended
gonad. When this medical emergency strikes act fast. Common in children, acute scrotal swelling
often foretells a gonadal torsion medical emergency and may result in the removal of
said gonad. So act fast if your gonads become torn. #3 Dercum’s disease. This rare condition is no picnic by any stretch
of the imagination. A number of painful tumors develop on the
body and these areas are so extremely sensitive that taking a shower is like being assaulted
with a series of battering rams. The reasons why this condition appears isn’t
quite clear yet, but you’d be extremely unlucky to suffer from it. Some experts postulate that it arises from
a mutated fat gene that’s passed down through generations. Others believe it is caused by a malfunction
in the immune system. Others still insist that its God’s way of
saying he doesn’t like you. Fatty tissue appears all over the body and
cause terrible discomfort whenever the nerves are pressed. So it’s one of those “okay as long as
you don’t move” kinda pains. #2 Complex Regional Pain Disorder. Imagine your pain receptors went haywire causing
extreme swelling and pain in an isolated part of your body. This gets worse over time and there is no
cure. Sometimes the only remedy is to amputate the
affected region. Experts reckon that CRPS hits as a result
of central nervous dysfunction and is most common in people between the ages of around
40. There is no cure and often the only medical
contingency is to remove the offending limb or body part or else experience a lifetime
of acute pain and suffering. It really sucks to have this. #1 Penile Fracture. Far worse than the old foreskin in the zipper
toilet malfunction, this dilemma can cause some serious grief in the trouser department. This condition results from the rupture of
one or both of the fibrous coverings enveloping the penis and is caused by a rapid blunt force
to an erect member. Usually occurring through a vigorous session
of consensual procreation or a heroically enthusiastic session of self-administered
gratification, penile fracture is nothing to be sniffed at. Partial or complete rupture of the urethra,
assault to the dorsal nerves, veins, and arteries leaves the sufferer in complete and utter
pain and probably total embarrassment. The tragic feeling of impending doom is not
to be overlooked. In fact some surveys place emotional pain
as the greatest of all pains. The emotional pain experienced after realizing
the extent of this tragic event no doubt amplifies the breadth of overall suffering. One of the most painful things a human can
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the link in the description below and get started today! So what’s the worst pain you’ve ever had
the misfortune to suffer? Is it on our list? If not why not add it in the comments below? Also, be sure to watch our other video Worst
Punishments In The History of Mankind. Thanks for tuning in to this episode of The
Infographics Show and remember to like, share and subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Most Painful Things A Human Can Experience #3”

  1. Bone pain of cancer and pain of pancreatitis are things to consider too.

    Emotional pain is worse than any physical pain. No physical pain can even think of matching it.

  2. One of the worst pains I ever felt was when a nail went threw my foot I took it out right away which made it so much worst because it scraped the edge of my bone

  3. I heard people doesnt feel pain when they are in the most pain

    Like when youre head is being crushed by a truck and survives

  4. Kick ? in the nuts ? is equivalent to giving birth to 160 babies and breaking all the bones in the body except you are a female ?

  5. My mom had crps and I watched every day as she was in extreme pain, the medicine she took doped her up and took my mother away, I miss her everyday but she’s in a better place now ❤️❤️

  6. Getting Cucked by your Childhood Best friend and Divorce your wife. But the gov forces you to pay alimony.

    only Western Men can understand.

  7. I had malaria when I was a baby and almost died if it wasn’t for my aunt. If I was with my mom I would have died!

  8. Maleria is not that bad I went to school while having it and I stayed i did not go to the hospital I just got some maleria medicine from a pharmacy

  9. Once i dropped a can of coke on my foot it turned purple instantly and broke my foot. To relieve the pressure underneath my toe nail they used a lazer to take of my toenail and the numbing syringe didn't work

  10. Look up Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Experts place it as one of, if not THE most painful disorder. I have it, and it’s a genetic Connective Tissue Disorder.

    Joints that partially or fully dislocate randomly – everything from hips, jaw, knees, shoulder, rib, vertebrae, ankle, fingers, you name it.

    Fragile skin that tears easily

    Nerve pain

    Muscles, ligaments, and tendons that tear easily

    The list goes on and on. It affects every part of your body, and there’s a long list of frequent comorbidities.

  11. 1:05 oh that, just dodged it few days ago

    Dang my little brother doesn't clean up these Legos

    It's even camouflage with the carpet

  12. Childbirth is a natural thing, it's literally what your bodies are designed to do so it can't hurt that much. Women are just snowflakes with a victim complex.

  13. I suffered from malaria more than ten times and believe me, the whole ground will start rolling when you try to walk. Of course you will not will to die except if you are weak.

  14. An expert(basics)fundamental-judgement skill technique fingerings,music, was once a beginner-learner-intense practice

  15. You know what's painful? Having watched every single episode of Jojos bizarre adventure and still not beaing able to come up with a reference

  16. Try having Fibromyalgia and stage 4 Arthritis in your knees. Makes suicide a longing as painkillers don't help. You have no quality of life and the pain is 24/7

  17. Having a pencil shoved in your pp hole while getting flicked in the left nut repeatedly while handcuffed behind your back

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