My Favourite Festive Nausea Hack || Vlogmas Day 17 [CC]

My Favourite Festive Nausea Hack || Vlogmas Day 17 [CC]

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Hello ice mice, are you nauseous all the goddamn
time like I am? I have a festive nausea hack to share with you [Music: Holiday Brass Ensemble] I will keep this one brief and to the point because nobody wants to dwell on nausea. Being
nauseous at Christmas isn’t fun. A lot of the nausea hacks that I know of aren’t necessarily
the most discreet so sucking on ginger, chewing on ginger, not necessarily discrete, um, gaviscon
and werthers, weird combination and it’s difficult to sneak. I will leave a link to somebody
else’s video- Jessica Kellgren-Fozard, she did a really good nausea hacks video, and
some of these tips are up here. But I am here to share with you a festive version. My favourite
nausea hack has, for a long time, has been peppermint. And did you know it’s not eating
the peppermint that is the nausea hack, it’s actually the smell? There’s actually been
some research that I got way too into reading about the other day, about post operative
nausea and using like an inhaler with peppermint in it. And it- it basically just showed that
peppermint helps nausea in a lot of circumstances. So peppermint is my favourite nausea hack,
and at this time of year CANDY CANES! These are very discrete kind of, because they’re
peppermint flavour most of the time. I think these ones are strawberry actually, but not
the point. You can just eat one of these and people will think that you’re just being festive
and enjoying a nice Christmas snack, when in fact you are trying to quell the nausea.
It’s quick, I guess? It’s a nice- it’s a nice festive hack that kind of- it has an aesthetic
that doesn’t necessarily say “Hi, I’m nauseous and trying not to puke on you” and obviously
plenty of others and you could just eat some peppermint candies of any other type, but
I don’t know, I like my nausea hacks to be pretty when possible, so. Here we are. And
you can also eat these at any time of day or you could even stir one into a hot chocolate
if that’s your jam. It also just looks aesthetic to just have around. I don’t know if you can
see in the background but I have a jar full of them, and I have a big pile of them on
my desk because I got a bit carried away. They’re not the most pepperminty I’ve ever
had, um, hence why I have different colours and different versions of them- OK cool. Hence
why I have different colours and different version of them because I’ve been trying to
find one that is suitably pepperminty. These ones are hardly pepperminty at all, and I’m
disappointed, but they’re still tasty. I just think they look pretty and it doesn’t- people
don’t necessarily ask many questions, and another perk of it is I know loads of people
don’t like them, so if somebody’s handing them out I always get offered them because
everyone’s like “Oh do you like- I don’t like these, do you like these?” and I’m like “Hell
yeah I like these”. That is my favourite festive nausea hack, I hope that helps in some way,
or at least makes you feel some solidarity in the fact that I am always nauseous. Or
nauseated. I don’t know, there’s a grammar thing with it and I don’t really care that
much about it, but it’s there, I’m aware. Don’t forget to like this video, drop a comment
down below if you use candy canes as a nausea hack, or just share your favourite hacks.
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