My Husband Reacts To Weird Korean Items!

My Husband Reacts To Weird Korean Items!

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– All right, so in today’s video, I’m going to introduce some really cool things that I got from a Korean store, and you’re gonna have to guess what it is. – Let’s do it, man. Let’s do it, let’s do it. All right, my eyes are closed. Please don’t put a plunger in my face. (laughing) (cartoony suspenseful music) – All right, no, put your hands down. – I don’t trust it! – Put your hands down. Put your hands down! – I’m scared! (laughing) Wait, what did you do?! What did you do? – Close your eyes, come on. Open. – What the… I can’t see. – Hold, hold, hold. – I can’t see, what is… Are these nipples? – Open! – They are nipples!
(laughing) Whoa! I mean, depending on the angle, they could be something else. (spring boings) (laughing) – I’ll give you some time. – I assume you put it over the sink so the water don’t come down. (plastic slapping) – Why give you two, though. – Oh. – I gave you two for a reason. You can play with it. (squeaking) – Ew.
(laughing) I’m assuming they’re for if
I wanna to out in public, just straight bare nipple. – All right, then tell
me why there’s this. – Oh! (laughing) It’s a suction cup for something. I’m gonna just go with
a dual sink suction cup. – Is that your final answer? – Yes, what is this? (mimicking buzzer) – These… are for the ladies. – I was right?!
(laughing) – I’m kidding!
– Oh, I was about to say! – Ya nasty, get your
head out of the gutter! Okay, this is actually, dun, dun, dun!
(trumpet music) Let’s just say we’re drinking water, and you leave, right? (upbeat music) (cartoony music) – What? Why can’t I just leave the… Why can’t I just leave the straw inside– – Because, you don’t want
any bugs to get in your cup, you don’t want no dust
mites getting in there. This is perfect. – Oh, wow. – Yeah, it’s a suction cup lid. – A suction cup lid. So then what’s the second one for? – Just to throw you off!
(laughing) – Oh, that’s cheating! That is really cheating! – No it’s not! – If you just gave me one, I would have guessed something different. – No, you still would have
guessed the sink thing. – This is actually a
pretty cool invention. I mean, I would do this differently, (laughing) (spring boinging) – All right, okay, what’s the next one? – So, you’re oh for oh right now. – You mean oh for one? – Oh for one. – Math. – All right. (cartoony wiggling) – It’s really quiet. (cartoony wiggling) – All right, and open. (toy squeaking) (laughing) You only have 10 seconds for this one. 10…9… – It’s like a Brillo pad,
you use this to wash dishes. – Is that your final answer? – I think you use it to clean dishes. – Ding, ding, ding. – Yes! Let’s go! – I thought this was gonna trick you, cause this looks weird. – Nah. – Well, I just wanna let you know, that growing up in a Korean household, this is literally all we used. We didn’t believe in no sponges. This does the trick. And, we only ever used ones that were hand made by our friends, okay? – Oh, what’s it called? (crickets chirping) (laughing) (beeping)
– All right, next! (cartoony wiggling) Smell it. – It smells like air that’s
inside of a ball or something. – Ready? – Yeah. (plastic slapping) (laughing) – Oh, this is an easy one. Come on, you gotta do harder than that. This is so I can clean my shoes. If I wanna wipe my shoes before I come in the house, I just straight step on these bad boys– – Really, Matt? – And scrape my shoes. This is easy to guess. – Wait, what’s your final answer? – It’s for your shoes. (mimics buzzer) – Yes, I knew I’d get you! – What is it for, then? – You wanna really know? – Yeah! (air whooshing) Ew! (air whooshing) Why…
– Ow! (laughing) – Why would you do that? What is that for? Why are you standing on some sharp… Hey! (laughing) (beeping)
– You got it wrong. This is a foot massager. – And now it smell like
your funky feet, right now. – You got it wrong. – How the heck is this
gonna massage your feet? – They’re pressure points. They’ll get rid of your headache. (record scratching) – How’s that gonna get rid of my headache, straight from my feet? – Acupuncture! – Acupuncture? I would use this to clean the bottom of my shoes when I come from outside. – You’ll be using this when
you got a headache next time. Oh for three. I mean, (laughing) one for three! – One for three. – All right, close your eyes. This one’s an easy one, all right? Put out your hands. With confidence. (suspenseful music) (laughing)
– That it? – Open. (laughing) – What the heck is this? – That’s for you to find out! 10… 9– – Is this that little moo-moo thing? (crickets chirping) I don’t know what this is. – You got three seconds. – I don’t—
– Anything! – It’s a bear! – What does it do? – It’s an eraser? – Is that your final answer? – A pencil eraser, yes. (mimics buzzer) – Really, Matt? (glass breaking) – What the heck are you about to do? – It’s a scissor cap! – How the heck… (laughing) Yo, how you gonna look at that, and know that’s what you put scissors in? – You should have been more observant! – This could be an eraser! It’s an opening big
enough to put a pencil in! So, let me know out there in the comments, if you walk around with rubber utensils for your scissors, just lying around. – Yes, look! – What the– (laughing)
– Sorry! I have to show you! – What are you, Jason? Halloween is over! – See? – Really? – Yes. – Really?
– It’s so obvious. – That is not obvious. – You did not take the time… (air whooshing) – You gotta stop holding sharp objects like you’re a murderer. – You didn’t take the
time to look at the slit. That’s where you failed. You gotta be more observant. I thought you would guess this. – Like any sane person,
we put our scissors inside of a little cup. We don’t use no rubber
tool to put our scissors– – This is a child safety thing. – We don’t have kids! – We will! Got eight of them coming. All right. One for four. (laughing) Ready? – Yeah. – Close your eyes. – They’re closed. They’ve been closed the whole video. Ah!! (laughing) (beeping) Ah! (laughing) – What the heck was that? (laughing) – And, open. – It’s just a thermometer? This is a thermometer. – Is that your final answer? (nails tapping) – But it has a light at the end. Vestas, made in Korea. Oh, it’s got a little pick at the end. I think you kinda slightly gave it away, what it’s used. I think you use this to
either dig out ear wax, or like go in your nose or something. – So what’s your final answer? – It’s an ear wax, butt, and nose digger. (laughing)
– What?! – What is it? – I need your final answer! – That was my final answer! (mimics buzzer) – It’s not an ear wax,
butt and nose digger. It’s an ear wax digger. (record scratching) – I said ear wax! I said ear wax! – You said butt and nose! – No, no, no. – You get half a point. – No, no half a point! I said ear wax! If you’re creative enough, you can use this for your butt. (laughing)
– No! The pick is so small! – Exactly, cause some people
got some funky cheeks, and you need to get all up in there. (drill buzzing) – All right, well part of this, we’re gonna pick each others ear wax. – No we’re not. I’m not doin’ that right now. – Listen, my mom literally did this to all me and my sisters, and I looked forward to it every week. – Nah, I don’t– – She would lay our head on her lap, and then she’d be like,
“Okay, keypop time” You know what that means? Key is ear, and pop is like rice. It’s like keypop. – Yeah, I’m not doin’ that. – No, come on, I’ll let
you do it to me first. Come on.
– No, I don’t want– – No, you can do it to me. – Ew hold up, I just thought about that. No, we’re using one ear, that’s so unsanitary. – We’re married! – It don’t matter! – No, you just do me first, fine. We’re just doin’ me. Okay, and I won’t go deep! – If it hits my ear drum, – It’s not gonna hit your ear drum. – I need my ears. – Oh man, I don’t like stuff in my ear. I don’t like stuff in my ear. Ah!
– Ah! – No, no, I’m done. I don’t like that feeling. – Do it to me and don’t
touch my ear drum either. (calm music) – Oh! – No, I can’t do this. I can’t do this. – It felt so good!
– I can’t do that, that’s gross. – So you are 1.5 for five. – No, I am two. You gonna give me that full point. – Fine. – Yeah, thank you. – All right, last one. Saved the best for last! Okay, ready? – Yes. (laughing) This like a match or something? – Open. (record scratching) (laughing) – Yo, what the heck is that? All right, something sharp. (suspenseful music) When you buy this, they come together? – Yes. And I’m not fooling you this time. – All right, so it’s got
some little ribbed shape. Is this like, if you get
a splinter or something, and then you pick it? – How’d you know? No, I’m kidding. – Oh. Is this for like, medicine? Like them things you gotta like, poke a hole in before you use it? This is a hard one. – You want me to give you a hint? – Yeah. – It’s like, a huge deal
in Korea, for your face. – It’s for plastic surgery? – It’s in place of it. – It’s for your eyebrows. (mimics buzzer) Oh, my God. – This is to have double eyelids. – Eyelids?! – Because I’m the perfect example, and I don’t have an eyelid, I’m gonna show you how it works on me, and you’re gonna think I’m prettier. – So you’re gonna have eyelids after this. – I’m gonna have eyelids
after this, and it’s instant. – Why you’ve never used this? – Cause I don’t want them! – I was just curious!
(beeping) – This is what it came in. – I’m actually very intrigued by this. – Double eyelid tape. So… – What the heck? No, that ain’t real. Ew. – No, don’t look at me
yet, don’t look at me yet. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh, it worked. And, three, two, one. – Ew!! (laughing)
Oh my gosh! – Matty, it worked! Wow! – Babe, that’s the scariest thing. That doesn’t look normal. Babe, that looks insane. – In a good way? – In like a, if you worked
in a haunted house… (laughing) – Oh, yeah. (record scratching) – That’s not, stop! (beeping) – All right, so, that means that you got 1.5 out of five? – Two out of six. (beeping) Those are some very neat creations. Especially the eyelid thing. That one I ain’t never in
my life would have thought something like was created. And just to let you know,
I did take Glory out on a date– – He did. – And yes I do take Glory out on dates, but I was looking for
an excuse to take her out on a date… Babe, those eyelids, yo. As always, I got the slice. – I got eyelids. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! (air whooshing)

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  1. Matt, glad you are able to learn Korean culture. I thank GOD that I learn it in 87 to 88 and 90 to 91. It stays with me always. Felt like United Nations. Especially traveling in South Korea from the DMZ farthest North to Pusan farthest South, Kamsahamida.

  2. Matt and Glory, Glory has single eyelids. If you didn't have eyelids at all, you would not be able to close your eyes. You're supposed to put the tape further from you your lashes honey. But you're beautiful the way god made you and you don't need that. However since you already bought it. I suggest you watch a tutorial to apply it properly. Love.😘

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