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Hi guys it’s Tana Mongeau! Welcome to my death or welcome back to my death, that would be a really weird clip if I died Hello everybody. So today is another episode of someone.. JORDAN STOP FUCKING SCREAMING LIKE THAT OVER NOTHING! Dude the dog was just walking in glass you psycho Why don’t you worry about something else other than your stupid Youtube video? Mario today’s video is going to be why I’ve never used this brick wall of my house like Oh, Architectural and beautiful this life today my manager today’s video is gonna be another episode of someone in my life teaching me to drive and today it is someone less rich than the last two episodes is honestly rude Offensive completely true my manager Jordan you guys have been requesting in an abundance for the next episode to be it with Jordan And so today we’re actually gonna be taking Jordans car. Yeah, would you have since I met you? It’s a really nice BMW. Didn’t you work really hard for worked? I already paid for it Today Jordan was gonna be teaching me to drive. We’re also bringing along Jenna Jordan’s assistant He’s better hassle and Mario because he wants to get food after the videos over. Okay, let’s roll Jordan get out of the driver’s seat Wait, what do you mean? I’m gonna back out right now Why did everyone else let me where’s your cell phone by the way you can’t bring it Did you put it in the backseat? Why come acting like this? Maybe I don’t want to do this video the first time I got into a car. My dad said Jordan this is a death machine a Death machine you can kill everyone You understand do you understand How are you You can’t be around someone thing hi, but none of the hi are you Ruined the integrity of the fucking sticking. I took his pop socket off of it You ruined the integrity of these screaming at me. It’s a pot socket, brother I can’t do this my dad. I feel like my dad Broke the window the audio well If the goddamn fucking window do I have to put my head on the windows? Your goddamn Drive like if you live in a fucking melon, did you ever think about that? I live and I have to find her fall in three Why can’t you be this funny on my reality show guys We’ve been off camera for a minute because Jordan being a really big asshole to me because he’s nervous. Yes, that’s usually would happen It’s so nervous that I get mean Handle it because she’s so sensitive. She’s awesome. Shut up Just shut up. Sorry. We’re taping the camera to Jordan’s port on my that’s why I like Say one more time you think oh my god, you look good there. You look good. You look really good Say what your and you look fucking amazing You look really fucking good. I’m turning into Jay Paul. I’m making people resizing my Fiat. Oh Shit I do the video won’t happen. Shut G then you literally need to watch your reactions Little twelve-year-old. Yes. Run Kate Anna. Do you know why we’re doing this video today? Because you’re teaching me to drive. Oh, thank you so much, man. I really fucking appreciate Is Christ no, and I’m not teaching you how to drive. I’m gonna fucking drive this off a cliff. This is stupid asshole Which way is the lighting the best it’s really about this way we need to go in the shade We need to go in the shade. So like over there in the shade the shade There could be something wrong with What you’re trying to say you don’t make me Get your fucking shit together, okay Is it recording now yeah, good. Hey Everything’s fine. Do you know why we’re actually doing this video though. You’re teaching me how to drive No, it’s actually because you have to do a brand deal right now. It’s because today’s video is sponsored by semper There’s no way I brought a brand deal to the right now they’re actually all in here Take them please and talk about them. I’ll give you the talking points Today’s video is sponsored by scent bird. Oh My god No, no It’s actually really good do know. I know you ever won a car. No, but like dude, we love it. Well, that doesn’t really good I don’t like sticking with just one perfume gonna do it like you’re not reading it I too used to the scent and then I don’t smell it on myself anymore. And that’s no fun Instead I can use that myrrh perfumes as more of an accessory and switch it up based on my mood or where I’m gonna wear it Give reasons why you wear perfume in general sometimes IBO Needs to wear perfume because she is one of the smelliest roots receiver from loving hands cramping talk comment We knew it using separate is amazing for perfume junkies like me because these are only $15 scent bar partners with designer brands So you can date a perfume before committing to a full bottle without the same one. Nope I only copy that one is amazing I definitely recommend that one so you guys get about the size of a rollerball for literally half of the price What’s ember stick it out with a set word you guys get what’s that word you guys get what some word you guys get about the size of a rollerball for half of the price and now you can upgrade your account and Get two or three seven perfect for perfume junkies like me This month I received net fragments as wild toffee animal Horner thar days carne asada Prada candy that’s rich coopcent burn. I have a headache. I am having a good one. No Talk about Maya the only Maya I know DKNY be Delicious, which I actually lovely I can’t breathe. I’m not even give me up get me out of the car. Oh that Word. That one’s a mouth spray. No, but really thank you that merge so much for sponsoring this video, right? I’m sure you guys have seen before I’ve done a lot of separate deals. I actually do you separate all the time So thank you to them for sponsoring this video and you can click the link below to get 30% off making separate only $10 and you can click the link below to get 30% off what bad grammar and You guys can click the link below to get 30% off With my Click the link below to get 30% off of your first month with my code Which makes you had only $10 and if you crashed my car right now this brand is brandy Like I’m gonna get us in location where you can just go straight first I get back on a driven culture Never ever ever driven a car You understand that it is okay if I crash your car I will get you a new one instead about crashing I just don’t want to die if I kill anyone. I’ll get a new one if I kill mario Salman right now We’re off to a terrible start Seriously, we left one is definitely the break. Okay, there’s a car coming now though. Okay, hold on I’m gonna put the car into reverse. Okay. I don’t know how to do with your rich man, right? Okay. Oh my god, you’re This are you familiar with the gear shift you mean the PRNDL the way the PRNDL are you referring to the shift lever that says PR in DL a Child’s Mosby. I know how to spell print on her car coming right now so door anything Fuck you, I don’t think you should learn damn tests. Those are a lot easier to drive So now I’m gonna look out of my mirrors yes All the way cut cut cut stop setting it okay now just go all the way We’re gonna drive all the way to left all the way. No, no, not that fast though, dude Can you go left into the parking lot? I don’t want you to go into the main streets. Okay, Tina No, go left, bro. Are you fucking kidding me? Why are you doing this? I’m driving I know but like in a parking lot. Okay, good. Good. Good good nice and easy There’s a speed book it’s gonna be rough, okay Yeah, I think everything is good So now if you want to just try going around these white things and then just staying in the black to see if you can Stay like in the lane, you know, you’re a bad teacher too damn really cause it seems like I’m doing but I’m not learning any Is that what you told your high school teachers, too? That why you left it was their fault The rigorous Sorry guys, you’re not challenging me. I’m out, okay Yeah, good good, all right take a right maybe put your blinker on right there good good now nice and easy Give it a little gas Give it a little gas. Take the gas off. Go right in here. You’re obviously you’re doing great. Oh Jesus That is not what Sanford wants in this video My foots cramping now Everything am I saying? You’re honestly doing fine, but there’s a car coming now. So you have to be really careful So just take the stay to the right in this lane. Obviously see that guy’s going all the way around you because he knows Try to do a park real slow here, what’s that what happened Wait for this Lexus to go tell him to go go bitch go Put your blinker on to the left I’m gonna go straight. No that’s into the monitors, please Told me to go okay. Oh my god. Sorry. Oh my god. Sorry. That was the worst moment yet And I think I actually just peed oh and why don’t you try parking right next to that tree over there Okay, like just right into a parking spot. Okay. I’m kind of slaying this you’re doing well Let’s see if you get into a spot right now. This one. Yeah now straighten it out straight in straight and straight Austen perfect Nice slow slow slow, you know that was legit like honesty that was legit. Like you’re not you’re honestly not bad I was I’m really happy We’re in a parking lot because if we were around anything else I couldn’t do it But that’s like I want to test my limits. So this videos funny. I know but like that’s where all died Even look they’re like look, what do you look for? I can’t really see past my hoodie, like people shouldn’t drive with hoodies The fucking car but then why we’re going there’s another car stop whoo shit, there’s so many of this we Honestly, okay now go but like when there’s a car coming at you, but do not like that’s the first thing you should learn Okay, cool. Look don’t drive into oncoming traffic No Desktop go to Subway. Yeah, let’s go to subway. All right, go right swear to God. Have you ever driven on a road before? Yeah, when David is having me drive. I’m on the freeway you drove on a freeway Yeah, but I’m gonna be really bad to be really careful here with people. So imagine if we had a bomb That’s funny Okay, no stop at this stop sign and look right here yep You have to stop them out of life now. Go quick before these people come cuz we don’t want to wait for them There’s like a 300 of them Damn, I was a big ass family and take plan. That was bright been driving. Well, I don’t think that’s appropriate so this is a big-ass road to the right Now is how you don’t know oh Hey, oh, oh I Mean you’re doing a great job singing the lanes But you need to say focus like you have to stay at home Like right now you’re going light like it good like 27 Okay, and it’s like 40s? So that’s why I like everybody’s passing you But now it’s gonna be a red play so you can just like lay off of this chill You can just coast right now be funny. No hard time being funny when I’m really scared. Take a right here Oh Okay I Don’t understand why I wasn’t I was going left and like I literally don’t or some white left left left. I’m quitting time Let’s go that back into the left lane. How do you not understand left? Lane, oh my god I Can’t feel my legs That were amazing but like you really do have like two things you need to work on like number one Look what’s happening right now. I’m keeping my hand here so that I’m like staying in this lane right down. This is you Like everything was like going towards the right maybe you have like an equilibrium thing in your head cuz I always noticed that you like a little bit while you want So maybe like while you’re driving you’re like leaning that way like hard didn’t use your blinker when you switch lanes you can do this alright guys, today’s video was sponsored by You had to rape my driving on a scale of one to ten what would you rate it for? Maybe maybe three it was much better than I anticipated questions Crazy dude I wasn’t acting like I really was fucking scared. Oh, I was tear like you’re really like scary I honestly was wondering if you were doing it for the video and that’s why I was like oh Maybe she’s veering right for fun. And there’s like a couple times where you almost hit a car as I go It’s not funny. Maybe she’s she has like an equilibrium thing Where’s it now? Okay, where’s in-n-out straight motherfucker Jesus fuck are you believe that imma leave it in? No Yep, Mario. It’s my stomach It’s been another video where someone in my life teaches me to drive today’s video happen to be with someone was significantly less Today these videos with somebody who has severe panic to exit all I Drive and quite frankly can’t feel his legs still also Less money than the other people which is not a good way Reflects how you feel about someone personally. I love you more than my fiance. I don’t love you more than David over

100 thoughts on “MY MANAGER TEACHES ME HOW TO DRIVE (i almost killed us)”

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    Tana: I love you more than my fiancรฉ,but I donโ€™t love you more than David Dobrik tho

  2. this is the funniest thing i have ever fucking seen. i mean i just got really drunk by myself because i'm depressed as shit and wanna die, but this was still funny as fuck and made me pee my pants laughing. i mean i have incontinence issues and yes im not even 22 yet but i still pissed myself.

  3. This video is full of chaotic energy and I love it. Also this brand deal is hilarious. Never change. PS did anyone notice the Maia shade? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Jordan: (interrupting) I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOURE TRYING TO SAY , you donโ€™t like meee

  5. Tana and Jordan remind me of being in second grade where when a boy and girl liked each other they would pick on them incessantly.
    Edit: TEA.

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  9. this actually reminds me of my dad trying to teach me how to drive. hes been teaching me for 15 months now and i still suck lol

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