100 thoughts on “Myracle Holloway Uses the Pain in Her Voice to Tell Her Story – The Voice Blind Auditions 2019”

  1. You can def hear the pain in her voice, felt every bit of it. Good job Miracle, you are a Miracle. Good Luck on The Voice this season ?? you are def one of my favs. Looking forward to your battle round, and knock out round. #LetsGo

  2. They don't turn for the best singers, they turn to compete for the other coach who turns. Especially Gwen she looks everytime at Blake.

  3. I'm so tired of the owe is me stories. I had this and this why not get through on your own with out all the stories of your past.you need to be I. This minute now 1 or more years go. Right this minute that's where it's at now. Everyone has a bad thing in their life if not they haven't lived for so.

  4. "All those broken that things that happened are just stepping stones to the next place you're gonna be."


  5. Had to listen to her again , I still cant believe she didn't get 4 chairs , I truly hope she gets the right songs , this song was so awesome for her , and I have never heard it . I read below she picked Gwynn , thanks Hector Urbina , for telling us . She is in my top 5 so far , just purely on her control, tone and the feeling I got from her while she sang the song , she is a great one .

  6. Her first notes coupled with the light coming up on her beautiful face/look had me right away. You can see the emotion and pain in her eyes

  7. The banter between Gwen and Blake, with Kelly telling it like it is, is so much better than Adam and Blake. At least I am laughing more this season, thanks!

  8. she should've sang a different song that fits her voice… I like the uniqueness and how natural her voice is, it's just amazing. like her voice though..

  9. She has a very unique voice it's beautiful and her tone is amazing! She truly is an amazing vocalist Good Luck Myracal Holloway Cant wait to her more from you!

  10. Im so glad she made it through the battles, cause she is gonna be a BIG threat! She could possibly make Team Gwen in the lead and i BELIEVE IT

  11. I don't Tweet or any of the social media things. Please. Myracle. Sing about hope and your future. That's what I heard when you were singing.

  12. When Myracle talked about being a victim of domestic violence, I lost it… now I know where that pain in her voice was coming from. She is so beautiful too.. love her.

  13. Ah! here is the sad story needed to win. The miracle would be to NOT have been beaten by her husband, not to survive it. Silly god believers

  14. I hate it when people come on these shows and sing sad or emotional songs and then just smile the whole way through them… like, do you even know what you're singing?

  15. We're so proud of you Myracle ? Saludos desde República Dominicana ? I can't find one word in English or Spanish to describe your voice ?

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