Negotiations, Not War: Green Party’s Jill Stein Warns About U.S. Escalating Tension with N. Korea

Negotiations, Not War: Green Party’s Jill Stein Warns About U.S. Escalating Tension with N. Korea

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AMY GOODMAN: I’m Amy Goodman with Juan Gonzalez. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: We turn now to the Korean
Peninsula, where tensions are again escalating between the U.S. and North Korea. On Friday, North Korea tested an intercontinental
ballistic missile that experts say may be capable of reaching the West Coast of the
United States. North Korea says the test was a warning to
the United States to stop imposing sanctions against North Korea. In response to the test, the U.S. flew two
B-1 bombers over the Korean Peninsula and again tested its Alaska-based THAAD missile
defense system. The U.S. has deployed a similar THAAD missile
defense system to South Korea, despite objections from local residents. AMY GOODMAN: Joining us now is former Green
Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein. She just returned from a peace delegation
to South Korea that was sponsored in part by the Task Force to Stop THAAD in Korea and
Militarism in Asia. Dr. Jill Stein was the Green Party’s presidential
nominee in 2016 and 2012. Welcome back to Democracy Now! DR. JILL STEIN: Great to see you. AMY GOODMAN: Talk about what you found in
South Korea. DR. JILL STEIN: It’s a pretty amazing situation. South Korea just had what they call their
candlelight uprising. They just impeached a very corrupt and conservative
president. And now they have really turned their candlelight
uprising, which continues, to focus on the impacts of militarism, of nuclear weapons
and the THAAD missile system. And they are calling for a peace treaty with
North Korea—with North Korea. You know, the Korean War essentially is not
over. There’s been an armistice, but the peninsula
has lived under threat of war. Recently, North Korea has been firing off
the second ICBM, intercontinental ballistic missile, which is a very powerful and fast
missile and is very frightening to other countries around the world. And they’ve also now developed their nuclear
weapons capability. And, you know, it’s been this accelerating
set of provocations now. North Korea has done this in a setting where
the U.S. has been doing nuclear bomb mock runs, mock attacks with nuclear weapons, for
decades, actually. And we also have a policy of a first strike
of a nuclear attack against North Korea. So, understandably, North Korea has felt like
they have to develop a nuclear weapon in order to, you know, have—stand a chance. So, that’s where we are. It’s dangerous. It’s very dangerous, because Seoul, a city
of 25 million people, is in the crosshairs of this conflict, and even a limited exchange
of nuclear weapons could result in nuclear winter, which would—you know, in turn, is
predicted to cause hundreds of millions of deaths around the world. So, this is a conflict we all have a stake
in. And it’s not rocket science about how to
fix it. The North Koreans, the Russians and the Chinese
have all been very clear about what they want, which is essentially a freeze on the—on
the war games, this threatened nuclear attack from the U.S., in exchange for a freeze on
their nuclear and their missile program. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, you mentioned the changing
political situation in South Korea, which gets very little attention here in the United
States. Is it your sense that there’s a possibility
for the South Korean government to take independent action in terms of moving forward on defusing
the tensions with the north? And if so, is the Trump administration’s—a
lot of the bellicose nature of its pronouncements now really predicated to trying to stop any
kind of reconciliation between the south and the north? DR. JILL STEIN: Yeah, I mean, you know, the Trump
administration seems to be doing what it knows how to do, which is to basically sell weapons
and drum up conflicts in order to do that. You know, they seem pretty clueless about
how to proceed. And with the chaos going on in the White House,
you know, it’s questionable what they can do. But there are saner voices that are beginning
to be heard right now. The New York Times had an editorial this morning,
actually, calling for negotiations. James Clapper himself has really come out
quite strongly in favor of what they call a freeze for a freeze—freeze the war games
in exchange for North Korea freezing its weapons program. And there are others. We’ve done this before. Negotiations have actually worked in the past,
during the mid-’90s. We were able to freeze for a period of about
eight years the weapons development program, by sitting down and talking with North Korea. And then George Bush came in with his evil—you
know, his “axis of evil,” and, actually, at that point, instituted a first-strike nuclear
policy against North Korea, so, you know—and destroyed the trust and the negotiations. But we need to go back to that. It’s like the Cold War, you know, all over
again. We need to relearn those lessons. Right now, the instincts are to basically
fire up the missiles and bring in more of them. It’s absolutely a disaster. I should mention the THAAD missile defense
system, because this is very provocative to China. You know, it’s like we’re taking the regime
change paradigm from the Middle East, and we’re trying to apply it here in—on the
Korean Peninsula, you know. And if you think it was a disaster in the
Middle East, now add nuclear weapons and China and Russia. You know, this isn’t going to work, which
is why I mentioned the nuclear winter thing, because we’re heading towards a mushroom
cloud right now. You know, this is not like your regime change
in the Middle East, which has been catastrophic enough. This is really on a nuclear dimension now. So, it just cannot go forward, and saner voices
need to prevail. AMY GOODMAN: Even the new South Korean president,
Moon Jae-in, is against the THAAD missile system, didn’t even know that some new equipment
was just brought into his own country when it came to THAAD, and called for immediate
negotiations with North Korea. What happened? DR. JILL STEIN: Yeah, it’s a good question. And the people of South Korea are really disturbed
about this and are—you know, there are really strong demonstrations going on against him
now. And it’s felt like he’s really betrayed
the people, because he was very clear as a candidate that he supported a peace treaty. AMY GOODMAN: But he called for this as president. DR. JILL STEIN: That’s right. Well, you know, initially, as president, he
did oppose THAAD. And then he’s done a real turnaround. Ever since his summit with Donald Trump, he’s
really backed off. So, you know, I think what’s exciting now
is that there is sort of an international coalition that’s developing among the peace
and democracy groups between South Korea and the U.S. And we’re really both trying to work at
both ends of the problem and to get the U.S. to back off and, likewise, to get South Korea
to stand up for sovereignty. It has been essentially an occupied peninsula,
occupied—it’s been a battleground, actually, of the great powers for the last century,
initially occupied by Japan, then—you know, by Japan throughout the Second World War,
and then immediately occupied by the Soviet Union and the U.S. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And your sense of— DR. JILL STEIN: And they’ve paid the price. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Your sense, when you were
there in South Korea, of how people regard the role of China? Because the Trump administration never stops
saying, “China’s got to step forward. China’s got to step forward,” and now, of
course, they’re saying, “China has failed to step forward.” The role of China in this, because China continues
to reject the U.S. approach dealing with North Korea? DR. JILL STEIN: That’s right. I mean, China objects to the effort to isolate
and punish North Korea. They don’t want to see North Korea destroyed. They’re not crazy about Kim Jong-un, either,
it appears, but they don’t want a failed state on their border. They also don’t want the U.S. or a U.S.
client state on their border, either. So they’re very committed to preserving
North Korea, and they’re going to do that. The people of South Korea really want to get
rid of the THAAD anti-missile system, because they see it as very provocative to China. They want to be left alone to deal with their
relations in North Korea. And they have a very concrete sense of how
they can begin a process. You know, they had an economic development
joint program with the North Koreans. They want to be able to go back to that. They want to be able to take a step-by-step
approach, starting with, you know, the negotiations for a peace treaty.

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    Your friend,


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