Ninja Stress Balls made with SLIME

Ninja Stress Balls made with SLIME

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[Captions by Jeffrey D. at Y Translator]
Hey guys in today’s video, we’re trying out an idea
suggested to us by Todd Crowell. Who wants to know if we can make
a ninja ball full of ooze? [Intro music plays] Here’s the basic plan. We already know how to make
a ninja ball using flour as filling, but we’re gonna try
and mixing up a batch of ooze, and seeing if we can fill
the balloons with that instead. Will we get the same type of ninja ball? Will it have the same
squishing properties? Or will we find something else? First off, let’s run through
a refresher course on how to make the standard
flour-filled ninja balls. We’ve got a bottle
with a fairly wide neck at the top, and then a regular water bottle
that I’ve cut in half. Let’s use measuring cup
and add ¾ of a cup of flour into our bottle. Now by tapping our funnel bottle,
all of the flour will drain down into the wide necked bottle. With our 3/4 of a cup of flour
in our wide neck bottle, we now need to blow up
a balloon just a little bit. It doesn’t need to be very full. [Music] That’ll work. Once we’ve blown it up.
We want to twist it — about four times to really make sure
that the neck is pinched off, and no air can escape. After twisting we want to stretch the neck of the balloon over the neck of the bottle
at which point we can let it untwist. So, it’s just got equal pressure
inside the balloon and the bottle. Once we’re at that step,
we can hold the neck in place, flip the bottle upside down
and start squeezing the flour down into the balloon. Let’s pinch off the neck of the balloon and remove it from the bottle, and then slowly begin
to let out the extra air. At this point
all the flours’ light and fluffy and full of air. So, if we’re not careful, some of that flour
could just start shooting up out of the neck of the balloon like this: We don’t really want that to happen. We want our flour to stay in the balloon. So once all the extra air is gone,
pinch the balloon off and then start squeezing the flour
around inside the balloon. This will help remove any excess air, and we can then let that
escape out of the top. Once we have all the extra air
squeezed out of our balloon, we need to cut the neck off. We’ll probably have a little bit
of flour spill when that happens, but that’s not a problem. Now, see we’ve got our flour
filling up our balloon. We now need to seal that in there
so it doesn’t leak everywhere. Let’s grab another balloon
of the same color and cut the neck off of it as well. We now need to take
this second balloon, stretch the neck of it open, and wrap it all the way around
the flour filled balloon. The flour is now sealed inside
and can’t escape, but just to give it a little bit
of extra strength and durability, let’s take one more balloon
and wrap that around as well. We now have a nice squishy ball
that does this kind of weird thing where it almost holds it shape
into what you squish it into. These are great as stress balls
or if you’re learning to juggle, they work well for that. There’s a final decorative
element we can add: which is why we call them ninja balls. It’s sort of a ninja mask for the stress ball. Let’s take one more balloon
of a different color, cut the neck off,
and then cut some more holes in it, that will allow us to stretch it over
and give us a cool mask effect. One hole cut in the top,
one in the bottom, one on each side,
and then we can fold it in half and add a final cut. We now have a balloon
that’s been sort of turned into a rubber ninja mask. We can stretch that over our ball, and we’ve now given our little stress ball something of a ninja mask. [Music] That, is how you make
the regular ninja balls using flour. And now, we want to see
if we can do the same thing but using slime rather than flour. Will it give us a similar texture? Will it still hold its shape
when you squish them down? What’s gonna be the same
and what is going to be different? First let’s mix up some ooze. We’ve got one cup of water. Now, we need to add
1/2 teaspoon of borax. Next, we need half a cup of water
and five ounces of clear glue. Now this ooze
is probably gonna end up inside of a balloon. So whether or not it has color
might not make a difference, but it’s a lot more fun. So we’re going to add some color. Also adding the color helps you see when the glue
and the water are mixed together. So that’s another plus. That looks pretty well mixed. So now we need to combine our two: We’ve got our borax solution,
and our glue solution. These of course start mixing
and forming our ooze very quickly. Gets to a point
where it really just makes more sense to use your hands than a spoon. [Music] Now, we need to figure out a way
to get this slime inside of a balloon, and I think we’re gonna try
mostly the same techniques. Although, I think we can probably
cut out the water bottle funnel, and just sort of force the slime down
into the wide mouth bottle. All right, I’m just gonna see
if I can start pulling off pieces of our slime and letting them turn
into sort of long stringy bits and fitting them down inside the bottle. Whoo! One big old bottle full of ooze. That’s pretty cool. Now we need to try
and squeeze that into a balloon. Same method as before. We’ll blow it up, twist it off, fit it over the neck of the bottle. Now we just have to hope that we can get our ooze out of the bottle,
down into the balloon. [Laughs] Well it’s in the neck of the balloon?
There’s a little bit of ooze just sort of stuck there
and it’s sort of dangling down into the main body of the balloon. All right so my thought is that, maybe we can fit more
of the neck of the balloon over the bottle. So, it’s just going directly
into the wide part of the balloon. There we go. You can see the neck of the bottle
Is now entirely inside the balloon. Hopefully, that’ll let us squeeze
our ooze more to where we want it. Get in there, ooze! [Baloon noise] That’s a fun noise. Okay, that right there looks like about the right amount. I think we’re gonna try this. Pretty similar in size. The ooz doesn’t try and squeeze itself
out the top like a flour does. Ooop! Now it’s trying to escape. Stay in there, ooze! I need to get another balloon
on there before it all escapes. I have to keep my finger on it
until I get that of the balloon on. Otherwise it just decides:
“I’m leaving!” and erupts out. I can tell you one thing for sure: This is definitely more troublesome
with ooze than it is with flour. Flour isn’t actively trying to escape
all the time. I think I got it, that was tricky! And one more layer just for safety
which should be a lot easier since I no longer have to hold it in
with one finger while I’m trying to do everything else
with the rest of my hands. There we go,
nice and contained. Now let’s just give it a ninja mask. [Music] Preliminary results. We now have a ninja ball
that is full of ooze. It’s blue ooze which might not make
a difference inside the blue balloons, and we can compare that to our
ninja ball full of flour; which is standard. Uhh… They feel about the same,
they weigh about the same. But even when
I’m just lightly holding them, I can feel that there’s a difference. The one made of flour feels solid until you really squish it, at which point it has an interesting give, and kind of holds its shape
after you’ve squished it. The ninja ball full of ooze
has more give initially and then when you squeeze it: it bounces back into shape a lot more. It doesn’t stay flattened
the way you can do with flour. See that the flower ninja ball
really flattens out, and the ooze ninja ball
just kind of bounces back. Speaking of bouncing,
that’s another pretty clear difference. The ooze ball bounces,
whereas the flour ball just sort of stops dead. Maybe has a tiny little bounce.
The ooze ball is just– it’s bouncy. I’m gonna make another one. Like a good size. Yeah, a little bit smaller than last time.
It’s actually a little bit smaller than our standard ones too,
but I want to see what the difference is between an over-packed ninja ball
and the less packed ninja ball. And this one is still trying
to squish it out. I was hoping that by having less,
it would just stop trying to escape but that’s not the case.
It’s still trying to escape. Get back in there. Stay. In. There! So I still have to use one finger to hold it closed while use the rest of my hands to prepare the other balloon. Here we go.
Two different sizes of a ninja ball. Full of the ooze and I’d say
they react about the same, they feel about the same squishiness. They really have the more, classic stress ball feel
when you use the flour. When you use the ooze you get —
it’s still a good squishy ball. There’s certainly nothing bad
about that for squishing stuff. Still works for juggling. I’m curious how much I can
get it to bounce. So, I’m gonna try
and throw it really hard. [Music] Got about, six feet of bounce.
Let’s try the other one. [Music] Ooh, that deformed it a little bit. We forced it out of some of its layers. Squished so hard
that some of the layers of the balloon started pulling away in spots. Or it might have actually
just started ripping. Oh I think it did. Yeah, it started ripping that away. I just want to step on it till it pops. [Music] Took quite a bit of effort.
I thought it was going to be a little more fragile than that
but I basically had to jump on this to get it pop open. So, I think if you’re just playing around
with it unless you’re on really rough or scratchy or spiky surfaces, they’ll probably be pretty durable. Todd Crowell, thank you for your
idea to try using our ninja ooze in our ninja balls. If you check your YouTube inbox,
we’re sending you 25 bucks. And remember if you’ve got a cool idea
and we use it to make a video, we’ll send you $25. So let us know your thoughts
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