39 thoughts on “Oliver Sacks on Ripe Bananas”

  1. there's a mistake in the subtitles at 6:00 , should be "measure my words" not "measure my worth". You can tell because he goes on to say "I don't know what sort of resonances or influence they may have".

  2. Loved the video! And I really loved the music you used in the video but I can't find the track under any of the tracks you listed in the description — am I missing something?

  3. I miss this man. He wrote about mental illness with a nonpareil pathos and empathetic touch. He worked towards changing the paradigm and prejudice of many of psychiatry's ontology and did it in some of the most interesting books I've read on the subject. I highly recommend pretty much anything by him, especially MUSICOPHILIA.

  4. This definitely falls in a top fav 5 for me. I adore everyone of your vids and am ecstatic when new content comes up.
    Thank you for these.

  5. thanks Auto play, I might never of knew I wanted to see this. I know I love Oliver Sachs, but there is such a deep wealth of knowledge and wisdom behind his research that one constantly discovers how profound an impact this man made in his journey on this earth. Rest in peace, good-sir

  6. I really love the illustration style but this is not a good likeness of Oliver Sacks' facial expressions – the sneery eyebrows and down-turned mouth make him seem way too haughty. Oliver Sacks was very humble and quite shy, but he made up for his shyness through his enormous enthusiasm and curiosity. Perhaps the illustrator has fallen for the stereotype that all English intellectuals are dispassionate and aloof?

  7. Fabulous. The brain has its own world, culture, with or without all the perceived senses. There are more than we even know!

  8. Wow, I feel like I have quenched a thirst that I have been trying to quench for a long time, in finding this channel.
    thank you!

  9. I, as a Doctor in Biblical Biology, declare there is no such thing as a ripe green banana fruit on God's colourful earth. I call Puppetypoop!

  10. wrg, no such thing as isolatiox by that, or about more people , more people with xx or bigx can be just inferiox, not that stong. no sweat etc for that or any. can reject any no matter what, ts not legitimate etc or not

  11. These cartoons do NOT do Oliver Sacks justice, especially with the opening of how blindness is more important then vision

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