One Nation Under Stress (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

One Nation Under Stress (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

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What’s the story with her? MAN: PATHOLOGIST: How old was she? WOMAN: Jesus Christ. SANJAY GUPTA:We cannot ignore
the impact of stress
on our society
and what it’s doing to peoplein very, very tragic ways.♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ In the United States,
life expectancy’s dropping faster than any other developed
demographic in the world. DOCTOR:
We’re drinking more,
we have
a massive obesity epidemic,
and uncontrollable
chronic stress. GUPTA:Liver cirrhosis,
drug overdose, and suicide.
They are called
deaths of despair.Knowing the cause of the cause
is far more important
to really understand
what’s happening.
Stress is an epidemic
of monstrous proportions. What’s the surest way to make
our have-nots feel poor?Put them in a lot
of income inequity.
Not only do you feel helpless,
you feel rage. (GUN CLICKS) It just seemed
like we didn’t matter. People have this ideology that
competition is good for you,but that’s a trick.GUPTA:Could it be that
a society gets so stressed out
that it actually starts
to break?

47 thoughts on “One Nation Under Stress (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO”

  1. Dr. Gupta is a medical genius, I attended a lecture of his last year and he truly loves this country and the world. I'm sure the documentary will be very informative.

  2. You can't blame Americans, can you? After all, people be lining up at local rocket launch pads, waiting on their turn to board the space ships, and fly 'em to Mars and beyond, by now. Heck nobodys planning on staying here past 2012. 2019 and Elon Musk, funded by Warren Buffett is their only (insert witty phase here)


  3. Apoyaron a unos imbesiles que decian que michael jackson los abuso de niños en su documental

  4. This is very useful because it will help us to fix the problem. We must first acknowledge the problem. I'm glad hes doing just that, now let's fix this

  5. Gee, I wonder why Americans are so stressed. They watched their homes dump in price, while their neighbor went bankrupt and foreclosed. They haven't seen a wage increase. We either have a choice of republican (ie huge tax cuts to the wealthy in perpetuity, talk of decreasing or getting rid of social security and medicare.) or the democrats who think money grows on trees, (ie. free education, free medical, increase social security, etc, etc, etc.) We are watching fellow Americans die of overdoses and suicides. Some people just generally seem pissed off. I look at younger people in my area and it makes me sad. Many just seem plain old tired and run down. I really wouldn't be surprised if pregnancy rates drop too, most working people can't afford them. Not many people can afford to just run away and take a vacation, they are truly stuck. Just barely able to make it, I feel like the life has been squeezed out of them. Watching the college admissions mess this past week made me sick.

  6. When 90% of our population can't make ends meet and don't have adequate time for themselves and their families, it is counterproductive in every way and it shows up in the ensuing generations and the ensuing leadership too. For most working parents, it is like having a 500 lb gorilla persistently hanging around your neck – its hard to be present for your kids, your spouse and yourself! Or maybe it is better said that we are now a nation where the vast majority are indentured servants. I see it everywhere and it is a sad reflection that our politicians and system, have failed. The question and hope that remains is just, will we collectively have what it takes to reverse this obvious trend and timely enough?

  7. It is wonderful that HBO has brought this important discussion into the public forum. If you are interested in learning more about the neurobiology of stress, and especially the role of prefrontal cortex dysfunction, please visit this youtube link:

  8. If you work with the public, you can feel the "vibe". People are angry, impatient and annoyed at the slightest things.

  9. First world problems. America has the most advanced technology when it comes to healthcare. I bet Gupta will never ever come back to India.

  10. I recommend everybody watch money masters. To understand why millions feel it’s hard to make ends meet while simultaneously we have a redistribution of wealth to a minority, you need to understand the monetary system.

  11. Every US politician and rich person should watch this. Then they will still not care and continue with the same BS. Then the most messed up thing is. They will go to church and ask god to make things better. When they have the power to change things.

  12. I'm watching this shit right now, and all this is, is WHITE people scared as FUCK, because the laws of reciprocity are showing their RETURN! This doc talked about how economic disparity causes high mortality rates, and they showed a WHITE community as if all the years of Black people saying the same thing meant nothing. Apparently it DIDN'T! Well, let me please allow the people concerned about all this, to see MY lack of concern, and my apathy first hand. It actually FIGURES that Sanjay Gupta sees HIMSELF as one of the "concerned", remember he's from India, and he's PROBABLY a member of the ELITE caste there, as opposed to the melanated UNTOUCHABLES, who will never ascend to a level beyond where they are now! Gupta actually made the WHITE "crisis" of high mortality, CRITICAL, he also made the LOWER mortality rate of BLACK people as almost SUSPICIOUSLY CURIOUS!!! It was if he was saying "We have to DO something about this. Black people are thriving, while white people are DYING!". WE knew this would happen, and we tried to TELL them it would! THEY were too busy plotting, planning, ans being demonic! WORST part is, they'll SOMEHOW find a way to blame it all on US, and not themselves! BEST part is, we've already SEEN what they can do, and we've made it through it ALL! It's THEIR turn to be stressed 24/7/365! New Zealand is just a glimpse of how they HANDLE it! This world WILL put itself right again, and all this madness will end. The fact that this only because an issue when it affected WHITE people, is a foreshadowing of the relief that they will NEVER find, because they gave no concern for anyone else. In fact they CREATED all of the disparities that affect the people they wanted to oppress and degrade! I know this is the beginning of their end.

  13. Too bad it’s being shown on HBO when the majority of the people can’t afford cable let alone HBO-why not on ABC?

  14. Don’t you believe the social engineering HBO, Netflix, Amazon….and the like, are doing. These companies are run by graduates of the Post- modern, humanities programs of the northeastern universities. You notice how the one program that is ALL ABOUT white people…. is the one that sows despair? Don’t you believe it for a second…… these programmers hate themselves….. don’t ANYBODY buy into their BULLSHIT

  15. This is very nice comedy, how One National, playing games with the media. This media are so dumb, they believe in everything what has been told them and they are making a big story with that.

  16. This documentary focuses on the white middle class and points out their high rates of suicide, opioid use, etc. I think the film missed the mark in failing to explain why the white demographic seems to be singularly affected by these so called stressors of today’s world. After all, black people have been through hell in this country and still struggle with discrimination in employment, housing, and so on… Why is it that white people are the ones overdosing on drugs and not other groups who have endured/endure much worse?

  17. These things I have spoken while being present with you: But the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you. Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives, do I give to you: Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (Messiah Yeshua: John 14:25-27)

  18. Could it be that a society gets so stressed out that it's society starts to break?? Uh yeah, we are broken, so many of us are trying to find solid ground again. Everything we ever worked for is gone, no longer exists, not sure if we'll ever truly "OWN" a home before we retire…That's a SAD reality…Too much for some to bear. Help is needed. Tired of being suppressed middle class white like you said in the documentary. Wake up America. Your family, friends, & neighbors are hurting. TRUMP 2020 ????

  19. Cause? Waste of 1 minute 37 seconds, Cause is over population and crazy cognition in positions of power. That's the cause! Next!

  20. Thanks, HBO, for shedding light on the crisis in this country. If we don't do change how we work, how we live, and what we're teaching our kids, we will only continue to unravel. Our politicians and corporate leaders must be held responsible for the systems they are enabling; they have to be the ones to change the status quo before things get even worse.

  21. What a bunch of Anti-American lingo.
    Thanks to President Trump everybody can get a job. There is always going to be stress get used to it.

  22. I think obesity and less social interaction is important reasons behind it .if u want lose weight please try dixit diet honestly I lose 25 pounds .then 1 factor get finish please ??????
    Life changing experience i have

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