100 thoughts on “One Week Older, Are You Ready For Some Racial Tension?”

  1. you should change the name of the show to "the Donald trump review show with Stephen Colbert" its a lot more self explanatory then 'the late show' because late shows talk about whats going on in the world, not just trump this and trump that and thats trumps fault and that over there is trumps fault and oh yea trump trump trump trump hurricane then back to trump trump trump trump
    what has happened to late night programming? do people still watch it on cable and satellite? even my grandparents cancelled there cable and satellite years ago.

  2. "2 guys just really beautiful tackle". What were the players names Trump? What team did they play for?

    Good lord he is such a bullshit artist.

  3. I swear, 99% of Americans aren't racist, are they? It's just a vocal minority, it's just 1% and… the presi… sorry, wait… 1%ers! That's the racists!!!

  4. Big tough Donny Tiny hands would of just knocked the shit out of opposing footballers if it had not been for that bad foot of his ! Can't remember which foot but definitely one of them. Habitual LIAR .

  5. Trump sued the NFL last century for $1.2 billion. He won the case but only got $1,000 in damages. So this is all one of his ego trips.

  6. Are you ready for some racial tension? Spoken like a true race baiting demoncrat! Yous are WORSE than racists, this show is cancer along with the jobless, pathetic left/libtards that watch it.

  7. He makes that face where he says just one maybe two every time he lies on camera. Take note seriously same facial expressions and mannerisms

  8. Trump doesn't give a SH&T. The word RACIST and WHITE SUPREMACIST has completely lost its meaning since the Left began depending on it as a political weapon to recruit morons and to cover their discredited track record of failed economic policies. Why do you think 25% of Trump supporters are minorities?

  9. You know what's sad? It looks like Trump takes inspiration from movies and TV shows to run the place. For all you know he is channeling his inner Underwood with how much he talks about getting votes. We are so doomed…

  10. Trump supporters have to be the stupidest people on the planet. This guy could say, literally, anything and they would defend it. But if you tell them that obama ate a steak they would flip a shit

  11. U.S. is just fucking soft cry babies. I mean look at Rugby. No gear no nothing. Just a raw man power and thats what makes it 10 times more fun then American childish foot ball ???

  12. That quote "Singing is like Praying twice" is actualy from Gospel and probably much older. I know this bcux i heard it when i was 10 from the priest passing by when he heard our choir rehearsal so he couldnt had made it by himself bcuz hes too young. I thought Stephen would call him out on that but his definition was exactly what i was explained at that age. Heart is the most important tool when you pray. Words are just a flawed expression of what you feel.

  13. @Stephencolbert Something a lot of us been asking is why do megachurch pastors have security guards and yall are unreachable to people that would wanna talk to yall personally about faith or ask a prayer you the pastor personally. Is it celebrity status, or is it just every Christian leaders when they reach some type of level? They are only to their inter circles.

  14. Speaking as a non American watching your politics…

    The American left seemingly are more brainwashed by leftist media than affected by Trumps policies or words.

    Unless of course you're an illegal immigrant you should be supporting him. His policies have helped your economy already and asides from empty leveled threats to N Korea what has he done to hurt America. It's not America launching rockets at Japan.

    He's unique and eccentric. So what. Many geniuses are. There's no denying he is intuitive and savvy.

    The media are all just a bunch of leftist elites that want to appear sanctimonious while keeping their cheap Mexican maids and gardeners while underpaying them. You think Colbert hangs in the hood.

    Studio audiences giggling along to impersonations and sound bites is pretty sad and highlights how easily manipulated the inner city democrats are. Yeh yeh it's so cool to be enlightened eating worldly food and mocking Trump. Makes up for your lack of learning in economics I guess.

    Jeez what s basket case America is right now.

  15. I always think I can't hate this "man" any more. He never fails me he make me hate him more with every tweet. Every time he opens his mouth he weakens the Nation! He must be removed from the white house like a cancer that is spreading. Peace

  16. "Boom, they're ruining the game" Trump, what are you talking about? Oh, I know. You are distracting our attention, so that we don't notice how you are ruining the presidency.

  17. I get the sense he doesn't understand what a lot of the "pres" refer to so he sounds like a fucking idiot. For one, pre-existing condition as it relates to healthcare means prior to you getting your healthcare plan…

  18. A psychological analysis on Donald Trump would be that he has disguisting qualities about himself. This is what turns people off the most believe me. People just can't stand his personality. Even if there is no evidence of any wrong doing on his part or him being racist…. People just can't stand him, that's it. It's as simple as that, people just don't like him. I don't get involved in the politics but as a person I don't like the guy big ego etc…..

  19. Funny how Trump's appointed people are getting canned except for the guy who appointed them. Such poor leadership ability in the US president.

  20. See what the king's message says from a beautiful king



  21. Look again at what the king of the beautiful king said



  22. V. Dee Walker, are you calling farmers Neo Nazis, Wow! don't be surprised if you find a cow turd in your bowl of Fruity Pebbles one morning !!!

  23. listen …. I tell them why should chase time .. if my wife is mad I will go crazy, if my wife die I will go crazy if my family see me like garbage it will drive me crazy if neighbors see me like garbage or saying bad will make I'm crazy … if I'm crazy I can not be used anymore … if I can not be used again Indonesia in danger In government to use his brain to think. . this is to stop the war and make the entire planet embarrassingly embarrassing. almost killed us. my wife is dead I will also die you all will die if SYSTEM IS NOT PERFECT they think this is easy

  24. Meanwhile shooting in Vegas…yet taking a knee is more of a threat to ones life than bullets and crazy old man…smdh

  25. please tell them I will always pray for my love I love the Institution please do not do this again. I love them I do this for the their happiness.

  26. say once again I do not hate them I love them .. I sacrifice all I can to finish the 3rd world war they will misunderstand

  27. they think easy to protect the president and all institutions and all the people of Indonesia from the evil jinns who can make sick and can make their accident can fight against evil demon that is very destructive ..? not easy … almost evil demons are killing me and my wife … where is your heart. I sacrificed all because Allah with knowledge to fight against them when will hurt you all … you think this is easy …. please pass on to the institution not to do this again .. evil demon is very difficult in the fight against me fight against jinn. .. own is very difficult … please do not do this anymore very dangerous all i can not ask i should not ask for help jin .. are you guys can do this without knowledge of intelligence. once again … are you guys able to do this without the help of jinn without asking others … if i fail i am crazy i die my wife dead you all will enjoy this world war 3 this is not a joke of fact. Oh, my God…

  28. think I try my best to protect you because the knowledge of god I do not ask for help to the jinn and I do not beg humans … I just want you to think .. with heart … and a healthy mind … believe me very very very very very very hard …

  29. I will pray for you guarding Allah from the evil genies of Jinn. to withstand the attack .. amen .. not just you .. all the people of Indonesia. may Allah guard it … believe in me … this is not easy no one is sob if there is a sough they have done it. done.

  30. you almost killed my beloved wife san me and my family and all human in amzing …… i just want you to think .. this is not a joke …

  31. Get that 'son of a bitch', Trump, off the podium, out of the White House, please. Gag him or cut out his tongue, he should not be allowed to speak again, on any subject. He's too lazy to write anything so that wouldn't happen. He's too lazy to learn American sign language, so he would be without a method of spewing a single hateful word.

  32. Stand Up and salute our great leader…..SIR. Donald Trump.
    No one really understands the excruciating pain he has to endure every single day, because of those heel spurs.

  33. I'm new to Stephen Colberts show what can I expect? (he seems very funny and when I saw him help Chance it made me feel good about him idk) 🙂

  34. Imagine how great of a Colbert late night show we could've had if Trump hadn't run for president and the topic every night wasn't the same for 2 years. I didn't vote for him but an anti-Trump pep rally gets old and it sucks because I love Stephen so much.

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