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OT’s red string Hi, I’m Natalia Lacunza I’m 19 years old and I’m from Pamplona Hi, I’m Alba Martínez Reche but well I’m really Alba Reche I’m quite nervous, but I’m so looking forward that the nerves go to the background I hope to give my all, I can’t fail. I wouldn’t like to be defined only by singer I’d like to be a performer. I mean everything. Then carry a message behind and defend a criterion, be aware, be aware of everything you’re defending and doing when you choose a song or when you choose a background, be aware of everything that entails behind interview 4902 interview 3520 I wasn’t going to enter a contest. I came to accompany my little sister, so in the end between a friend and she have convinced me by saying, ‘girl if you’re already going to queue with her, try it’ I know that I was born for this, because it’s that I do. I mean, I don’t see myself doing anything other than music and performing arts I’d love not to have to choose between singing, dancing and acting, because I’d love to be a versatile artist This year your life’s been turned upside down, because you’ve decided to leave the degree and bet on music that is always a risk because you already know that it’s a very difficult path You’ve gained strength, trust and security, but perhaps it isn’t enough to enter OT. We’ll see that you’re capable of at gala 0, congratulations you’re one of the 18 finalists. Thank u’ so much You left your family to study and that was a great sacrifice, but it was worth it because you’re a brilliant student and your family is very proud of you, We wouldn’t like to drop out of school because of an impulse and we aren’t sure that your love for music is enough. Hopefully you show it to us at the first OT gala. really? Congratulations, you’re one of the 18 finalists. Alba: we’ve been together since the fucking first day of casting, at night that I got off the bus, she told me, are you Alba? And I said ‘yes’, and she said, have you seen all this that they’re telling me if I know you? And I said, I don’t know you sound like me I said that in the casting I thought, I won’t establish emotional ties with anyone because then I had a bad time and then you appeared. Alba: I appeared literally because you were already sitting there
Nat: in fact Alba: Did I tell you how I knew that had happened before the others? N: no Nat: I think not A: I’d just come out of being told yes. And I didn’t answer, I didn’t react, when they put the screens on us, and I was saying now Natalia is coming and I didn’t say anything and suddenly the girl who was taking me said: Alba quickly that the next one is a yes too and I’ve to give her this. And I stood on the stairs and I thougth, the next one is Natalia and she looked at me and I started crying like a son of a bitch. Nat: How cute
Alba: I promise I promise Hello,I’m alba reche and from now on you can continue my way through the ot program in this account kisses Hi everyone! I’m Natalia and you can follow me in this account and a little kiss Joe: I’ve always thought that in this life sometimes many people give up when they’re about to get it, isn’t it?, sometimes in this life we all need a little push to move forward and progress and tonight for you that someone I’ll do, Welcome to the OT Academy Manuel: Alba shows that you’ve presence, you’ve something that is essential for me, that is personality, I think that always has to be capitalized when talking about an artist. think you’re very talented and of course we want to see it, and see your progress in the Academy of Operation Triunfo Alba and Natalia already have the yes A:I love you and
Knowing more + flirting N: If I’m sure, I don’t know, that someone tells me that x person likes me, until she tells me from her mouth, I promise I say absolutely nothing, that I can tell a lot? Yes, but I won’t say anything, What do you notice me? yes I mean, nothing because I always put myself in the worst situation Who do you think is a more attractive person from the Academy? attractive to you, Natalia And the most attractive of the Academy? Alba: You’re like an angel, your skin makes me cry Nat: take my hand, would you share this with me? Because honey without you, all the brightness of the thousands of stars, all the stars we steal in the sky, will never be enough Nat: Alba is my weakness. Nat: you smell so good
Alba: thanks Nat: what’s up my love?
Alba: i’m fine Nat: you smell like sweets
Alba: I always smell like sweets Nat. No, but you smell like kikos, (roasted corn? Alba: girl, what do you say? Alba: I? Nat: come here dramaqueen Nat: I eat your little mouth Nat: I dreamed very intensely, Alba, you were also in the dream Alba: seriously? Nat: we were at the academy now that I remember Nat: twins Nat: you’re the beautiful and I the ugly.
Alba: fuck you sincerely Alba: I’ve to shave again Nat: it’s cute like that, I noticed yesterday Alba: shaved like this? Nat: It doesn’t disgust yet Alba: girl but I don’t like the bottom Nat: that’s it, you’re terrified, you don’t have to be afraid
Alba: Okay okay Nat: come on, take things away, come on Nat: is that I melt, I promise, I melt so much Nat: I think the Voice has already begun.
Alba: don’t advertise to the contest that didn’t want you Nat: that’s true, but anyway, none of that is Nat: and then she was linked, because that’s how Alba Reche transforms the straights Alba: but as you are so fake.
Nat: it’s a joke Alba: What’s wrong? Alba: oh, your hair smells so good
Nat: do you like it? Nat: I don’t like my boobs at all, because it wear a padded bra Alba: Let’s see, all right, that happens is that I know your body is like, I know that … Alba: this is me as red-haired, in the Guggenheim.
Nat: you’re so beautiful Alba, everything looks good on you Alba: here I was more hippie Alba: I’m freak out that I’ve been in Pamplona, also in my drawing block I’ve a streetlight drawn from Pamplona (Nat is from Pamplona) Nat: Alba, and where were you? Let’s see Alba: it was super cool, it’s the street that I liked the most Nat: Were you there on thursday?
Alba: wait, the week that were the squatters Nat: we were in the same street probably at the same time
Alba: I believe it Alba: What?
Nat: were you talking to me from the beginning? Alba: Sure
Nat: What did you say? Alba: Nothing
Nat: has anyone left? Alba: Yes
Nat: where from? Alba: From the house to the terrace.
Nat: No Alba: ok. define our relationship Natalia Nat: whaat?? Alba: define our relationship in a conversation Alba: I love your panic face Nat: What’s going on? Nat: I’ve dreamed of some albalia, the word albalia was in the dream Julia: Oh albalinenses
Alba: Sure Nat: Ole how well mix my girl Alba: It’s very cool and I like the lyrics
Nat: me too, friend Nat: It’s going to be called ‘once again’, I believe
Alba: right? Nat: yes
Alba: mine is called ‘yours to break’ Nat: well, they rhyme
Alba: like us Nat: like us Nat: you know those days when you say I feel like sleeping beautiful today and you know it’s the worst thing that I don’t have anything to sleep really pretty Nat: Look I’m going to dance Swan Lake Alba: How beautiful you are
Nat: well Nat: there’re still people who have not had a snack Famous: How who?
Nat: as Alba for example Alba: that a nose you have
Nat: what? Alba: I like your nose
Nat: why? Alba: idk, it’s super cute
Nat: no Alba: but I like yours
Nat: Why do you have a nose complex? Alba: because I don’t like the bone
Nat: if you’ve a perfect nose Alba: perfect of what?
Nat: it’s very small Alba: but I don’t like it A: rhinoplasty for alba reche already Nat; Yaa, but that is controlled Alba: It isn’t a little controlled right?
Nat: absolutely nothing controlled Alba: because they don’t stick you… Alba: it looks great,
Nat: for real? Alba: Pouf Nat, you’re spectacular, but spectacular Nat: okay, thanks Alba Alba: look at me, you’re a babe A: it’s incredible Nat: they’ve said a thousand times: Alba you’ve the best ass in Spain Alba: do you have the best ass in Spain? I’m gonna pee Natl: wow, you’re beautiful Alba: you look like a monkey like when they look for things. Do you like it? Alba: you’re so pretty.
Nat: we’re fucking twins Alba: what do we do with this?
N: we’re the yin&yang Alba: oh my god!… Alba: oh my god!…
Nat: do you like it?
Alba: very much, you’re so beautiful Nat: you’re awesome
Alba: and you honey Alba: sorry for the indecency, but you’re very pretty Nat: what?
Alba: you’re so pretty Nat: yes … gorgeous
Alba: well, I like it. You look like Pucca Nat: Pucca, who is pucca?
Alba: I loved Pucca Alba: do I get my bangs back or do I do it? Nat: you are very cute with the back bangs Nat: please don’t take food from Alba again without asking
Africa: of course not Alba: that nothing happens, but that Alba: does it hurt you so much, honey? Get an infusion Nat: hou are you baby?
Alba: i’m fine Nat: you’re beautiful
Alba: how silly you are, how silly Alba: are you dumb or what? Nat: but it’s true that you’re the most beautiful in Spain, I really think so
Alba: you too Alba: you smell like Natalia
Nat: I smell like armpits that is different Alba: Umm, that a good smell Nat: I smell like Natalia? that an illusion that you tell me that N: I get the feeling that the people I was with in the final casting, less Alba and little else, were different people JEALOUSY Alba: they’re like the ex, who are but not Miki: there’re some ex that if you’ve to keep knowing things Alba: Miki is more than obvious that I know Nat: I get along well I think with almost all my ex
Alba: me too Nat: less with one that … anyway Alba: it’s true we don’t talk as before Nat Nat: and why are you embarrassed to show it to me and not to Mari? Alba: because you’re my friend, friend, but also Maria, but I know she’s more critical of me at the beginning Nat: that a fucking argument Alba: I don’t care to Nat: all yours, all yours Mati: but if we go to twins, look at us A: I love you the same Alba: Have you written things? Joan: that’s yours
Alba: well, let’s finish watching it, right? Nat: I‘ve written letters, well you can stay together Joan: we can be together with you too
Nat: Ok but well Alba; don’t put that angry face on me because I don’t believe you A: don’t put on that angry face. I fell asleep nat Nat: don’t tell me stories eh weeping Alba: but for a good night don’t be angry Nat: Ala but I’m always going to say you good night Alba: I know, but I fell asleep without wanting to
Nat: for sure Alba: you’re so simple Alba: that the line is the most important
Nat: Oh my! you’re fucking asshole Joan: don’t start your eh we’ve it Alba: come on
Nat: let’s see, you prioritize first, fuck him, wait for Joan: but who are you, her girlfriend?
Alba: well, almost A: come on N: What happens?
A: nothing A: It’s brutal
J: It’s awesome Nat: there isn’t way to save me, is that I go down and down and there is no limit In a way, it’s like the safe place where people can’t reach, but the only place where you can really look in the mirror and say it’s you you reach darkness and that is that you’re inside too I mean I don’t know. It’s like you constantly wondering why you’re wrong or why you face situations in a certain way, or why I don’t like that I do, because I do something else that makes me happy but not really? it’s like when you arrive at the moment of acceptance that none of that works for you, and at that moment it’s like there’s nothing in front of you Nat: I’ve many things to say, I really want to share things, with a person, but I’ve a hard time knowing when it’s time to start really telling in general there’re always people who say I think I could share this with you but … Alba: you explain how you want to cover yourself and for everything that you’d go through even all the damage she did to you to get to that person A MONTH AND 3 GALAS LATER THE DECLARATION Alba: I wish I was special as you, because you’re fuckin’ special Nat: and why are you telling me? Alba: I don’t know Alba: you’re so special that I want you to realize that I’m not because it’s that you pay attention to me, I wish I was special because I do realize when you aren’t there, that you do, I admire you Nat: I don’t know how to face this Alba: give me a second Nat: what’s going on? Alba: the only thing I admire is leaving, that makes me cry, that makes me feel, and I understand she, I understand that you’re leaving, and it hurts so much that you go away that makes me even tell me again that I am a freak I mean I know I’m disgusting, nothing happens, I know it that’s fine Nat: nooo Nat: even I caught a star it’d never be enough Alba: by? Nat: something tells me that you aren’t prepared to face the lack of control, there’s something you’ve in there that is a consequence of that obsession to control everything Alba: I don’t care anymore, I just want to get to that so I can feel special, I don’t care where I go, because I want to have control like you, Nat: when more you search, less you actually find. Things appear suddenly and by chance, when you can’t control it, they appear Alba: I want you to realize when I’m not around Alba: I just wanted to tell you that I like you Alba: I love you
Nat: me too SUPER GIRLFRIENDS How are you?
I’m fine Alba: the person who touched me is Natalia I feel super grateful to have found you right now, because for me from the zero minute from the second we saw each other, you were like a companion, who until today I want to stay, as far as I get but I’d like to thank you for everything you do for me Nat: thank you Alba: Natalia’s top Nat: Albi
Alba: Hi my baby A: How are you? How beautiful are you A: How is my baby?
N: well Nat: I’m feel like a baby, I mean, I’m having feelings that I had never had. I mean, it’s like what’s going on? You know? And it’s like they surprise me
[what do I do with this small baby?] Nat: Oh sorry baby you leave me the red one?
Alba: a lipstick? Nat: yes
Alba take it Nat: Thank you
Alba: you’re welcome N: look, you’re going to bep bep Alba: I’m sweaty Natalia
Nat: I don’t care Nat: I just stroked her boob, in this way Alba: when I’m angry, it’s like, I mean, knives fly, I don’t know how .. Nat: pink knives fly from Alba Reche
Alba: of course they’re pink glitter knives Nat: they’re all unicorn horns, super sharp that kill you girl
A: but sharp N: they leave you without juggling Nat: don’t mess with Alba Reche because it doesn’t suit them, Listen to mom Nati N: this is very intense,
A: but nice Nat: intense but nice, like me. Haha lol as you remember my biography girl. It’s the definition of my life Alba: this is the definition of me today Nat: What movie do we see when we get out of here?
Alba: yes, I want to see a movie Nat: The Incredibles 2, and Coco
Alba: have you seen them? Nat: of course
Alba: both? Nat: no Coco no
Alba: well, we could see Coco Nat: we should see Coco and The Incredibles 2
Alba: ok. N: together.
A: but first Coco Nat: okay, first Coco and then The Incredibles 2 Alba: do you like popcorn with butter or salty?
Nat: let’s see what question is that? Alba: salty isn’t it? Alba: you like them with butter … Nat: yes.
Alba: nooo Nat: we can’t get married Alba: No baby, that better because we’ve a bowl for each
Nat: it’s true that way we don’t steal A: good Morning Nat: it smells good Alba: do you want? Nat: no not yet
Alba: take it Nat: What’s up? What are you laughing at? Nothing, isn’t it? Nat: but kitten, but kitten, you have glitter 1 WEEK LATER Nat: I’d love to sing with Alba Reche, please. I’d love to sing with Alba, really THE NEXT DAY Alba: It is true? It is true A: Thanks thanks Nat: Wow how cool, how cool, how cool, will be so cool Nat: you flip than madness
Manu: It’s heavy Alba: I’m happy for the whole week Noe: the faces they put Nat: as we’re still working here.
Alba: What do i do with this lady? Manu: Sign her as a musical director Alba: I get married now
Nat: I wish A: Is that so?
N: I dont know Teacher: we move away, but we cannot be separated, but at the same time we can be together but at the same time not but at the same time we can play that. is good? Nat: Yes, is okay. Well, I don’t know what you think about it?
Alba: ooohhhh Nat: fuck girl Vicky: moment dominant woman, who dominates you, who takes you and handles you a little, okay? Nat: It’s always her to me
Vicky: right? Alba: alaa
Vicky: Well, the roles have been reversed A: Naat Nat: It’s that I never tell you how you make me feel that you sing, yesterday when you sing it the first time I was literally shocked, and when I realized the situation, Capde was talking to me about something else, and I started crying Nat: at first it cost us a little the first day, because it’s like we were very close and we had to play the role of that… Alba: unresolved sexual tension, according to Itziar, Nat: and it was like a constant laughter, but well then we became serious Alba: we got into the paper Nat: Vaginas Explosion Nat: Alba come on, let’s go to sleep
Alba: I’m coming Alba: your mobile
Nat: what? My phone?
N: what? A: do you miss me?
N: yes
A: me too N: I have missed the week strangely fast All the love that I haven’t given you now get me to the bone, I thought it wouldn’t be so bad, and I’ve been silent and I’ve been silent. I thought of not wanting to bother and I’ve swallowed and swallowed up the poison of your glasses I wanted only half and now nothing is enough, I hope I can erase the lies from my mind, I don’t want to find you now, I get lost among people J: but it doesn’t work, everyone is going to flirt with Alba Reche
A: please J: all my friends
A: yes(irony) A: not blaming yourself, it’s like maybe I felt a little cheated in the last period of time, it’s like I’ve always been well and now suddenly without your telling me anything you’re behaving super weird Give me a reason to say I continue with this, so that I truly believe you, that you love me You love to play even if you don’t recognize that it’s a game. You know what it means so don’t play dumb because neither you’re nor I’m or you take it or leave it but I’m not going to go after you pay attention because I’m not going to waste my time, I’ve never known how to win and you know it, but there’s always a first time, and you’ve a guinea pig face as shit N: as I stumble on myself a little, try to take care of that person, but you can’t even take care of yourself sometimes J: we’re the boyfriends and the girlfriends A: I still don’t know to what extent that person was the one who sang or the one who listened or we were both Nat: well you can stay together
Joan: we can be together with you too Nat: Ok but well A: One day I’ll arrive, no matter the distance, the direction I’ll find and have courage. Step by step I’ll go and I’ll persist N: It’s like, this is reaching a point where something is going to happen and I can’t do anything to remedy I mean, this is going to end Javi: What that person wants to get is … be honest with someone, right? Nat: yes., Let the other person stay with … love
Javi, what are you opposed to? Nat: that there is no other way.
Javi: there is no other opportunity Nat: that. it’s now or never. That is, make it clear N: we’ve to talk A: who?
N: you and me A: uuff N: hello
A: Hi, how are you? N: ok you? A: Well, let’s see, is that A: I wanted to see you because I’ve been thinking, I know that ours has been super cool and such, N: Yes, but you haven’t talked to me for a week A: yes, well but I wasn’t prepared to tell you because … A: I didn’t see the moment to tell you that … that I like you a lot, but that … I I’ve returned with my ex and I wanted to tell you because I felt bad and I don’t want to play with you anymore, because I don’t girl N: are you fucking me? A: I’m trying to be honest with you N: what the matter with you, girl? A: I like you a lot and that I’d really like to stay with you .. I just wanted to be honest N: go fuck yourself..I mean, what the matter with you A: If I’m trying to be a good person with you..
N: but you could have said before .. doing things with me, girl A: I know, but I didn’t want to leave you because …
N: go fuck yourself N: the circumstances of the other person were very difficult and mine not so much, but out of respect for her life and her decision-making and her freedom, I keep to myself N: Even if I’ve a bad time while you’re well I mean, I’ll do everything I can or I’ll always give your space, I mean, I’ll be that you want me to do as long as you be happy even if it costs me A: I’m being aware of where I am, with calm, I’m taking it little by little then I’m in process N: I know that the other person is in a similar situation, at least she’s certain that she’s having a bad time as well A: now I’m simply transiting everything a bit. N: I leave it with you, I avoid your areas, I’m in my house like that and I know that you’re in yours as well, not going to the same place that I’m going, avoiding seeing myself basically, right? POST BREAK
MELANCHOLIA N: Well, good morning. I don’t think there was a day when I woke up more decadent than today M: seriously, have you slept well or not, why? N: huh?
M: have you slept well? N: Idk, it’s because I’m in the shit Nat: go fuck yourself A: maybe I’m now is not that I expected from me, but still remembering her keeps giving you strength to keep going N: the other person already knows what there’s, I mean, that we’ve had that story and we’ve that parallel situation, but the most explosive part is when, you know that we’re in the same situation, but the moment in which It explodes is when I tell you that it really hurts me A: You used to lie so close to me, there’s nothing more than empty sheets between our love our love… N: Albailan is real from the beginning N: the need to tell you, I mean, you know that I’d like to be with you, but you don’t know to that extent I’m right or wrong because we haven’t contact, J: I mean, free you?
Nat: that is A: an affection even, that is to learn that it wasn’t the best but that at least it was mine, it’s like who has a toy that is broken but at least it’s yours because you’ve played with it and plays with it J: please come back
N: I know.. N: I don’t tell you, I tell you to do that you want but please .. N: when you want to come back, I’m here J: that person to whom you’re going to sing the song, is in a room in front of you A: Nat
N: what? A: I think we’re and you in the academy right now J: you know she’s there J: and you know she needs you J: you open the door, you find her in front how does the room smell, what is she wearing? When she look at you, how does she look at you? How is it going? it’s okay? N: she’s in her circumstances J: she’s
N: she’s RETOMING THE TRUST N: but get by my side if you want N: it seems fatal to me that Alba hasn’t taught me her fucking song, I mean, fatal A: it’s already cut, it needs to be uploaded N: thanks for teaching me Alba, I love you too
A: have you taught me yours? N: but if I recorded it today A: Well, I’m thinking if I’m going to upload it or not, that’s my dilemma J: what did he say? N: that we give Alba a kiss from us, from him J: not yours, isn’t it? N: is that it was turned and has given me the OCD today … we’ve to make another good N: Albaaa A: what are you doing?
N: where’s your phone? ?Hey? A: I don’t have it, I’ve lost it
N: where is it? A: I’ve lost it
N: ahh, I’m going to go back you A: I’ve really lost it
N: let’s see your screen, let’s see which one is … ahhh N: Well, you had changed it before
A: no
N: yes N: No, my balls
A: I won’t talk here, said N: I won’t talk here N: I won’t talk here N: you’re going to win a slap, girl
A: you’ll see N: Alba traitor
A: Look. you got me up to my pussy, I’ve to go fuck! N: traitorous piece of shit N: what do you laugh at my hairs?
A: not mine A: It’s nothing personal A: Nat … can you kiss me? N: what’s up?
A: almost nothing N: the what?
A: you A: I’m going to steal the .. steal no N: steal what you want
A: the heart N: Alba is an artist N: I’m horrible, I’m the ugliest person in the world A: I’m not going to answer that N: kill me friend that I forgive you A: that I don’t want you to forgive me, I want you not to die A: Luckily you’ve this little face N: bitch A: how beautiful N: I want to tattoo something with the Alba’s letter A: Come on Nat, come only 10 left, come on, come on Teacher: an innocent hand N: Alba A: attractive in all senses, magnetic Alba: who is it?
Nat: me
Noelia: well, she N: Grinch meme, my fucking face, it disgusts A: Natalia we know how beautiful you are, you can be less favored in a photo N: I ‘m a girl of contrasts N: this is from my wife, but nothing happens N: with my feet on the ground I saw everything from above, with the calm of the one who doesn’t seek and only occasionally finds a stone in the road and puts it in your pocket so as not to stumble again. It costs me little to get used to the weight of the nights, which get shorter if you look at them from afar, and you see that everything really falls on its own weight, that the pain never hurts so much if the wound has closed with a bandaged heart, you just have to know how to wait THE RECONCILIATION Alba: are you okay? I’m not expecting anything from what is happening to me or what I’m feeling. Until recently it was like this is what has to happen and it’s already and papapa.. but now this has become something so real in me, you know? a new piece, that … You’re good? sure? I just think I needed my time to channel everything. you can take the necessary time, which for my part I’ll be waiting for the day you decide to return, and be happy as we were before A: now that I’m here now I can see all this, because when I was here I couldn’t see it A: I look you straight in the eye, I touch you more and more every time, when you leave I pray you please don’t leave, I call you two or three times in a loop Look what you’ve done to me, I even talk to my friends about you I don’t care who sees, because honey you’ve me crazy A: I know I don’t understand how your love can do things that anyone’s ever been N: Let’s stop for a second and I’ll tell you that you’re for me N: and above you accompany me on this Even though we’ve lots of spotlights, lots of lights and lots of great things around, I want to stop for a second and tell you to give me your hand and I couldn’t have done anything… N: I love you A: me too, my love A: I loved the moment of saying, ohh, she has stopped and looked at me like, ooh shit N: I’m crying FIRE N: it’s so cute that I can’t, I can’t look at her badly N: You’re dangerous, I’m loving it A: there’s no escape, I can’t wait I need a hit Baby, give me it You’re dangerous I’m loving it N: is that he looks at me with a little face
A: noo A: intoxiced me now and you love me now, well baby, what do I tell you? Teacher: we are leaving, bye, we turn off A: come fuck me
N: exactly A: It’s a bit like that
N: super sexual and that’s it A: What do we do with this?
N: it’s really hot here, I’m telling you, it’s really hot N: when you did that to me, Oh my!, the panther N: it is that scares me, I always seem like the … then I love that they dominate me a little N: With the taste of your lips I am in a race. you’re toxic, I’m sliding
A: With the taste of paradise poison, I’m addicted to you A: It’s more than anything, as I know Natalia so much
N: it’s like we have so much confidence A: we have to depersonalize this a bit I: you are down and up and the cool is in the center Albalia: in the peseta?
I: yes A: I’ve never been to the peseta
N: me neither N: with Alba everything is easier N: Alba Reche is the best WEEKS LATER A: noo, who has eaten this shortbread cookie? F: I have not been
M: I don’t S: I was the only one who didn’t have lard
A: someone had to eat it A: hey, who ate the shortbread cookie, because Julia was not? J: the mystery of the shortbread cookie A: the mystery of the shortbread cookie will be solved before tonight, I want to know J: Somebody tell it
S: if someone ate it, tell it now A: we are on time N: I’ve been threwing myself these days, imagine it was me and I didn’t find out or I didn’t realize A: nothing happens
N: I hope it wasn’t me J: that sounds like Nat has been
A: that nothing happens N: I don’t know, I think not and if I have been that I hope I’m not really sorry
A: nothing would happen N: Alba are you coming in, or am I in?
A: I’m coming, go in you F: Albalia is real A: byeee! A: have you hit your elbow isn’t? I’ve heard it
N: I’ve hurt myself N: I’m going to bed? Are you coming?
A: Right now, I’m going to change [this woman] N: well we start with my problems A: week 11 A: How are you?
N: well look better than the other day N: shit, now how do I get out? N: but I’m inside
A: I know, that’s why N: just take the top A: this image is super funny Take that! A: I just spent all my energy I can’t anymore Happy Birthday Alba Reche A: I’m sweaty Nat N: I don’t care Kitten A: I’m 21 A: I’ve to see my panties, but I honestly don’t care N: my hand has fallen there, I’m sorry N: I love being crushed, it’s inexplicable
A: I like it too, nothing happens. It’s cool N: I’d love someone to crush me N: good! A: Mikiii A: that now I can’t walk, oh my god N: Miki help her, for God’s A: I’m so fucking sick of all of you… I’m already A: You’re so mean N: now you N: Alba is very expensive, I mean Julia M: the obsession
N: what?
M: the obsession A: shit N: it has been Alba x2, I swear she guessed it N: what’s wrong with you?
A: I’m headache
N: yes? N: okay A: It hurts a lot N: it’s the nerves
A: I guess A: She is affectionate today the beby
N: I don’t know what’s wrong with me A: is affectionate ‘la baby’ A: I’m going to get there to stretch my legs, okay? N: hands up, your blonde, hands up A: hi my love A: Do you lie here with me? yes? N: oh my! A: I love you N: me too N: pretty N: it seems to me that Alba Reche is the most beautiful name in the world, well it depends on which Alba, I like your Alba A: thanks N: we’ve lived so many things, we’re so related, Idk, it’s like she’s my sister, I promise you A: that would be the letter A: Natalia A: I’m a son of a bitch N: don’t tell me that, ehh Alba A: you’re hot N: Alba we could really marry these outfits
A: yes N: let’s point the idea A: It’ll be time for us to say the wedding date
N: Yes, no? by popular request A: yesterday we had a family dinner, Natalia say they
N: yesterday we had the first dinner of newlyweds N: oh, that a daughter you’ve
Alba’s father: you’re all wonderful, Natalia N: oh my love N: bye
A: thanks for coming A: Nat and I already have a Madrid area to look for an apartment M: where?
A: Malasaña or Lavapies no?
N: yes A: it’s done
N: hopefully Malasaña A: at home we’ll be able to play, I call you up, Nat do you go down to play who I’m? ROAD TO THE END Presenter: the 3 contestants most voted by the OT public are: Presenter: this week’s favorite contestant is Presenter: don’t you believe it?
N: what’s going on? Presenter: this week’s favorite contestant is A: thans, thank you so much P: congratulations P: paying attention to that screen, the first finalist of ot 2018 is Natalia N: Thank you very much to the jury for valuing my work, I don’t consider anything that has more value than that of my colleagues because they’re incredible, really I don’t feel that I deserve it more than any of them, really, but I’m super grateful J: that person is Alba Reche P: what? quieter?
A: Idk Idk, thank you very much P: Alba Reche third finalist of ot, so the jury has decided A: Idk, I admire Natalia a lot, for her versatility, for the desire to work, is that she’s such a good person, there’s nothing that will change her there’s nothing that would take her away there’s nothing that doesn’t like, I mean, is SHE N: that is, everything that touches it makes it special, it’s own and makes it unique, Alba is magical, Alba is an artist with capital letters, and she has a soul and an angel, and at the same time she’s like that you hear her and say buua, It’s scary, it’s like it imposes, it’s brutal, Idk. I love her P: these are the results of the OT final, very much matched the contestant who has been in third place with 29% of the votes is …. A: what do you say? A: Nat!
N: what? I already told you honey N: thank you P: the winner of OT 2018 is …. the second classified of OT, give me a kiss, A: Thank you very much, you don’t know how special you have made us all feel, each one of us, and thank you so much for making us come here A FEW MONTHS LATER
SHARING MOMENTS A: Nat and I who are going to live in the neighborhood next door take the 3, line 3 and appear with the mari and a beer N: record both A: It’s a kitten A: I’m a puppy I: we’ve seen some images that you’ve been together in the studio. Can collaboration come? N: it can come, we still have to wait a bit but yes, we want I: We asked before Natalia, in the academy a song was pending, can collaboration come? A: it may be, I don’t know what plans this woman has for now
I: she has answered us A: yes I believe that collaboration will be long term A: She’s a person that I love very much and Idk, she’s very similar and it’s something that I’ve already said in all the videos and others, I admire her a lot N: for my Alba it has been like, my left arm totally, I mean, I look at Alba and I feel like crying, I promise you, I love her and how beautiful it has been to share this with her, and it’s really like my sister from another mother N: if Albalia is a friendship and a special two-person connection, Albalia it’s real Fan: what would you admire each other? N: we have told ourselves everything already A: glitch number eighty
A: the versatility that she has, I already said it, but it’s true she does everything right N: I think I’d say that whatever you sing doesn’t matter what you do, is like your own, and it seems that it is from Alba Reche, no matter who has sung it before Zero lies detected Fan: Would you like to make a song together in the future? A: Yes N: me too N: we are in it, we will be in it
A: yes [little roof dove, love u] N: Idk that to put in title but I really like this photo, handsome blessings I love you very much. (also you Alba Reche
A: I love you that face isn’t of this world N: yesterday @alessching made us these beautiful photos, thank you pretty J: many reunions and much love Netflixes: Albalia to OITNB I say YES A: cute A: this is live and direct, of course this is still a situation N: Oh my! A: take it my love [the same being] A: is that they’re the same A: Natalia the cabify To remember. As minimum. I want to thank you for the support, in general, in life that isn’t little. That the beats, which is the best music of all, accompany you another year, I hope they’ll ever set the pace of our songs. Happy all kids, thanks for being
N: i love you
A: me too baby N: Can you give me the official title of aunt please @albxreche? Fan: now that you know take a picture together
N: very nice girl the truth
A: cool to meet you here, nice to meet you N: go for the bread
A: and potatoes
N: also A: it’s you
N: good morning hahahaha Would it be possible, then? @albxreche F: where do you get time to sleep if you spend the day working and at night in the studio?
N: what is sleep? @albxreche
A: that an answer ahahahaha Every step you take also makes me win A: hahahaha personal sheep where
Fan: Surely you are side by side having a good laugh, with memes
N: literal A: thanks Pamplona for receiving us with so much love, thanks soulmate for taking us home A: If Natalia and you hadn’t sung toxic, what would you like to have sung with her? A: maybe one that we sang a lot, like a joke, that we weren’t right in the lyrics, of Ryx, that she loves DREAMS COME TRUE N: Idk how I can thank you enough, really, fuck how nice seriously, thank you very much A: Now to warm the atmosphere, I want you to jump with me and with my ….. A: that’s cool N: wow A: thar’s cool, thank you very much
N: Thank you A: I wanted to thank you because you were the ones who welcomed her from the beginning, since she was born, when she grew up, and you raised her in these places, to bring her to the path she is doing right now, which is music and what I am I know she has always wanted to do and I want to thank you because if it had not been for the context in which she was born in which she grew up, surely we wouldn’t have known her the rest of the world, we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of having her here, and enjoying what is going on to do and all of the above. so please a big applause for Natalia Lacunza A: I have always believed that in time there are many changes, that there are changes of ages. and now I put everything in the fire, that the author of the album of Otrasr Alas, will take us to her, and this is Natalia Lacunza N: how beautiful, how beautiful, N: I wish I was there I: Lauren saw your performance, we saw you as a fan on twitter, how was that moment? A: it’s incredible that they see you on the other side, that is in the USA, a person has valued your work, I mean, you’ve done a cover, and suddenly she has seen it and she shared it, is like it important enough for me to post, it’s amazing you know? A: We just noticed that Anne Marie goes to the ccme, and I’m coming down with something so hard A: Thank you for the opportunity and the experience. Thank you
Sanz: thanks to you my heart We wait for you Alba
Nat we fly with you Thanks Nat and Alba SINGER AND COMPOSER I: the song has surpassed in 4 days 2M of views, and before leaving the album of Otras Alas has sold 3 thousand copies N: I wanted to take this opportunity to thank for the 10 million reproductions on spotify by Nana Triste and for the 20 million stream worldwide, and for all that It’s been crazy, this is thanks to you, and Thank you for listening to me and for appreciating my work and for being so loving, and nothing that, send you a super fat kiss and I love you so much A: In NY Times, thank you very much for everything, I mean how I’m so tired of rehearsals, I think I’m not realizing that my heart is really going to explode. A: Hi everyone, I’m Alba Reche and in one hour you’ll see me and my team in the ccm and many kisses from here IT’S HERE N: It’s here freaking out, thank you Hello everyone, I’m Natalia, I’m very happy because I can tell you that this September I’ll be singing in the ccme we just finished signing, they all leave, I look like my mother like in the video of the family whatsaap group, let’s see it’s crazy finally I can say that this Thursday the first pre-sale tickets come out, for all those who are registered in this link and on Friday the rest of the tickets will go out, for everyone who wants to come to the concerts, and that we’ll see each other there , on the Quimera tour NOW IT’S TIME TO
director,production, edition and assembly
script, translation: wartanera12 music: warta’s inspiration. I leave the links in the description and playlist on the channel PHOTOS ALBALIA WITH FANS: I didn’t save the users, don’t get angry, I apologize HOURS CHOOSING DIALOGUES, CLIPS AND EDITION: 216 hours
CAMARA: ot and cool twitter people THANKS:
(INTENSITES BUT NICE) Fallas a dream
MAKE THIS MOVIE A DREAM Marina: hii Rafi: hello M: wartanera? Idk what is this I’m so fucking piiiii….. ALBALIA IS REAL

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