Pain After Waking Up? Here’s the Real Reason to Your Sleep Pain 😴

Pain After Waking Up? Here’s the Real Reason to Your Sleep Pain 😴

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Hey it’s Dr. Gregg here at Align
Wellness Center in Northbrook Illinois today I want to answer some frequently
question asked questions about your bed so if you have any questions or concerns
about a bed you want to definitely tune into this video for most people what I
hear is that they blame their health conditions on their back whether it’s
their neck pain their lower back pain and they say if I just get a new bed
I’ll feel better well there’s a lot of other patients we see we just got a new
bed and they wind up realizing that the bed wasn’t the problem
so beds can cause issues and they typically start to break down at about
eight to ten years so if you’ve had your bed for eight to ten years you may
want to start to look for a new one otherwise the key to finding out why
your sleep is difficult or why you’re having pain during sleep or when you
wake up is look at inside because inside will tell us how your body is working
not necessarily your bed if you have a shift or a change in the position and
how the energy is getting from your break through your spine out to the
nerves in your body you’ll wind up seeing that your body breaks down
prematurely now most of those shifts wind up occurring sometime in your life
they can happen and you when you were younger and you fell or roughhousing
with a sibling they can happen in a car crash or when you’re playing a contact
sport and they don’t necessarily cause problems they just start to change how
your structures maybe align almost like a car you can hit a pothole and your
wheels can go off balance or they can want up breaking the axle and leaving on
the side of the road in most cases people might have hit a pothole and keep
on running and then 20 30 years down the line they wind up having all of a
sudden these symptoms and they don’t know why and they want to blame it on
the bed yeah yeah that’s not the case usually so you want to make sure that
you’re looking inside the corrective chiropractors the person to wind up
doing that if you or someone you know has been saying that they just don’t get
a restful night’s sleep and they think it’s because of their bed please make
sure that you connect with one if you don’t know where to find a corrective
chiropractor to evaluate this and to help you figure out is it the bed or is
it your body feel free to reach out to me we just had someone reach out to us
from California we’re going to hook them up with a great doc and they’re
gonna wind up getting back on their feet back to life
look if you like this please share it give it a thumbs up let me know you’re
seeing it also I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your health

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  1. Hi Doctor! Thanks for the advice. Are there any specific signs or symptoms I could look out for to tell if my bed is what's causing me problems? Great video as always!

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