Palace Tension! Meghan Markle’s Fury As Prince Harry’s Ex-love Chelsy Davy Returns

Palace Tension! Meghan Markle’s Fury As Prince Harry’s Ex-love Chelsy Davy Returns

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Palace Tension! Meghan Markle’s Fury As Prince Harry’s Ex-love Chelsy Davy Returns. Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy could potentially be causing new headaches for his wife, Duchess Meghan. The former girlfriend of the prince has just stepped out in London to launch a pop-up store for her Aya jewellery line. The 34 year old was all smiles as she promoted her African-inspired jewellery brand, which also has a philanthropic element of supporting the local communities surrounding the gemstone mines in Africa. It’s another potential blow for Meghan, whose own charitable endeavours have been overshadowed recently by her and Prince Harry’s personal struggles. On top of all this, Prince Harry’s former relationship with Chelsy returned to the spotlight recently following a royal expert’s revelation that the pair were in touch just days before his wedding last year. Royal author Katie Nicholl claimed that Prince Harry and Chelsy shared a teary phone call in the lead-up to his big day. “It was their final call, a parting call,” Katie revealed. Chelsy previously told the Daily Mail back in 2016 that she “couldn’t cope” with the media attention during their seven-year relationship, and that this was reportedly a key reason for their eventual split. Meanwhile, the Sussexes are taking a break from royal life as they head to the US to join Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland for the holidays. Prince Harry ‘will attend his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas’s wedding’ while Meghan will be invited but may ‘feel less comfortable’. Prince Harry will ‘definitely’ be among the guests at the wedding of his ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas, it has been claimed. Insiders said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were ‘expected to attend’ Cressida’s wedding to Harry Wentworth-Stanley, which is likely to take place early next year. However it is unclear whether Meghan would accept an invitation as she ‘is known to feel less comfortable’ with Harry’s ex-girlfriends, a royal expert told The Sun. Actress Cressida, 30, was among the guests at St George’s Chapel for Harry and Meghan’s wedding in May last year. Royal commentator Adam Helliker said: ‘Harry will definitely go, as he has remained on very friendly terms with Cressida, who has never said a word in public about her relationship with the prince. ‘Harry is also very friendly with the bridegroom’s mother, Clare Milford Haven.’ Asked about the Duchess of Sussex, Mr Helliker went on: ‘Meghan is known to feel less comfortable with his Harry’s former girlfriends, particularly Chelsy Davy.’ Meghan blocked Chelsy from the guest list for the royal wedding evening party last year, Mr Helliker claimed. Still, insiders said that Meghan ‘has got to know’ Cressida and it remains unclear whether she will attend. Sources said that the invitations had not yet gone out but that Harry and Meghan are expected to receive one. Harry and Cressida dated from 2012 until 2014. Their relationship sparked rumours of an engagement but it foundered under the gaze of public attention. They rarely went out together in public, and split up the month after they were seen together at a charity concert in March 2014. Cressida felt she could not walk down the street without constantly being judged and subjected to unwanted photos by strangers with smartphones, family friends said. ‘She just said it was awful because every time she walked down the street she could hear people criticizing her,’ Majesty magazine editor Ingrid Seward told a literary festival in 2016. Cressida has also said it was ‘incredibly frustrating’ to be ‘pigeonholed’ as the ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry. Nonetheless, she and Chelsy Davy both attended Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding last May. Cressida was back at Windsor Castle last October for the star-studded wedding of close friend Princess Eugenie to tequila ambassador Jack Brooksbank. She and her estate agent boyfriend Harry Wentworth-Stanley announced their engagement earlier this month. The two were seen cuddling in an Instagram photo while Cressida showed off her dazzling diamond engagement ring. The photograph, which was taken knoll in Nantucket, Massachusetts, was simply captioned: ‘We getting married.’ Cressida first dated Wentworth-Stanley, an old Harrovian and the son of the Marchioness of Milford Haven, before her romance with Prince Harry and they reunited in 2017. His stepfather is George Mountbatten, the 4th Marquess of Milford Haven. Six months after Prince Harry and Cressidastarted dating, he served for 20 weeks as an Apache helicopter co-pilot in Afghanistan. He left the Army in 2015 to concentrate on charity work. He joined Savills estate agents as a graduate in 2012 and ‘specialises in the acquisition and disposal of residential and mixed-use development opportunities in London,’ the company says on its website. The firm says his interest in the industry was prompted by a stay in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he worked for a developer.

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  1. Glad to hear Chelsy will be starting up a jewelry store in England! And that she & Harry are still good friends! Maybe NOW Meghan will think twice about ruling over Harry all the time, and chewing him out! She'll always be reminded that Chelsy is near….Hey, I can hope, can't I? Especially when the two are always on the outs? God alone knows what the future holds. Meghan is seen with Anderson, so……what's stopping Harry to be in touch with HIS old friends?…….Just saying…..What's good for the gander is good for the goose!……

  2. Meghan don’t give a Damn about Harry’s ex’s if they were a treat he would have stayed with them. Harry loves the ground Meghan walks on and vice versa, why does the British Media keep spreading lies about the Sussexes they out of the country in the good old USA and still they tell LIES

  3. Well mm harry has always loved chelsey and wanted to marry her pity he got stuck with a old woman that cant have kids

  4. So what I thought MM is in Canada at Soho House….she is so insecure around real socially acceptable women…considering MM”s background…it was ok for them to come to MM wedding so she could show off but not going to Chelseys because she is jealous of any women around him….

  5. That's love from young age never disaperd…Never.Yes is posibile,Harry wana have her back… That's willby the smartest decision in one hundred years.

  6. The best thing Chelsea can do is promote her jewelry line now while the getting is good, everybody else is finding their 5 mins of fame through Meghan so she may as well to, cause even a blind man can see Harry only has eyes for Meghan lol so you guys need to stop exciting the TROLLS

  7. …Both Chelsea and Cressida were quite the great catches, but they are lucky not to have gone into a Royal marriage with Harry…They would just be glorified babysitters .

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