Playing NVG with REAL Night Vision Goggles…

Playing NVG with REAL Night Vision Goggles…

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He’s a funny noise I’m way too easily entertained gonna keep that just for the noise We got this pretty cool-looking steelbook of a dear using them for what a scrub No one uses that gun in this game probably uses claymores – night vision goggles instruction manual, okay So these things are actually gonna work. Oh this is gonna be cool. I’ll read it later if I can’t figure it out Hi guys. Let’s see what we get insider Supply Drop its night-vision goggles down. That’s a Supply Drop. This is so cool Just in case you guys were wondering if you bought the dark edition of call of duty modern warfare They give you night vision goggles, and apparently this thing is not just a prop they actually work I don’t know if I’ll be able to get them to work but Hellboy. Yeah, this is gonna be so cool I think I kind of got a LAN. It doesn’t make sense though. Oh my god It kind of I can kind of see this is crazy I wish there’s a way could show you guys what it actually looks like my hair’s probably so messy for me It almost looks like you’re looking at your monitor through like an old TV. It’s really weird It looks like life around me isn’t like 15fps. This is so trippy without further ado guys I’m gonna be playing the night vision game mode in modern warfare while wearing real night vision goggles Let’s prepare to go negative Robo 6 getting no kills I don’t even really have the best classes right now since everything is for quanti with every gun kind of oh my god This is gonna be a disaster and wear headphones while doing this. I think I can Oh, this is so much more helpful. Now. Looks like we have TDM Play I can’t read that. Oh, it’s the caveman Paul. This is gonna be horrible Wish this was like closer my face. I can still see like my peripherals around me. Let’s do this. Yeah can’t see anything Oh my god, this is so trippy. I’m being for real guys. It looks like I’m just looking at a blurry like 15fps picture of the game right now This is so hard to see I think I’ll switch the RPG in to try to blow people up if you thought always already hard Enough to actually just see people on Modern Warfare. This is just this is the worst thing ever I don’t know why this is my idea. Get blown up. What where are you seeing a building? I can’t see That’s the so far. Oh my God. He’s right here Oh God we got our first kill using the night vision goggles. This is fucking fantastic. Oh, ok some dudes in a corner Maybe I’m gonna try to watch the kill Ken. This makes no sense I think this might actually be one of the hardest challenges I’ve ever tried to do in a call to the game Imagine trying to go for our quad feet while doing this. I feel lucky to have just gotten one kill ceefor Wait there guy over here. I saw a laser. I Think I missed Are you doing uh, is he in the building? I can’t tell just brutal. No, it could just be my fault Maybe I don’t have these things set up properly. I didn’t really read the instructions I just kind of plop them on my face and here we go Have we lost this is not gonna be easy guys, sir. Any way I can readjust these I Think that made things worse that has definitely made things worse. Twisting things on this side are not helping That’s the power. I just turned it off and that’s not good I need it on when you actually turn the night-vision goggles on it shows like a modern warfare logo, which is pretty cool, right? I don’t know if I’ve done any of this right but I could still barely see I tried to look at the instruction manual But it’s not working. Ah I’m using the breccie right now. I can’t see anyone I don’t know if I’ll be able to kill anyone while doing this gun runner is my map though I actually do like this map in modern warfare. I doubt I’ll be able to see any claymores though. Let’s go to the store c’mon Are you fucking kidding me? I just had to call. Alright, so I gotta claim a right there by the door There’s no way dude. Let’s do that. I don’t really expect to kill anyone I’m just kind of here for fun doing this you guys get to watch some painfully awful gameplay today Sounds it sounds like I do behind me. Is that an enemy the hell is going on? I can at least hear people and I can try to use my hearing to Get someone or I shoot what’s going on? so terrifying I’ll Kill him This is terrifying this might have been the worst challenge idea I’ve ever had there guy here. Oh Okay, I don’t think I killed them Singh is heavy to wear on your head, too Like I’m gonna break my neck wearing this thing c4 take it Nope I did not get him mom. Where are the enemies. Where are you? You can’t be camping. I won’t be able to find you. Oh How am I doing right now one? I have one kill This is like watching a 15 FPS movie of what I’m currently doing the dead silence here people around me There we go. There’s a kill I could actually see him. Oh That’s me I was just starting to get enough streak I got my one kill How dare you trying to keep this going gonna roll off that momentum of that one? Kill? Oh I hear feet Uh-huh. Wait. No he went this way. What the fire? I can’t figure it out. Oh he was way up He was in the second story and I was hearing that Wow filthy camper. Probably doesn’t mean weird night vision goggles Am I right guys? Let’s actually turn those off we need to turn this off But I’ll use these and then turn the night vision on this, right That did nothing. All I know is that it’s very dark and I cannot see anything Or kill someone dead I think the teammates saved me there. Come on boom. We’re good I’m actually killing people put the night vision back on so I can actually see there we go slide into enemy it did Is there kill fee in this? I don’t know. Oh God damn, dude, how many claymores you gonna put down? We need to put an end to Claymore brutality in this game. I Can’t tell oh he’s got a blue dot It’s so hard. I can’t even tell my teammates or see me Die get him wild. This is the most painfully ridiculously hard thing you do going through here. This is so scary. Whoa. Hi Oh my god, I’m going in oh Wait, there’s another guy in there. What’s – why are there so many people going through here? How many kills do I ever know? I have eight kills I don’t know. You ain’t yet. No Can’t see you. Was he camping. Wow, really? Dude, you’re laying against a guy who can’t even actually see Oh, he took his goggles off. Yeah, I can respect that. Oh, we actually won That wasn’t complete that referred to the team. Someone did worse than me Maybe the room needs to be completely dark for this to work. I should have recorded this video a night or something Maybe I’ll have to like redo it or do it again or something I don’t know but I do know is that I’m gonna cheese people with a riot shield class it’s basically impossible to play this game with these goggles on so I might as well just go around with a shield and see if I can bait people maybe even actually then this could be great Well, this is dude. I could see Michael Chang. Does he form? I don’t know if I got the kill. Let’s see wait Oh, he has a c4. Also. I’m like trying to peek up did I get him? Now just hurt him aa man’s is so difficult. I don’t know if I can be this tactical with the shield An enemy no, that’s that’s teammate. This is so hard to see this guy way over there. I I killed that man, haha Another guy right right here. I killed him too. Oh wait. I thought I had stem on this class dang It whilst wants to get blop – where are you? someone’s aiming a laser over here are you doing oh I think I did I get someone but I’m gonna change my LMG RPG class. I heard a thing for the door With that it didn’t kill him. I’ve got to see this how it does not kill the dude Hey men, Oh, he has he OD that’s right Oh Kandra’s actually died of the Claymore like the rest of us. I can’t tell if it was enemies little leaning. He got obliterated Enemy, wait. Are we spawning here now? I can’t tell what’s going on I can’t see anything. This is so hard. What did I agree to do? This blend this tree? Okay, here we go. Oh, there’s a guy There’s no way you’re alive. I can’t be a hundred percent sure though. I can’t see the kill feed can just kind of see people Nope oh there was This is so pathetic, I probably look like a recruit bot right now I was kind of hoping that like having these goggles would give me some kind of extra competitive edge Maybe I’d be able to see better while I’m playing the night vision mode. Not at all guys Not at all. This honestly might have been one of the worst ideas I’ve ever had goggles themselves look really awesome Will they give you a tactical advantage in-game not at all? Just stick to using the 725 and claymores and being a general piece of sh, I will get you the unfair kills You don’t deserve the little night-vision goggle band is starting to really squeeze and hurt my giant head I think I’m definitely gonna have some kind of like AI problems after recording this video Oh Another guy what I Can basically try to kill like one person at a time, but that’s it It’s so hard to actually pinpoint the location of everyone I don’t even know who’s my teammates and who’s not this thing is giving me a damn headache man I don’t know how anyone can play with this try to perform jumps right now. I can’t do it No, not get anyone, dude This is what it must be like to be a level one who actually has no idea what they’re doing. Hey We’re crushing them. Really? I don’t know. That’s true, man. I think I’m pretty sure I Baloo’s it I’m losing brain cells and I’m losing my ability to see you gotta be pretty horrible to lose to me right now Feed oh How many did I get I feel like there’s like great opportunity there, but it’s hard the mp5 keeps flipping me This is not fair. Ah, dude, my head hurts so much I came in describe it like having someone pinch down on the front of your forehead for like half an hour Just squeezing your melon. You can’t do anything Another person what you got – a claymore at the end how we do we went 10 to 13 You know, that’s not that bad well I think that’s gonna do it for this video because I can’t really see anything and I’m starting to get like a really bad headache So, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me play the night vision game Owen on modern warfare while wearing actual night-vision goggles If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to watch me suffer some more and wear these night vision Goggles while playing modern warfare make sure to drop a like I’ll see you guys later

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    What other kinds of challenges should I try?

  2. Technically those are nothing close to real night vision . I’ve used real night vision and in the day time you couldn’t see a thing. Military grade night vision runs around 6K-8K .

  3. Those aren’t real night vision. I’ve worked with many kinds and you would be hurting if you put those on during the day.

  4. Now see if they were actually high quality goggles you would not have as fuzzy of a picture. They just look crappy as well.

  5. Nobody:
    Modern warfare:*supplies collectors with crappy night vision camera goggles
    The media: CaLL Of DUtY Is SuPlLYiNg UnStABlE sChOOl ShoOtER GaMErs wIth MiLitARy EqUiPmENt

  6. night vision goggles
    plays when there's alot of lights
    Also the autoshotty is so bad..not worth being called the brecci

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