President Trump Tweets About Increasing Tensions with Iran

President Trump Tweets About Increasing Tensions with Iran

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-Let’s get to the news. President Trump tweeted
yesterday about increasing tensions
with Iran and said that if war breaks out, it will be, quote,
“the official end of Iran.” And that would definitely be
the second worst ending of the week. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] According to
“The New York Times,” President Trump uses more
profanity in public speeches, interview, and in tweets
than previous presidents. Okay, so look, I’ll give you
public speeches and interviews. But tweets?
Seems pretty unfair. I mean, Twitter’s
13 years old. No one’s like, “Now Lincoln,
that’s a guy who could tweet.” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] Former Vice President Joe Biden
and Senator Bernie Sanders are both polling at 24%
among Iowa caucus voters. Wow, they haven’t been
this close since they shared that balcony. [ Laughter and applause ] After video surfaced
this weekend of former California Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger getting drop-kicked in the back during a fitness event
in South Africa, Schwarzenegger reassured fans
that he was fine, saying, quote, “I only realized I was kicked when I saw the video,
like all of you. [ Laughter ] I’m just glad the idiot didn’t
interrupt my Snapchat.” Let’s see the video. [ Indistinct conversation ] -Ooh!
-Ooh! [ Audience “oh”s ] -Okay, so —
[ Laughter ] In case you didn’t know, Arnold Schwarzenegger
is going to outlive us all. I cracked my toe
on the bed this morning and almost didn’t come in today.
[ Laughter ] Meanwhile, Conan the Barbarian
is 71, gets drop-kicked in the back
and is like, “I’m trying to take a Snapchat!” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] “Now it has the wrong filter!” [ Applause ] By the way, I do think
he knew he got kicked. [ Laughter ] Like, he’s amazing, but like, “I didn’t know
until I saw the video.” Okay.
[ Laughter ] [ Laughs ]
I mean, I can say that now, because, you know,
he’s not here. [ Laughter ] “American Idol” named its
season 17 winner last night. And this is annoying —
Bran won that too. [ Laughter ]
[ Audience ohs ] [ Scattered applause ] A new study has found that
excessive consumption of sugary drinks
and fruit juices can lead to an increased risk
of heart disease. This news was first reported on
a very depressing Snapple cap. [ Laughter ] Canada and Mexico announced
today that they will be lifting tariffs on American
steel, whiskey, and beef, which coincidentally
is also the name of Toby Keith’s new album. [ Laughter ] Police in Scotland have ordered
a McDonald’s location to stop selling milkshakes
after multiple videos showing people throwing
milkshakes at far-right politicians
went viral. Said McDonald’s customers,
“That’s insane. Their milkshake machine was
actually working?” [ Laughter and applause ] “What’s their secret?” [ Applause ] “Sesame Street”
announced today that it would be introducing
a new character who lives in foster care. “Cool, anyone care that I still
live in the garbage?”, said Oscar. [ Laughter ] [ Audience “oh”s ] [ Laughter ] I don’t want to give you guys
double-bummer news, but…he’s not real. [ Laughter ] I mean, so much terrible real
[bleep] happening… [ Laughter ] You know, let’s save it
for that. [ Laughter ] Did you know?
[ Laughter ] And finally, a couple in Spain
recently discovered an odd buzzing noise
in their house was being caused by over
80,000 bees living in their bedroom wall. Said the wife, “Yeah,
that must have been it.” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ]

80 thoughts on “President Trump Tweets About Increasing Tensions with Iran”

  1. There is another video showing Arnold getting kicked but that one is taken at a different angle. The "Terminator" did not fall down and the guy who kicked him broke a bone in his foot or leg. Wish you had shown that video.

  2. It's quite ironic that Arnold too over from Trump on The Apprentice because both are prone to making up bullshit that they seem to think nobody else is clever enough to realise that it's er, bullshit!

    Oh and talking of bullshit, how tough of Trump to essentially threaten to send other people's sons and daughters to war with Iran considering his own personal record when it comes to going to war for his country.

  3. Seth Meyers just ruined the ending of Game of Thrones. He should give a heads up. Very disappointing.

  4. More TWEETS to threaten more Countries…..that means 'business' in tRumps world. Until he moves on to something IMPORTANT! Like Fox allowing Dems to be interviewed……then he forgets what he said to China, Mexico, North Korea, Iran, Canada, Ect… But WE elected this idiot, great job America!

  5. You know, the country that Obuma gave billions of dollars to in the dark of night in unmarked planes but got caught doing it.

  6. Arnold got kicked 2x last week 2 diff places. The 1kick you did not show was the kick he did not feel. Watch that vid. Kick was v lame.

  7. Okay so Donald Trump can be a real President but Brandon Stark can't be the King in a fictional world?!!

  8. Mr. Grapthembythepussy wants his own war… Obama had three or four, so this psychopath must "make the bodycount of American sons and daughters great again"

  9. 3:50 I think, for me at least, the issue is more "Oh crap…we've been glossing over / laughing at someone living on the streets this whole time…we're endorsing classism in whatever city Sesame Street exists in…"

  10. This guy is having a great run recently! Super funny these days and much better at delivering his punch lines than some of these other talk show hosts

  11. Sigh… yes, Bran.

    He may be boring and his powers may not be flashy or cool, but the risks of putting someone who’s all-powerful in charge were made pretty clear in this story, and not just by Daenerys (lookin’ at you, Lannisters). Bran’s not omnipotent; he’s omniscient. He knows everything in the past and present, and they even hinted that he can see at least parts of the future as well.

    They basically elected the closest thing to god to be their ruler. He’s all-knowing, all-seeing, apolitical, not interested in power, neutral, unemotional, even-keeled, level-headed, and sexless. He has access to the knowledge of, and every decision made by, every ruler, maester, and expert for the past… I don’t know, several centuries?

    He literally was the best choice. By far.

    Oh, he’s in a wheelchair, so he can’t fight or defend himself? Dude, he’s got Brienne, Podrick, and almost certainly an entourage of the best and most well-suited knights in the kingdom as his personal bodyguards… who can’t keep secrets from him because, again… god. He’ll be fine.

    But he’s just so boring, right? He just doesn’t excite you? There are way cooler, more fun and interesting characters who would’ve been “better” choices?

    Fun over qualified is the mindset that helped Trump get elected. I rest my case.

  12. He said "I didn't knew I was kicked, I thought it was just the crowd bumping against me". You make sound like he was not acknowledging the contact.

  13. What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you suppress the urge to ruin the finale of Game of Thrones for people who haven’t been able to see it yet?! Outside of US it hasn’t even aired yet. Not enough things to joke about? Instead funnier to ruin years of suspense building. Was this extremely mediocre and unnecessary joke worth it?

  14. As a South African, I'd just like to apologize on all our behalf for what happened. Mr Terminator sir is a world wide treasure and will never die.

    Funny enough, I think the guy that drop kicked him felt more pain than he did…

  15. india is a friend of America And israel,israel and America is going to fight direct war Against iran. it means india will suport America And israel. so i dont see any Love to Iran from India! indian love for iran is fake And it was fake before too,india cheated iran.but i think india did not cheat iran but iran cheated him self while iran was knowing about indian friendship with israel And America already,why iran did friendship with a such country like india who is already friend of iran's enemies?i did not understan the matter!

  16. I don't think Arnold knew he got kicked, if you watch the other footage; he didn't even fall over, he only lunged forward a step. Maybe he thought that someone had tripped and fallen on him or something.

  17. Twitter no, but i'm pretty sure past presidents wrote letters, something Trump never did and never will because even typing on a screen with auto correction on is too difficult for him.

  18. He didn’t know he got kicked, he thought he was jostled by a fan. His back was turned when it happened.

  19. F U Seth Myers haven’t finished game of thrones yet a$$hole thanks for ruining seven seasons of a show in like 4:33 minutes of your corny one liners. I will not be watching you for a minute over that crap. If it is this soon after something you are supposed to give a common courtesy spoiler alert. F U again.

  20. Y'know I'm getting to where I don't find any of these modern television hosts to be very entertaining or funny. I'm tuning in to be entertained not propagandized to. They have hit a no return point. There is no way back for them now without completely reworking their demographic and sponsors. That would actually be the equivalent of being cancelled so they have no way back. I'm bored with them.

    You can't even give people a week to watch it? Couldn't find a way to make the joke without that one fucking line.

  22. I had a bunch of wasps in my house.
    All they did was insult my silverware & talk about when their daughter was coming home from prep school.
    So annoying.

  23. 2:15 wouldn’t it have been hilarious if Arnold just popped into the study for a cameo at that point?!? ??

  24. Tensions are definately increasing and it is because of Trump! We need to put him where he belongs – the trash!

  25. So at least The Terminator (Mr Universe) won't be forgetting South Africa very quickly. Thanks idiot fan.

  26. so let me get this straight, a few politicians get milkshakes thrown at them and they want McDonald's to stop selling them, but school's are getting shot up like every week and we can't even talk about gun control??

  27. How many jokes can a democratic jester make about trump? You should at the very least Seth buy him dinner or a ty card.

  28. When any other POTUS starts threatening Iran, it's scary and intense, but now it's done thru Twitter, and it's like "whatever. he does this. i'm used to it." When does early voting begin for 2020? I'm so done with this.

  29. WOW. Way to go with the GoT spoiler, Seth. You just lost a long time subscriber and daily viewer.

  30. Oh god, that milkshake ban is just going to make it so 100% of people know milkshake throws are a thing. This means more milkshake throws in the future

  31. He thinks that his snapchat didn't get interupted….is that a warning sign of sever head trauma?

  32. I,m sure he,d luv to start a war to distract from what he,s hiding wake up people this man is a crook

  33. It will be a war with Iran, that Bolton started, in spite of that Trump did everything
    to try to stop him. And so, an enormous surprise, Saudi money goes into
    Trump's bank accounts!! Who could think that would happen!

  34. It will be a war with Iran, that Bolton started, in spite of that Trump did everything
    to try to stop him. And so, an enormous surprise, Saudi money goes into
    Trump's bank accounts!! Who could think that would happen!

  35. the best fight between country should be on
    [one on one] basis, as a challenge with out the need to called an allied forces to support them.
    so, the world would know who is the real superpower.

  36. Okay, could you stop with the spoilers?
    I do not want to have to wait for watching this show until i watched everything else…

  37. McDonald's doesn't make, "milkshakes." They make, "shakes." They aren't legally allowed to call them, "milkshakes."

  38. Oscar does not live in the garbage bin in the German Version of Sesame Street any more. He moved several years ago into a more politically correct wine barrel.

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