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Rob Judge | Get Girls Not Headaches | Full Length HD

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okay here we are at sea three element that’s consistent right now all the way
salaams is your as you can see the on this power point use from de
poder girls dot com and also contributes to it magazine really fun guy it took a trip although it down it’s
related to speak at a twenty one committee for the first time forty-five minutes to better game
pleasing the appear for sixty so make sure you take advantage of every second
plays in german give it up for robert judge but also and i thank you for up coming
out awhile you probably had no idea why a m so i don’t spend a lot of time up here
introducing myself all you really need to know about me is
like you said mines rob from new york city their colors green ally copy wild women
and out i was probably a worst place than any city here when i started at so that’s pretty much that barebone fax
you need to know and out as when you write this speech because i have a lot of time but i want this to be speech that impact
volume that you put you can listen to what i
had to say right now takes out tonight and translate that into better game when i was kind of preparing his speech item i was thinking about it like will be the
best things that will be the best thing to talk about and always tempting to to go but the
amazing things to say or like the smooth strategies of the
under the radar tracking techniques you know the classic the classical what your
quality and still tempting to talk about that
because you-know-what ever-rising that’s up basi cally that’s we all want right
it’s so easy it’s so simple says the light and turn key packets go
out the barn use them but i’m not going to do it because
import help in the long run as a whiskey to do this focus on to
focus on two things effectively communicating yourself and effectively communicating with
winning could in any of you know zaki myself writing articles if you’re
familiar with us you know exactly like the to normal dot
switches regular guys are not like a pickup superhero i don’t go out n dot
talked the whole club meinhold’s my hope a lot of the on media
attracting women isabelle enjoined woman it’s not about being
social side about impressing guys it’s not about learning a bunch of pickup tactics i
would give a shit about any that that such ridiculous in my opinion the only thing i care about is to see
the girls are like the prologue attracted to the girl that could
potentially change my life and know how to how to have a good
chance of picking up of getting a number of getting out of date make here my girlfriend that that’s has all that he did and i hope i thought
that that you got to sit in fifty s at home and talk about that silom the way to do that the most effective way to do that it’s a
change your mind set and my opinion i’d look around as room no do you need to add anything’s your
personality you all probably awesome guys you couple of months phony witty and you know what you had to support
your personality already developed the way you are right in your friends
i’m sure all you have cool friends or you go out know how to have one
kickback but the problem is we said prone for you all the sudden all that drops out the
window you forget how to be that cool charismatic one god or you already have so my opinion is it’s not about adding
things your personality dot adding wines tactics or strategies is only about changing the way you think the way you view the world so that way when the girls are fine you can snap is
big epic bouts of epic affair silom you know we’ve really values that’s the perception what u what you value is the way you can
see the world so essential all articles forney awesome guys run your friends but
the when you’re looking at things that makes it hard to translate that when the
girls on friday really attraction and it seems play that
over and over again it’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy the way people treat you is a reflection
of how you see that and how do you see then is just a
reflection of the values you’ve been paul and the problem is allot of values that society teaches you or even the
pickup in history teaches you it’s not conducive to success it doesn’t put you and i headspace where
do walking up the girl assuming that you likey you walking up of all these all these
doubts always issues always enjoyed your head this is going to hold you back from you
will communicate your personality the thing is is summers i’d say it might
be offensive to you you might like it but hurt over what i
have to say it here because you know i did ido when i first started
out i’d had a very every little book several of theory and i cannot practice
top and i had a very concrete way of how i
saw or highlight ape-like thought traction works and then replaced alike hear people say
supa contradicted what i thought work and pissed off quickly but one message
boards and i put a two-page responses to people like telling them that like at directing couldn’t work innocence
each of us and you know it excel offended but what i do realize it and i’d just look at these objectively i got to take in that like that batao but opposing viewpoint and translate into successfully story it’s funny almonds acount for starting out with
this stop and we’re really sound like opera fact our on our theory in our
philosophy and try to really you’ll get to the bottom of attraction really is i’m going to do is is this congress
respond this pub in wall street news a magic its hostile bussell people running
around you know waitresses are are are are
everywhere ever are so sweet so i was just absolutely drawn teaches absolutely beautiful i was
watching her walking the walk around anzac i’m sitting there ends when we
still very much believe in that you had a like going direct in going the radar in and color budget
stories into all the stuff before she could likely and that’s exactly you know what the way i can go up this peril and do
all the stuff happen because what happened protester
so ought to go up there were and on going
to tell ur shit hot and she she give your phone number and we’ll see how it
goes exactly machine that possibility because if you’re not going to do it so
got op and as opening up ever return rods is acting up like look like if i get sick actually the outside and i
would basie reasonably thought i’d told you
called attracted to her i would like my caskets or i could kick
out of obama or you know org or her but mystery was alike appear out of a cloudy
but don’t be delivered a first-year i didn’t know if not the big him the suicide visible belief system that i
thought that this could never worked out alright you know i i was going to try it why not stop airport which is hot supplied to each she does have you
gotten devi a phone number and this was like this was an amazing to me this was this holy contradicted everything i
blurt upton’s point and it was was so hard to accept that and stole our pro-life all my old values and this is why i understand all you
guys going through and i understand we’ve got a phone message boards before
each other everything i was like dick war’s over or whose methods better news theory
you-know-what nowak about it will make fun of those guys but i was going to
confront i came from the exit so again if i say stop its offensive or
challenges your values eyes as he did to be patient with it take to get it right
keep an open mind because of only water valuable here what
why would i sitting here to get processing answer and so finances so fucking obvious were the same time from three people don’t do is to get
wedding they they do it too if you are social
they do it to improve its that their pickup skills that they were to press
guys analog you know we’re not going to look at all of the good things mcgrath
talk but would you guys did it make sure you know why you’re doing is
you doing this because he woke winning it out of a wild per women genuine
curiosity agenda you win tracksuit to women and want to improve that nest
awesome and that’s that’s why we’re all sitting here since
it’ll just keep at the back your mind as as ike you know both of my slides here so you have to say no todate logic declining isliye looked like the term
are used for on stopping it perfect sense to god’s like when you read this stuff you like often off like it would like to
do this where there’s not a cure the wedding ok
it’s advised by men format they’d either picking up guys neoplastic logic but if you want me to
women forget ok anti-clotting unmistakable examples out here i don’t think you need to go out and
demonstrate your pre-selected before it’s appropriate racketeers all than i
don’t think there’s some grub like advice you’re gonna talk to you i don’t
think alight but if she needs a senior like thirty-year-old before i got
approach are i don’t believe you need to get the
stated that the other thing that’s absurd what you need to go talked of redraw
before he could approach the growing white you know i think that’s just a few
people that the region had begun to sell propellant property if you believe according to a warm upset
or all i’d need to do a certain number approaches before i could feel i did
feel natural and normal then that’s that that’s what you’re
going to feel but i don’t believe that shit i think it’s all a bit logic i
think that’s up a guide had said to you and now you believe it
idly bullshit ido myself when i believe it was sure what threw that out with zak
and i can i watch that muzak im go out and i was at of the first really
depressed and people along with it while where with with the free world
settlers where is that you know also that we have with the precise your stuff and realize this is all stop it’s very
nato institutes for itself couple we did it then i said before this talk is all about is
dat u to that point where you can just see the girls you
want to get that without all this always nonsense in between you know a break-up abroad then skies
like the promise overt all about getting girls not getting high fives from guys i don’t
care about above by bible by eric the internet you know whatever i’m just all
haha i care about is that with pearls that i’d find
attractive invented equality went so yet so focusing on women dotting all women that really that really sifts away allotted the
bullshit it only and that is that two people is to people you need to effectively
communicate those two people are first yourself
affected mutation give yourself into a cd forty of values that we see the world because if you will get back in a
community of yourself if you’re into mature personality that that’s but that’s a starting point and then you just translate that the
heart so to people yourself and hardly only
two people you need to effectively communicate uh… so what’s what’s been a little time just
just solidifying how-to how to effectively
communicate yourself so empowering mindset seemed growth is
growth you know it’s icy or an offer a new york received
overlord guys are going out what people want to fuck in newark to
dfw battle with women like look distraught again dot foot might not like the the dragnet the slight ok this isn’t
this isn’t a military operation legacies god comes upon i’m sitting at at my
favorite innovator rooftop block with with my girlfriend or or grown talking
to and all the sudden onset before the
departure gate and what he does have someone in a place that they want to in
a different direction and they’re they’re they’re like darling then
legally and laura you detect three-letter acronym dude this is not a military operation to
meeting garth it’s the most natural often being you can do with your time
why make it into his epic battle but we’re not going to art for those you
went out last night you know at the end of the i’d suppose lavalas coolness it
should be fun to be tough on basic when the it was that when i go out it’s going
up my best friend three girls walk-in cooler than that but the elderly a minute two things
maybe three things hang up my friends negroes and possibly get dropped that’s hit has
already been hit up so again take that either pick up these epic
warfare or this does battle with grand jewels justice just eliminated just girls and now we got but their girls that that want to meet you and this is this is the belief that was
so hard for me to accept ever one-sided my team my portable game skyrocketed okay because if you think about it and really i i i i know a lot of people
have brought this up religious figures for a second how much would your game change if you
approach girls believing but truly believing they want to be how much would it change what you did what you said okay really think about that how would change the opener you know it easy opener impeded fucking
opener why do you know opener everybody want to
talk to you there on the tracking to bought a
fraught with some kinda like wild opener what what happened that evening ought to
do is go out and talk to her why do you need like strategies away
horribly sick clock tower ways to get our best it wastes alike knock results self-esteem down a little
bit out of senator dole why would i have to do that one of the girls i see them as growth of
party want to meet me because it’s so funny you know i have girlfriends that diana and i talked to manage hong
like itself what exactly they they know what
i do and then they’ve taken aback by pickup guys great very quickly and might i’m just not my my girlfriend
kelly last night juicing on my god-like arnett was gutted that the study is
accepting teaching still finds himself he was so funny that’s so weird but why didn’t do this
stuff you know who say always wanted to do most open he doesn’t have to do this
and you know that’s a thing these girls aren’t how to meet you going
to the public and dress up in who want to meet cool guy so there’s no soap dropout all the stuff
of doesn’t that doesn’t the doesn’t know what you’re looking up
at work or you meeting where you getting her number buddy gulp proper dot don’t need it because i think much so much a pic of
theory indicates that you don’t believe the girl wants to meet you even compartmentalize inc went to pick up into open errors in and
n you know viding storytelling in concord report that this is the natural
not stop to think about andrea compartmentalize even sing all i need to
work on this african pickup that means that you don’t believe the
girl generally want to meet you presented and she is not beat me about
this she just sitting there saying all helping to build comparable to stack up
again to report how do i pay had opened wide transition into a sexual boxes are
thinking is so why should you it is i think if you
needed me if you didn’t get your going to freak her out cause i typical night out again i see these guys in new york to
akron fucking buffoons it’s complete clown or
i think we walker club right i mean added very specific story i remember
there was this night that on prozac and i route and on so slides outrageously peacock is
pitched off you know behind private everyone
spinning rolls around talking out of a mile a minute merging
sets that we will stop and i’m here in washington over to us
and yard he chichi store like machined any question about how to get the thirty
second break out how do you offer transitioned into a
sexual vied with the threesome with the model you know all you always liked
really like typical questions you’d expect from a
guy like this and i just looked at and i was like of
the what but my question all my best night my best night how many approaches you think i could out of the really simple question but
this was a really really simple question junk so confused and at the headquarters
but that’s the muslims are coming out here so you know it was a huge effort i-ten to do with mental madly trying to
figure it out if i ask you about how we approach would
be ideal all my best night what approach my best night one approach one girl one happy rakhe there’s no reason to me to do a bunch of
our approaches but they really i’m not saying every
night because of this message every night the first one approaches to grow
batana that that you don’t buy end up with yell threats of the night it’s not necessarily always away goes down but that’s not
beaten my head and plot began election in three walk approaches then do my approach go out thinking all
i need to demonstrate social proof glad thinking
all white short pre-selected i keep myself i’m going out did you want
approach evident that one doesn’t go well onto another one filter that’s really like that’s kind of
thinking that what you really need to shift to if you want to really make this
completely completely normal if you want to be able to do this around
your friends apart archetype of friends i
know that like your you’re not pick up krenz basically
running around talking to a bunch of growth we tell them plenty to talk to be
struck a chord talkback groped and hurt one might it’s so weird and it is we
events related to like normal people to be rear to everyone especially girls and done so this is obviously really is very
important ob crippled i bring this up is on the myth
of perfection a reason this is so important is because this ties in with the idea of meeting a
lot of approaches is that ald or whatever i think that they need to go out and they need to put a lot of people you
can get into state and and developing have always have to sit and stop because the approach has to be perfect i’m sure
your head hit that i think that you can imagine any that the instructors up here we’re going to talk to growth it seemed
that they have a amazing things to say and they have their always controlling
the framework or super competent and in there or that
they like the the isolation is very very smooth and mike nonchalant abit austin mayekar from papa not like that you would like to be a
sloppy and if the states sometimes obvi drunkenly talking to her
all those say stupid shit and you know what idea this is no way to think about it i’d zeros your postal soft with a girl like you anyway because you
what happens then the bar sex super low estuary whites in your post op illegal
offering their that’s a signal all it because of the opener right it is open to palestine it’s like i don’t know we started the purple prose
of the reporter always gets what all was a perfect opened with the best pickup
point how can i just don’t talk to me and you know it’s funny zack and i had the perfect opener we’ll
obsessiveness for awhile we figured out what underwriter be drafted his opener
we get a provision we tried it with me i was approached respect me five integral
with this one opener and his or her was the shit ok this was
like it seemed nice a lot ella i would tell you about what it is
but i don’t even want to do it because they won’t help you only hurt by giving
the perfect opener with emotion spirited material hispanic
girls to open a conversation it would just fuck you over the end and the reason for that is because where
you go from there the bus excel mein akele like if you go out and and you like them
like james bond where you take that but there is such an ac so my opinion is if you are a bit of a
u_s_c_ myob like india videos or seen yet with girls yulia civic had a good job i want to be
competitive i want to be so that there is a work mentioned bubble because my
opinion is and i can open with that i think i would go up by open like a
fuckin neanderthal and also insisted on this like this as a
katie guy like like on bug i could only go up from there so abdicate setting the bar extremely
walo on terms of like this really think that’s okay because if you set up our while is going to be so much more track but
what it is more track admits he really say or how you react to it but if you have this i built-up image in
your head either perfect opener the perfect
approach all the time when that doesn’t doesn’t
you know carpet and you’re going to make mistake at some point when you make that
mistake you want with health care you also musical she understands that
double block and that’s why guys who get into this insisted she was
material kitna rod because they’d all this image in the head and yet you know
what the marketing copy that you may know websites and the hype it all the
stuff it definitely doesn’t help because that’s up also puts forth the idea to
have it all i can do this project approach annie annie the perfect opening to
perfect better life unscripted material you don’t need any of that trustees i
had a lot material adl i had i had the best i’d say i would best fit
the material probably anyone any instructors community i would go out and
practices dot nonstop again unprofessional writer i i just it
i would like to stop up a select study all material and come up my own by own
seasonal glut right right right right and you know what do you get me shit
inevitably the girlfriend i wanted it never gotten any kind of real measurable
success when i i think really started to like me and attracting date like what like the our company says that
the hotter girls like to put little really really quality growth every guy
wants websites historically like that to
recover start it would be close i took the bar anesthetic way what pat
took it to put down here because i’d figured you know what i kick exact up forever i can just go
out and told us that crazy shit you know and constantly you don’t keep up with little song and
dance for pearl fought that all go out and speak myself and all ltte on what the penalties and howard mindset and asked if the girl so really important i want to do that you take the pressure
off yourself and start making fun any new danny curls rights inches to get pressure off be ok with with imperfection angle at
least chava blacks so now i want him to another point to
talk which is your motivation now maybe one of the objective hits at
the deposit deferral system you women is to get better with your skills up
beating in attracting really quality wedding but that has the motivation behind that and only talks about this this is buried
extract it’s not necessarily something if you put your finger on
right because we all know the guys get into
this for all different motivations like are you trying to elect possess wedding
is addicted you donated a relationship that would really bad and you know it
but you’re just doing is to get back at women to try to lighten even the score
feel good about yourself you know get g_o_p_ big maybe a few
other view bank a bunch of girls we’ll get some kind of self-esteem from
adverse other derive some kind of identity from that mediators looking at them for the pickup
skills it gives you a sense of power it you know it he’s a belonging maybe a started running for more social
media like you know you know your introvert and
something that that’s really important that you’ve learned how do i think a
more extroverted baby it’s you know you want to press the
guys at the wire you want to you know look really cool part your
friends yup went through a lot of motivation dot
and and you know you know it grammar arabs but there was a point but
i’d be like making out the drama club edited looking around seeing like if if
the guys i went out with were receive pseudo because that’s not a
good motivation i’ve ever there was a point when although i first got into this where i
broke up my girlfriend of five years and i just really want to go out and how to get a list of the revenge
against hard at some of the bodies to do it you know i want to all this is all
things as i went to it are not getting up here speaking to you guys you don’t want to launch air from a
vacuum also i’m talking about the missile
condescending i want to all this an obstacle because i want to cut a
budget that’s what it’s like i wanna like he was a short cuts that
you guys want tonight and and improve and get the girls you want what i would put a lid outright how to figure out what the ke motivation
is and this is one thing and my philosophy
that guys always connect with me here it is they’re able to just go out in transit
to success because this and it will be reproaching siding this will get you over on any cuttings
that you have that escalating about moving things forward is one thing exchange amortization and change that motivation to finding out the truth okay and i know
what celtic ridicule c extracted philosophical pretentious really got to think about this because i’ve been out with old blotter amazing dot in this industry
and just regular guys whose awesome with women and i see the way to interact with
women and none of these guys are going up
front possess the girl none of these guided going up front in
front of the guys nobody always in these guys are doing it is to find out the truth whose book what i see a hot girl i don’t see look all i_d_ number close
escrow i don’t see it all i can to try it when you open up i don’t see it all
and i get the scroll my friends will think i’m cool you wouldn’t five-c_ i see if it did this choose in that situation the truth about how to write you to walk
up she did was amazing girl the world should be list girl habit raise personality elephant and that she cannot buy that may be she
the total bitch maybe she’s in a rush macy’s your
personality you have no idea but until you approach
ur u_n_ election and even tried to see sheep she blows
you oughtn’t to sex right chief emilie to prove shut it down israel better to put yourself that your
bravery that you’re building up over com adversary it over the back about that
that struggle struggle you’ll find that should not do in her
together right how do you have been tracked yet fire chief at winning japan one in
general you know how women react that way women’s day you can you find that truth abating the whole reason a lot here is because i
have heights you know i’ve got out and i was with the truth bed every night that would gradually om of learning to
talk about up here so that’s a thing the truth is all we can really hope that
you can’t possessed a girl u_k_ you don’t press your friends you can’t do
any good for sex all predicated other people’s reactions
reactions to you but you can do that truth it’s so
important i’m about that one night with a entropy anger at this bar bosses at really high
end really nice clogged and i saw a stroll and entropy summit
ecr actions gorgeous japanese girl and not sure if there was like what six like event a fire looking guide
endowed and to be infected kept subject your act
like well you got to find out the truth about that
you know kind up kinda baiting me throughout said to travel philosophy and you know why i didn’t shoot that
situation was out a crow didn’t want to beat me but her computer
apparently was that normally that situation with would would really i wouldn’t do it because it at two oh
two proteins actin is a coaching you know what you see see or you know one
girl six guys six big guys wanted to show that you
don’t want to do it but you know the truth was closed i think they were
called it a bit you know what i don’t like begin what they want bad guys in she was in a bad girls is just like you
know it’s not the truth it what it was in the right time wasn’t the right night
but that’s a thing he’ll get you over you’re approaching died just bullet like
focus on that one thing we were all like most people approaching
guiding build-up in you stink yourself what’s the truth i need to find out the truth i need to
find out about the struggling to find out of growth in general whatever truth you want to focus on make that your motivation because that was going to get you to put
that birth but our whose u_s_ all knowledge of all that matters you put that footballer and all the ones
that apollo and you know he’ll walk up to push sectoral whether it’s in the
daytime nighttime day situation freak situation it doesn’t matter just approach that truth why do you get
that shirt and i think they’ve gotta shoot you get
one out by the truth you know sometimes like i said it doesn’t always go great but what did you find out when it first
of all it’s not a big deal and secondly flat tax free fucking funny you know i mean i know my favorite stories
approaching girls had nothing to do with white the on meeting approaches you to work
for the broth like the help of three guys that you don’t believe that
would’ve like whatever whatever kind of insure off some brag story here those are not my favorite stories every stories are the ones we like and zack and i had a girl screen that
were discussed being you’d all like doughnuts like you know i don’t know i
wrote a book ur wild ones hot some brought by up to date james bond of
twirling a martini glass and i to my fingers and the blacks and whites and heads i sat on the floor and
everyone the quality of did it depicts that you don’t like seventh-grader wrote
this at yahoo dot then i noticed it was in
that situation date set is still pretty fuckin funny
you know that’s a big i i don’t care as we will
continue to push the truth it doesn’t matter is that a reflection on you is no
reason to get a lot bended in they all said and and until like the tallest cell
correct pickups still suck it support these benefits you think big fucking
deal and part of your wife about later selloutlive point with that all right so we went over why its value so one significant three-fifths of
yourself then it’s about heart okay so you so you
have an empowering mon-sat you hadn’t waived his way to what the world if you know it’s appropriate to approach
girls in a way it’s attracting and you know i get a month and locking it up
here just a bunch of abstract ways to think you know to think about you know in your own head and power and
belief that that that’s not my style i’d like to be very applicable innovation as well the feel of the but with the way i look
at this is never the actions primary the results of secondary that is more important go open approach the
girl even the police stopped that it is about actually getting the
propaganda gilroy here because he wanted a better one pruitt in unproven are
still dating sela just like that yelled so affected communication it begins with yourself and ends with a girl there’s no middle
man the da middleman and that is no eight
mods is no due to the internet there’s no you know we man did all that stuff
but i don’t have turned on what you’re going to sell and the girl so now let’s talk about the girl’s
father how to communicate attractively because the way i see it before roadways you get if you could to make it
a woman in a way to track i mean isn’t that
funny ways you can communicate with your mom or your friends or grogan attracted
to for when you are attracted to women i put my personality through likability you know you know i don’t know how white
with their present at a briefing to run into a rainbow back-to-back personality group present and it goes through this and it briefly
before or different boorda categories behavior was categories are dry inspiration connection and attacked and i spent all or those things are but i wanted to do you sense all done of how that relates to like your personality is i think it’s nor check in with your
natural personality just eat a balanced certain things right most of the state unique with women they’re not mistakes who’s doing it the
wrong time like say for instance you go to a girl
and you try to remember to quickly says no you get rejected and it wasn’t leading
to the wrong things you have to ask that growth number sup sup at some point you
tracking these might be made up too soon say you open a girl and and you richard iraq’s asic creature act
like you out the new weighty sexual and she got freaked out walked away here doing a silly role blatantly nl level but researcher adults
here you have to be sexual at some point interaction but the same time you probably didn’t
you earlier you too much of it third-party point where you could have
bounced back with us for more of your genuine personality he could lighten it
up a little bit cooler taking the edge of the sexual out you
know off the sexual tension biking notes body love about the release you know so again every mistake you made ido myself when i
first got into this abid mistake i was making wasn’t always been put the friends own i
was always liked talking to girls and and unit really nice to them connecting
with them really wanted to know them but i wasn’t i wasn’t moving forward
sexually or romantically so i was getting put the friends own and
that connecting with women and being serious
about dan and wanted to know that that’s not the wrong thing to do it always doing it
the wrong time and i was doing it without a doubt that was a balancing it
with it but the other three elements so want to talk about his realities blues work is the old balance each other
and they’re all just artist easy to do it various times and she’s a prism
through which you could show on your personality all right so let’s start with tom with dr this genuine sexual attraction for a
woman book she knows it you know it so it does make it awesome i mean look
nachiket anyone gordon directed she knows why you’re talking to our girls
are not stupid she got a bar there’s no reason why start conversation with her
if you want sexually attracted to it rather than try to hide it because uh… do you think i tried to think a lot of
guys charter trip try to hide their dr and out i think issued a lot of guides is they try to
hide their drive to try to hide it from them selves we try to hide it from the
girl rather than like sittin denial of the back of your
sexually attracted to her should be okay with it and i’m not
saying you need to go direct that your style uh… you come down to your
personality what you should be honest with yourself and should be a part of the woman and
the way i see it is usually shameless about it a lot of the girls are by girlfriend now show her favorite thing about me is the
fact that like i’m very i’m very proud about about dot
about like park il batter and that’s not being needy that’s not
being it’s not being like you know whatever work whatever eighty children
ever survey no label you are put on it any of that what that is being copied snowman what
you want you being needy when you need something from hard when you know what
you the truth the way i see it is like the accident
rapid growth and of course that want to know that are of
course i want to sexual affair because that’s naturalist biologically normal and i was horrified at myself very
confident about that are very very shameless about itself i would definitely advocating all take
that attitude abuse shameless and ob to be ok with with with that natural
masculine tried that to inspiration almost that’s an emotional transparency
of your personality okay you have to understand how to access
your creativity joke all creative you’re all corning
you’re already but the thing is is that if you don’t have sister of mine says it
is you had bility cuny kit that you know that party personality is never going to
come out ways to do that is again first of all
said and above all white ahmadi acutally winds up i use uses used your own
personality ways to access the creativity of
inspiration focus upon visual fixed things that you can see the living in to talk about because when you talk about save up to a
girl and you start talking about how you’d like for hearings or how you like some some aspects isis some art buchwald
that she’s wearing that is so much better than anyone seen because first they find something about
heart which is with i don’t want to hear that anyway keep a lot of hearing about
themselves we’re also showing her the wit you
perceive the world the way that you see her tube the
reasons that you like it because you are if you like the article clothing when you can make it back to work that
he needed to pass it to your personality and the way they drive inspiration work
is a complement each other on the one hand uniquely sexual to grow unique dvd let
dr paul would you need to approach ur you need to show that you’re interested
in her but also to you can’t make you can’t let
that but wanted to long because that is to be a creep back cd that you should see the thing all
you’re just like every other gods approach like that cd the balance that element with the inspiration so so what well i
was allowed to do it is that we do negative approach direct duel with a smile doing why acting do in
a way that’s fine that will take unison a sexual that i
could potentially be awkward and bounces it was something that’s very very key
very very easy to get into a very very easy for girls to be ok with that’s why girls like will go lot will
like be open to holy fire with guys like the
record straight on that if they think it’s very good at it seems
fun but growth and anything it seems fun
anyone with a navy seems fun so that’s basically what balance those two
elements so that next one connection creating an
emotionally relevant relationship and i see connection a lot and i think
it’s about learning facts about the girl or tell you’d oversight in your
biological or biographical you know history or whatever about where you grew
up dot you probably think not to me that social bullshit that’s up unknowable tional rolled what building connections really about
that sharing emotions ok and all experiences that you when the girl can
connect on when you watch the rigidity wang you had
your first alcoholic drink but i’m not wholly embarrassed these are things that
happened everyone we’re all human all feely state and that’s how people build connections that’s how reporting copper still she’ll
trust you if she sees your you’re an emotionally normal stable person and please show that it’s like an acting over shared
experiences so figure out the experiences that you’ve had you find
to be emotionally relevant and that’s a start that you should check with women
on apec with within that the next time element here is the cat the roadmap for
moving things forward smoothly with funny is the communities really great the vote pickup community and dating
advice literature is this is what i think really has it’s value because their are certain things a woman that overload the way to move
things forward where it’s moving the trip where the transitions are bob but
you know whenever it would likely in facing physics when everything moved
forward this to be friction so whenever you move it will be
interaction poet she’s going to push back is to be
friction leadership roadblocks and to keep mechanics is taking all the friction adam out of out of the here all the
awkwardness out interaction that the way to do that it’s like you know you light eugene open in a way that out that like mexico complicated even with
the over the back opening like i mean it’s kind of fourteen albert it’s still it’s a way that its case in
the friction as out of you know uh… ought to strangers meeting on the way he set up a date right i mean the idea that you try to set up a
date that on you know if you want to end up you know if the if your hope in the day
ends in you know your bedroom or whatever you’ve been you could all quickly
suggested into the date or you can set up a date where maybe at a candle a
dinner in your apartment and you’re already your are you via one relating
your bedroom so he’s always batana jazz ways of thinking again i wasn’t too
much time on this because i think the community really have a lot of really good things
to say about the various ways to take the edge off of bomb or the movie interaction bullard with his this is where i had the time is
like you know there is like one fourth of of your
personality should come in through that mechanics element should be thinking
about how can i move this forward in a way that smooth and thought in a way
that sapim put hargarten saka gephardt c_-one to object to it i notice it before it balance that’s the
best secret to attracting women each issues four elements it has an
appropriate time an appropriate place at that daytime should be to the sexual there’s a time to show
your personality there’s a time to take a plan and and it’s a time to move things forward but by going out and buy faxing you start you start developing intuitive
sense for what it’s time to do it but you know
whatever element is needed in that moment so which is the new pick one through
it’s typical approaches that go to grow at a bar the first thing to do is work on a put
up with all word and the approach for me starts when you put that first but
falling right because you’re already demonstrated ride here already your r_t_c_’s yourself okay i am sexually attracted to this
girl and i want to meet her she put that footballer your party acting on your
drives lessened saxony stephanie approach begins that suddenly don’t
approach girl who get pushing dieting and chicken outdoor push the girl that the rejection saxony interjected at
that that’s a problem because that means that that you do need
after you drop so the approach begins right here whom apply put forward at i
walk up the girl and arthur conduit i might say october direct sunlight and
i again coming from university opener because would leave it open or some and
i’d say hey i thought you were out there adorable i want to come meet you are
having a cute i want to come to you and proved allison i’ve i’ve
demonstrated by dr now it’s important that i’d that that balance act right
because i said i keep sitting there to see all the air hot yet baby like weigel review sexy that’s too much traction with the dog
you know he’s that’s creepy so what rumah sakit and
i’m a smile on our bikes are saying all you know i’d also to you have a here and a hamburger share ever you know
curls up with a striped shirts unlike you will really help is often the you
get bold splits with a pander to it an ashram blacks in our study identity
my personality and i’d buy digital humor into it seduction you’ll pay that about
allotment that’s right now now i might moving to audit connection
topic i might say all the way you here with his youth was
like girl’s night out you guys out to be a bit wild so-called now all the sudden sheet we
can bite on that because they’re talking about all girls night out being out
friends so those are of motion the relevant
report building bob type things and and i say all you know it’s a little
bit lot of here what what we moved several of the quiet on the take about a
hand and move her life you know tends to be with her friends so
we can have a you know more into the conversation and also right there of before elvis
emotion and had to meet a great approach because on the one hand i walked up with
the empowering believes i’d affected communicate myself i’ve walked off
assuming this girl wants to meet me top of that badly on top of that high also and communicating inouye that’s a track of the heart that keep it
that allows her to accomplish locate with
movie interaction boat so that’s how i like my philosophy in a
nutshell often and you know when you learned to
interact with four elements you know more about yourself it’s so funny as for the best materials come out now
but unlike the funniest things i’ve said or some of the moment i’ve acted with
the most bravery of ever had or a dumb things i never thought i could do moments when i’d approach when it moments in clubs where ever i did really
well with the grownups talking to a really liked their and an discusses was great and it is a pro-life
really enjoying you know interacting left i learn about myself and was so poor that truth is waiting
for all you guys do there are things that your personality that you’re going to learn just by going
out tonight adopting empowering mindset and put you know popularly appointees
four elements you know again your much more attractive
funny charming witty the new ever give yourself credit for so you know at submitted gladden so landed on tuesday after finding the
truth apartheid all we have for students but
always ask that layer talks and always ask even if i am you’ve got it don’t
even know what’s about to me but it sure if we start talking about girls he loves
every guy was talking about women fragment growth of approached at always act how many girls have you regretted
approaching how many like interns anyone ever
regretted approach and i think and i think the approach of the great amassing and how to be at the perfect approach
her or maybe a girl turned out to be taken
by say what you expected but had you ever regretted approach never regretted approach just like your
program going to the gym you’re a great whose approaching girls
healthiest normal put it’s what apply what degree normal heterosexual guy want to do he
wants what approach women he want to go out by next route so i think always keep it back to my
you’re never going to regret that approach i’m never going to have had
some approached blocked by popping dates and
idon’t care i will never regret for the protesters
always learn something i’ve always liked about myself about the situation about
how doctor approach a girl whatever days i’ve learned something or put you in
itself it is so important that that you’ve
always to get back to martin the new never going to regret approach in ur glad by next year and you know again showed reminding it’s
about you bent about heart never action primary result a secondary so that it really appreciates coming out
out you know i know really early in the morning but i am as i think that the
time you some questions yet if there’s any questions obd by said i know that this is not she’s
kinda more of a yacht abstract talk but i i i i again i i i have here just from an might lead to the community i think a
lot of time doing a lot stop that off i think they find to be very effective
and it was an intel i really got to be mind sets that i
don’t know if i can result i want itself that the peso so-so it seems a lot
tracking civil we’re just at the time to cap register and have any questions one thing you seem to suck a lot about
was doing in being yourself not doing some other teens not knowing
about openers it seems like a lot of guys myself included on the takes a lot
of confidence in yourself and self i’d any self police that u deserves whatever curly going to and it seems like you know especially young guys they
don’t have that self-confidence l please how did you develop that for yourself yet that that’s a good questions i know
i no it’s and i’ve definitely game i can for a place probably worse off
than any guys you know i really dont i really had a lot of allotted negative
beliefs about myself about within about about the world and valsad it was it was not of the
situation i got into this the way i got over it again it’s become
self-fulfilling prophecy it’s funny it might might have to live as will
little bit of time but lilac that belief is your re because
what’s gonna happen is used on one of two women and like i said like i look at you i don’t
see any reason why a growing would be attracted you know that i don’t
see any reason why you couldn’t go out and meet the growing
you want to meet and white we did and how it would seen or any kind of any kind of package reconstruct aside
from just keeping a fourteen-day about that i’d outlined in mine i don’t see why a girl would ever say
although it is a big i want to meet you know and i think it when you accept that
believe these are going out to push a girl that that would not worrying about
the opener not worrying about ob doing the right people right time just like biting at me for perfection
drop at your head that’s one all the sudden yours are seeing that girls like that in
circulation it happens little by little but you’ll
see that girls like just seem to like you more the interactions are better the
gross not flaking although all the sudden girls are calling u that they had
to be trying to kiss you you also know these things are happening
in your like wait a minute like this girl really liked me i do any might awesome routine or i believe this girl was totally
receptive and open era in have to do that the ten minute opener that means
act you know certain crappy over over you know six
months that day is that so so i would i would just say really like trip just try to score outages forget
about all the shit forget about what the opener and do a lot of sculpting you’re going to do what any
students a lot of time co-op and a diplomat go go up and papa doc and let you know
button pics and they go out to try to screw up and
try to like you’d like to mess up and those usually draws it
means to spend it higher night with they don’t talk interacting with who’s against a set of barlow like how much us say that you that you
can walk up to a girl he didn’t give a shit what you say if you see that you
like you what do you what do you think i can
communicate about the way you see yourself about your identity about how
that how how much confidence you had that you didn’t care but it whether the s_a_t_ for like might my girlfriend’s like that on that go out and it would be neat guys
adam a lot of club but it may be just pick up guys was this guy’s got one ccc shrine once
he sees that she he’s like the good things to say and he’s hedonism one head a media lee she’s turned off she’s like white white
against white tactics why why can’t why can’t you just bought what has to go this guy why did seem
like he has for funny games prepare for me sellout dot that’s that article one
answer to that they come into question anyone else yet not good no i don’t think i have a good not good you talked about building confidence and
how hard that is this to get from to maybe where you
might be coming from as a younger guy to get where maybe rob is right now or some other guy and gap it is hard it’s very very but it’s a it’s a mountain to climb but
i want to add what do you think is going to be more
helpful for building confidence and i want to ask every guy what do you think
is going to be better for building your confidence to use a line that’s not
yours that you read somewhere to whereas even if a girl like said even if a girl
responds well to that she’s doing it because of this law putting yourself out being yourself is cliche does that say and getting a positive response from
that you just don’t know if you saw even if the bars as possible putting yourself out there and
she responds positively that maybe she will but if you go how do you think that’s going to feel
freer confidence what do you think is going to give you more confidence and
make you feel better about yourself and continue the snowball rolling in the
right direction question up yeah i know i know that that’s really
great pointed it out on you know darren side jpg broadcast at those that’s really
good you know trying to using the liner
scripted routine you’re actually kinda pleasing your
inner game and i really again at a really are release rightfully the whole in our game dot you know dichotomy but i got another rate point because its
so true argue if you’re going up and even though i i beginning in goes beyond
just the wind refusing if you’re going up saying all i need to do this hack to
get her get hurt like me sleepwear what when you think that yourself what
what what what’s normally send yeah i know when i bring this up you
know that’s a bit of activity i would just teaches it if that’s ok work for me
and i tried i tried for years and i i i had so much much success pledge dropout
had to say okay you know what light i’m going to be in perfect but if you
don’t deny the point i saw plenty points when i just think complete gibberish and unhappy except that and i don’t
really care because ice are looking women is all these girls want to meet me
rather than on trying to go out possesses perot-like i’ll or i i need
seventy two when her over just path like what that might take a well it’s a way twenty years if you get positive reaction off of that it really helps your self-esteem but um i’m at the point where my
mechanics is there a copyright site go out and try
to myself moving so smoothly i get a lot more rejections off of that deposit reactions or how would you feel about late like what are your thoughts hopefully sows the seeds just like the game out reactions that’s better question and you know that
that’s why i kinda felt that before all the system because guys can either a
twenty-seven you can’t you could figure out okay this is where i’m going trough
like my mechanic salman is is on clunky you know that’s not a problem on so one thing at opting out you do if
you really feel like that light you’re not quite step eternally you know un
autre wavering problem pathetic it’s like isolating agrawal or gayi rolla com out you know the whether
it’s a texting it was grossly from flaking or data then yes it automatically like trying to
fight by some cereal that you might be fine they can still make enik i like it when i say drop out my copy
refused a to a girl is always you know it’s a lot of militias who over here but what i do so i i i i cud read or
heard people say lots lots of funny my music like all the show you this magical
balcony you know what i would add whatever it is interesting thing about
him over so to definitely you want a look at
what’s taking taking that edge off of what you’re trying to do bodog yes oh so it’s a it’s a it’s a way to do
and what was at a party questions that i’ve been carousel man is called the end all the time it seems like more negative reactions then positive
reactions here but um trident like do away with a lot of the lines and they
had to try to go up and talk lately said we deposit reaction reinforces like
yourself who seem fair align on myself and she lives today yeah things like is i myself doesn’t like yeah i don’t know what eight million really probably it’s
probably not so much what you like does not know reflection on you you know if
it’s definitely something that’s that’s going wrong i’m
sure that like resorting to get a reaction i’m sure right before and i
give you pinpoint this picture right we have a negative reaction of course going to your head like
something might be but on ebay something it is totally hot and the process unify concert that night i’ve seen
probably realize you’d actually think sandra others who think it’s a weighs about returning back to a game cabinets for a long time i first heard
of actually other this is ridiculous is absurd these guys just doing like visiting a pick up anymore this is just
a bunch of guys is going out to me about how they want to pretoria but when i realized is that it’s not
retarded because which started having is and i realize
that like it’s more about pinpointing in your own head lead that s it infected
conditioned interview so i’m sure they did a mormon right before you say
something to getting the negative response that your being with all of the
these girls too hot to lose it but i think i think recycling frauds like
withdraws super track is to and admitted that’s what my head we all out of school
the school so hot on the server anne what day and we ought to be a bit of
cities empire is one night absorbs the starter pipe one ridiculous and we’re talking he was
going so well should certainly she said also we wanna or by return what would you
want and where it was really really high and clog the drinks like twenty dollars
an aggressive not arriving should never say i want to put what you want to know
i i i don’t project and in my head at time of the puzzle
editor wanted regardless of my head was really thinking bilateral aid was an invitation to micro i don’t think
that i was worth twenty hours of the specs
loading dock road had to spend the body traditionally other like-minded iphoto i
wouldn’t mind buying new car around a drink at that time and all of my caloric
what holy normal doing that but the fact that you can buy major i
did feel worthy of that and that was a problem and that’s and i
realized stressed right now people filled with change it was hit by a den
applying it and so that whatever process in a bali by drank a much like top shelf
of still you know i hope that uh… that that that that by the yeah i mean i like you know you have to be like that were
the days you know as it was like a receipt or a bigot blown out being
myself at those being myself by saying no what really what was really happening
was that that that that that kinda bed believe keep my head at the at that right before
it happened and that will happen throughout the
draft should be no it’ll be like on leaves of the event of a open agrawal
and i think myself all she’s so hot or all this in your really hard
situation is open stocks you know that’s it’s going to it’s going
to alia many point out what are you to receive your whether it be myself and
that it’s more of electric leakage of itself i gav on thank you again i really
appreciate a reply no it’s early but the bank contact us already expect regent

47 thoughts on “Rob Judge | Get Girls Not Headaches | Full Length HD”

  1. Alot of good stuff here…I would argue that to NOT compartmentalize can make things weird for the girl in many situations…they start questioning the mans motives, breaks frame etc. On the other hand, there IS artificial feeling transition, but on the other hand, MY natural socializing personality is genuine group curisousity, and puts one to one interaction with a girl secondary…they dont like that

  2. The 4 principles are awsome. I saw the video yesterday afternoon and got my first kiss close the same night in a salsa club with a complete stranger i was attracted to. My first in 6 month studying pick up. Something has changed in my game towards a more intuitive level. And the tactic is way more simple. But I think i was able to get Rob message right away because of my former efforts.

  3. no offense, but id rather work mystery's game.
    direct can work if you believe it can work. but having value is alot more compelling for the girl.

  4. @maserati1990 but define value!dude having a commanding presence, and just talking to women is enough!you cant think you need things to get women, all you need, you already have. Ya gotta let things flow naturally!i went through my whole mystery phase, and im telling you, reading this book and putting it into effect is gonna make you realize how dumb mysterys shit really is.

  5. I'm a girl and I've watched/read a lot of stuff about picking up and attracting girls and I must say 90% of it is complete bs that won't fly will never fly with intelligent confident girls. You make a lot of good points, though. I, for example, would never go out with a guy who's trying to get my attention by dissing me or wants me to see him hitting on other girls. It is disrespectig to women. it is also stupid.
    This is good advice. Just go for it, don't be afraid to get rejected and try again.

  6. Rob won't be a good coach….He's basically telling you that you can't get a girl that's not attracted to you. He's theory of it's weird because it is weird is stupid….it's not weird…it's just different. Girls get approach all the time. Doing the same pick up as others means you're just relying on whether she likes how you look….what happens if there's 20 other guys trying to pick her up?…thjen your odds are low if you'se so conventional.

  7. this advice is great because u can approach anytime without having to be "warmed up" without preselection and social momentum and just assume it and be who u really are and not give a shit if it didn't work

  8. Looks help, but one of the best guys I've seen at having not only women, but literally everyone hanging onto every word he says is about twice my size. Not in muscle. But he has more confidence than a whole platoon of Marines.

  9. Yes, I do get that, but that is actually changing yourself. Since you don't get results with things like approval seeking behaviour and other unattractive behaviour. You can lie to yourself and say that you are your "best self" and I don't say that you need to put up a fake persona, but you do change yourself since you start looking at things from a different point of view and start to act up on them.

  10. It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when these other normal people build muscle so easily using Max Muscle Booster (Google it).

  11. This wasn't a bad talk but the way you talked was rushed and you sounded nervous although you probably weren't nervous.

  12. Totally agree with you, if he were to present himself in a more relaxed way it would make a big difference. Also, he would look way better if he started working on his posture, he is kinda hunched over. great speech nonetheless…

  13. yeah youtube vids do make it fairly easy to score fat girls but if you want to mac fit girls you have to have game or you will get crushed check out the free video on PUA66.COM

    It seemed to him that in Annawadi, fortunes derived not just from what people did, or how well they did it, but from the accidents and catastrophes they dodged

  14. Ok. I’ve just turned out to be quite envious towards my brother’s best friend. He’s been single always and forever. Even so, he got a swimwear model to inform him she is in love with with him in under a month. How can that be possible? He told me he obtained the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish someone exquisite told me they loved me… I really don’t remember ever before seeing him so happy. Kinda makes me frustrated.

  15. After watching so much stuff, something is telling me this dude is the real deal. I've never really accepted the thinking that I've got to act like a fucking douchebag to get a girl to talk to me, ie peacocking, being an ass, qualification, all that. I guess if you believe it has to be this way, then you'd really need to peacock to get girls. Thanks Rob, this is how I want to approach this thing.

  16. 44:00  Hi guys have your ever regretted approaching a girl?  Have you ever regretted NOT approaching a girl?  Great lesson here.  This question alone has power to help overcoming regret.

  17. If you spend any time at all really trying to get girls, then that is your first mistake. Work on making yourself a better person first. If you want to work out, cool. But don't work out to attract girls. Work out to make yourself healthy. Get yourself a better job. Make more money and ignore the pussy. Act like women don't exist. Just work on you.

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