S. Koreans boycott Japanese goods spread amid escalating trade tensions


the trace map between South Korean Japan
over Tokyo’s export curbs on Seoul has whipped up a storm of consumer
hostilities against Japanese goods in South Korea it’s severely denting sales
of Japanese products in the country including luxury vehicles and alcohol
our Kim Jiyeon has more on the boycott campaign amid escalating trade tensions
between Seoul and Tokyo South Korean consumers are boycotting a whole
spectrum of Japanese products everything from beer to cars according to industry
sources sales of Japanese beer as South Korean convenience store chain Cu
plunged 40 percent in July the marketer of Japan’s Asahi beer dropped nearly
three percent losing its title of the best selling imported beer in the
country the boycott against Japanese beer first began among smaller
businesses with mid-sized convenience stores in Seoul displaying stickers that
said they do not stock Japanese alcohol over 23,000 retail outlets were
participating in the campaign as of mid-july back by the scorching heat and
the boycott campaign picking up steam sales of South Korean beer are rapidly
increasing South Korean beer sales have jumped as consumers are reluctant to buy
Japanese beer eventually it even dragged down the market share of Japanese beer
and major retail stores Japanese cars are also taking a hit in the first half
of this year over 6 million US dollars worth of Japanese vehicles were imported
to South Korea a whopping 25% increase from the same period last year
however the figure decreased significantly this month following
Tokyo’s trade restrictions on Seoul Japanese automobiles were popular among
South Koreans but the situation will be very different in the later half of this
year due to the increasing anti-japanese sentiment across the country while Tokyo is scheduled to decide on
August 2nd whether to remove soul from its white
list of countries that enjoy preferential treatment in trade is left
to be seen whether the boycott will eventually lose steam or intensified to
levels as yet unseen kimi-san Arirang news

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