Sadhguru – Why you get depressed? losing mental balance..

Sadhguru – Why you get depressed? losing mental balance..

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[Sadhguru] If you are capable of causing depression
to yourself I’m saying this not without any concern for
your illness or not due to lack of compassion, because that is the nature of what’s happening
to you. If you’re causing depression to yourself,
you are able to generate substantial amount of intense emotions and
thoughts, but in the wrong direction. If you don’t have very strong emotions, very
intense thoughts about something, you cannot get depressed. It is just that you are generating thoughts
and emotion which work against you, not for you. So you are strong enough to cause depression
to yourself, because for you to cause a mental illness
for yourself unless you are pathologically ill which is
just a small number of people, rest are all self-created. Most of them are self-created. A few are pathologically ill, it’s… they
cannot help it. It just comes from within because of genetic
and other factors. Almost everybody here, if we train them towards
a certain kind of thought process and emotion and push them a little bit with
the outside situations, almost everybody will go… lose their mental
balance, they will become clinically ill. They can be driven to madness, I’m saying,
because the line between sanity and insanity is very thin, people keep pushing it. You get angry, you’re pushing the line; it’s
a thin line. In fact when you get angry you
know you’re pushing the line, that’s why the expression, ‘I was mad at somebody.’ You are not mad at somebody, you’re just going
mad. You cannot be mad at somebody,
you’re just pushing your sanity, the boundaries of sanity and moving into insanity,
for a certain period of time and coming back. You do one thing, every day you try this —
10 minutes a day try intense anger on somebody. What? You will see in three months’ time, you will
be clinically there. Yes. Just try it, if you want. Because if you keep pushing the line– you
go mad and you come back, you go mad and you come back — one day you’re
not able to come back, that’s all. One day you’re not able to turn back, then
you’re clinically ill. You must understand even if you got angry
for a moment, you’re already ill; maybe you don’t get the certificate of diagnosis,
they don’t slap a certificate on you that you’re gone, but you are going, isn’t it? You think it’s your right to throw tantrums,
you think it’s your right to get angry with people,
you think it’s your privilege to be depressed so that you’ll get attention from somebody. You keep playing this, one day you will not
able… you will not be able to turn back. Keep crossing the line every day, one day
you will see you cannot cross back, that day you need a doctor. Till then everybody needed a respite from
you, but the day you can’t cross back they get
the respite, because now they can catch you and give you
to a doctor. Otherwise you’re temporarily going mad, every
day many times a day, they cannot even send you to an asylum, they
have to bear with you — your family, your friends, your people around
you. If you get at least truly clinically ill,
we can hand you over. There’s one temple in Tamil Nadu, you know? Where they chain you and keep you? Where there’s no hospital. No psychological…, for ailments there is
no hospital. There is a temple that somebody created which
is supposed to push people back into sanity. So families just take them and leave them
there; they’re shackled and left in the temple. You give them some money, they will feed you,
and you’re just there like an animal, tied up. I think if hospitals were run like this, lot
of people wouldn’t go crazy, they would maintain their sanity. Right now it’s too deluxe. If you make hospital extremely comfortable
it will become an incentive to become sick, and you have incentives in your life to become
ill. Right from your childhood,
you got the maximum attention only when you fell ill. When you were happy they screamed at you. When you squealed in joy they screamed back
at you — adults. You do… Then bubbu bubbu bubbu bubbu
When you are a child, physical illness is good
because you’ll get attention from your mother and father and everybody around you,
and you don’t have to go to school on that day. So you learn the art of falling physically
ill. But once you get married, you’ll learn the
art of becoming mentally ill; because if you want to get attention you go
sit in a corner act depressed, people will pay attention to you. So you keep playing this game, one day you’re
not able to cross the line back, that day you’re clinically ill. Unfortunately, in many ways, not just in the
way that I said now, in many different ways, I would say 70% of illnesses on the planet,
all kinds, are self-created. Even if you get an infection, there is a way,
if you keep yourself in a certain way physically and mentally, the virus and the
bacteria will not work the same way as it works upon somebody else. If you set yourself like this,
‘No matter what’s happening, anyway I have to go and do this, this and this, there’s
no break from that…’ In the last 29 years I have not been able
to cancel one program because I’m running temperature or I got a
cold, I got this, I got that. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, what you
have to do you anyway have to do; you can’t turn back on that. Either out of your commitment or you have
a boss like that, one way or the other if it happens, then you
will see you will not at all fall sick so often;
because if you have temperature you still have to go. If it’s summer you still go, right? No, lot of people don’t go. It’s little hot outside, they don’t go and
work. Little cold outside, they don’t go and work. Little raining, they won’t go and work. A snow flake, they will not go and work. This is just weather. So for every change in weather, if you have
the comfort of covering yourself in a blanket and lying down, once you create that, your
body will learn to fall sick as often as possible. If you just keep it this way it doesn’t matter
what it is, anyway I have to go and do what I have to
do, you will see your body will just bounce back as quickly as possible, even if it gets
the worst kind of infections. So you just have to set the necessary conditions
for health, necessary incentives for health, both for
yourself and your children if you have them. Do not set incentives for sickness. The child is sick, observe him from a distance,
never go cuddling – he knows that’s the worst time of his life, and he knows he has to get
well soon. And give him the best attention when he is
joyful, you will see he naturally learns from within,
his very chemistry will learn that it pays to be joyful, it doesn’t pay to be sick. If you make this very clear to your own biology,
to your own chemistry and to everybody around you,
you will see people will not fall sick as often as they are right now. So set that up for yourself, you will see
you will get healthy. If you can turn your mind this way, you can
also turn it this way, I want you to understand this. ‘No, no I am like this because my father abused
me when I was 7 years of age.’ If you know all that bullshit, you can as
well turn yourself around, isn’t it? It’s time. You must understand mentally, physiologically,
chemically, energy-wise — you must clearly understand it doesn’t pay
to be sick, unhappy, depressed; it doesn’t pay. To be joyful and ecstatic, it pays. If you make this clear to all this people
inside, they will all behave properly.

21 thoughts on “Sadhguru – Why you get depressed? losing mental balance..”

  1. I'm granted for what i am.
    I know im a good man and not perfect and im happy for all.
    People are jealous at me because of that.
    How can i stop them for that ?
    Im highsensitive and i feel see and hear more than other people.
    What to do ?

  2. Only half of truth, the other half he is talking about is wrong and dangerous.
    He implies that all the organism want is to hide under some blanket. But hiding under a blanket is just something most organismus sometimes just need. A healthy organism doesnt want to hide under a blanket, it wants to take part in life creatively. So if there is an organism that likes hiding under a blanket very often or the comfort of a clinic more than taking part in life, then the problem is not the comfort of the clinic, but the acess to life itself. And the acess to life wont be cleared, if you ignore a sick child und give him only attention when there are positive energies. This itself will creat sickness for it cuts the wholeness of life in two parts and ignores the interconnectedness and oneness under the surface of polarity.

  3. I think Sadhgurus perspective on this is too simplistic. Watch the TED talk Depression is a Disease of Civilization. Certainly thought management is a critical skill but humans and life are complex and a lot can go awry! Some peoples childhoods are hellish combine that with a toxic diet, lack of exercise, loneliness and poverty uhhhhh ya get the picture! Diet, exercise, social support and cognitive practices form a more holistic approach.

  4. What when someone keeps using you for her benefit in the name of her own mother who suffered a brain stroke ?? How do you feel ??? Frankly speaking you don't feel good at heart …. Forget about the brain……

  5. If things are so obvious like S says, why does so many people fail?? Are they stupid? It really isn't that difficoult to enhence body mind emotions, energy… The real problem is how to keep them enhanced. And that takes anording to an individual: finances, atmosphere in where they live/ work, if they can entertain (that was always my problem – still unable to fit joy with people on a regular level in life) it takes many, many factors. Enhancing oneslef is easy sadhguru!!!! Start talking abut real problems!!!

  6. When I read these comments it's like S i so wonderfull, but I was also so in love with S when i started meetting his approach to Yoga. And for 3 years I've struggeled to get to the point that the real solution from my problems is as I thought before getting to S's Yoga – changing enviroment. Yes, I did learned much about the body, mind and emotions, and energies, actually I became pretty good, but the same would happen to me as I believe, when I finally get to the enviroment that doesn't chain my moves. In fact as Sadhguru says: the spiritual process happenes by itself, nobody has to teach you… Unless you've been toughy wrongly. And yes, S helps, but he is not God, he doesn't know enverything and his statements also turn out false!!!!

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