Sarah Silverman on Battling Depression

Sarah Silverman on Battling Depression

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– And when you say
you’ve dealt with depression, did it get pretty bad for you? – Yeah, it was–you know,
I was very young when– the first time it hit me, and I didn’t know
what was happening. It was like… my perspective shifted about
two or three degrees one way and everything looked different.
I was a really social kid. I was the class clown,
and suddenly I didn’t see any reason
to be with people. It just–I would
watch my friends at school just existing carefree,
you know, and I’d be so jealous that they’re just so unaware
that we’re all alone, and gonna die– alone behind our eyes, and I remember my stepfather
asking me what it felt like and I feel like this is
a perfect way to describe it, it feels like homesickness. It feels like
you’re terribly homesick, but you’re home,
so there’s no way to satiate it. – Mm-hmm. Wow.
That’s amazing. And you’re–how long
have you been fine now– or do you still
get bouts of that? – In remission?
– Uh-huh. In depression remission? [laughs]
– Yeah. – I have bouts of it.
I’m on a low dose of Zoloft, since 1994,
that’s really kept me from the total paralysis
of depression, you know? – Mm-hmm.
– I still have highs and lows, but I, um… but I’m able to function.
I still have lows. – Mm-hmm.
– I still am, like, in a ball on my bathroom floor
every once in a while, but I– I know now that
it will pass, so… – Yeah.
– And sometimes, that’s all it takes, you know?
– Yeah.

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  2. I'm on a low dose of Zoloft too , it's been 3 weeks now , I don't feel deep depression anymore , I mean I still get depressed and I get anxiety attacks but it isn't as bad as it use to be .

  3. I have dealt with depression all my life it is no joke been on different meds that made me worse I have lost my family because of it. A year ago I tried cannabis after trying other things with no results it is the only thing that helps and gets me back to being myself I still have the occasional melt down but I'm able to function and live again. I wish I would of used it a lot sooner but I felt ashamed on how people would judge me by using it even my own family are society has a perception on cannabis because of media and what we have been told

  4. wow had no idea she had been and is going through this.
    she's one of my favourite people and it's endearing to be a part of her sharing this side that so many (Inc me) go through.
    depression is like being shackled on a beach. where it rains but the sun shines. it's a constant tug of war with reality though by you and the reality laid put by others and that real pain inside…
    Thank you sarah for sharing this. I have even more respect for you. 🙂

  5. Yeah, I think depression feels like home sickness because it is. We aren't home here on Earth. We long for where we came from. I know a lot of people don't believe in an after life including Sarah, but I really think Depression comes from missing our eternal home. I watch videos on the afterlife and peoples experiences and honestly it depresses me. I keep thinking that my real self will only be free when I die. In this life I have to get a job that I hate, and serve people that don't respect me. I have to play by societies rules. It's a prison here on earth for most people. Of course people are depressed.

  6. "It feels like your terribly homesick but your home"- Best description of what depression feel likes I've ever heard

  7. Wow…I picked up that line…. "it feels like you're homesick but you are at home" _ It summarizes everything !

  8. "It feels like homesickness. It feels like you're terribly homesick – but you're home."
    I could not have described it better. The feeling alternates with phases where I'm almost numb and can't feel anything. I actually ask myself each time these phases shift, which one I like better. Mostly, it's the one I'm not in at the moment. It's a struggle each way. Depression is a bitch.

  9. depression hits the happy , funny people hard. if there is no room for laughter there is no room for me!

  10. Bunch of whiny emo pussies think they have it hard, because they're unpopular while so many people have watched their entire families get brutally raped and killed in front of them during wwII for just 1 small example.

  11. My goodness I've never heard it explained that way! Tears. Grateful for sharing and being vulnerable and public about things like this. Really great segment. Thank you!

  12. i totally root for her. thumbs up i am proud of her theres so much missconception bout these issues in society. it needs to be discussed n shared. i suffer myself from depression

  13. It's so interesting how common depression is with funny people.
    I think it makes whatever they are doing instantly human and relatable, which is what makes things funny.

  14. Depression is one of the hardest things to tell people about because the notion of it has been so bastardized and turned into a throwaway word for feeling kinda down that it's extremely hard to find anyone who will take you seriously when you tell them about it.

  15. There are a lot of people who attack her and I don't understand why. Maybe they're just being assholes for the sake of being assholes. I understand her style of comedy is a defence mechanism. I think she is truly a kind person.

  16. Artists are all depressed because they need to survive on their image of being funny. Fortunately for me I'm neither an artist nor Sara Silverman. She ain't funny in my view.

  17. It is so important that people like Sarah speak out on depression, it can be life changing for others who are struggling to hear someone who they look up to or may always consider as 'happy' say that they have struggled too. I identify so much with what she is saying, the feeling of being homesick is a good way to describe depression, it sometimes feels like nothing can comfort you when you're in that mind frame, I too deal with it nowadays by constantly telling myself it will pass it will pass.

  18. And whenever you tell someone about it they tell you that "everyone feels bad sometimes" or "everyone has anxiety". No.

  19. Can't believe that she is going through depression, is really hard to pick yourself up from depression. I know how that feels

  20. If everyone was talking this openly about their mental health, maybe we wouldn't be so ashamed to deal with it. It's the reactions you get, that keep you from getting real help sometimes. I applaud Sarah for talking about depression, it's helped a lot of people just to hear someone in the public eye talk about it and that's important! 🙂

  21. How she described it, is so true sometimes you just have to let it pass and know it's not ganna stay there forever

  22. She touched on how she couldn't understand how everyone else was fine. Something I wish she had mentioned was how much worse it is because most people don't seem to understand or sympathize because they don't know what it's like. It's one thing if you're drowning. It's another thing if people are mocking you for it, as if you can pull yourself out of the water with a snap of the fingers.

  23. It annoys me when people think that depression can't be "cured" with positive thinking. Maybe positive thinking alone won't make your depression go away, but changing your perspective will, over time, make the symptoms much more manageable, and once the symptoms are manageable, it's so much easier to move beyond them. (it also helps to find ways of lowering your anxiety with exercise, healthy eating, sleep, etc…) It takes a good amount of work on your part, but it IS possible.

  24. I didn't feel homesick… Just not interested in anything anymore, since nothing mattered anymore. And then suddenly I would cry over nothing- apparently-. It was more like a lack of feeling, apathy, then sudden sadness and desperation

  25. I don't like Sarah Silverman but I have a newfound respect for her to coming out on a most serious subject such as Depression. I too wish this would be talked about One- on- one, and more often on TV, but in the way that she has. When Ms Silverman used the word 'paralyzed' with depression I couldn't believe that that was the 1st time I've ever heard someone use that term to explain it, 'because…' that IS the Exact feeling it is, that I get. There was only One time that I told a close friend that I felt 'crippled,' and for me that was my Only way to describe it. But altho the same, for some reason, Paralyzed describes it Best. I will also say that hearing her story and reading some of these comments about others who suffer with depression, at least makes me feel Much Less Alone which, IS a Big Deal. It also kind of helps me to feel that I'm Not going crazy after all, that it's Not just Me, and that it IS So Real. Really glad and even grateful that I stopped and watched this! Thanks Ellen, and Tks Sarah

  26. "Zolac is used to treat certain conditions caused by a hormone imbalance in which there is too much prolactin in the blood (hyperprolactinemia)"

  27. love how open she was, it's always refreshing to see a celebrity's real side. And maybe this can help some of you out there also struggling with depression and/or anxiety, but i have dealt with it for about 8 years now. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression and was always against medication, even though that was always pushed on me. finally after about six years of feeling like nothing and putting myself into a complete dark hole, i took medication. this lasted for about 6 months and it helped a lot before it made the problem absolutely worse. i then searched for months every day for a natural remedy. and i found something call "Inositol" which is vitamin b8. i didn't think it would work because i have tried tons of different natural remedies and nothing worked but inositol did. I have been taking it now for 8 months and finally feel a sense of stability in my life that i've never felt before. so if you are looking for an answer this could maybe help you as well.

  28. But what she described isn’t depression to me. She’s right: we are all alone and everyone is hurting. In some way. We all come to that realization at some point in life. That doesn’t make you depressed, it means you’re a realist.

  29. Before I found out I had depression I thought hating myself was normal and wanting to die was just a weird thing of me and idk I guess it’s good that I know am not ok and it’s ok to feel that way I just grew up thinking I was this weird crazy kid who stop eating because I got picky on what I ate

  30. the thing about both of them is their wrists. how strong are their wrists…compared to…their breasts…..

  31. Sarah is awesome for talking abut this, it's not easy but she knows it will help people by doing so. And it makes her more relatable

  32. Sarah the way you described it is amazing. I always try to explain but all i end up saying is it feel uncomfortable no matter where i am even at home. So thank you for that plus i love you and admire you so makes me feel even better. Im 21 just in case ur wondering hehw

  33. I have always wondered why the happy go lucky people don't suffer from existential crisis. Shouldn't it be the other way round? The people suffering from these feelings are the normal ones. How can ignoring how tough life is or why we exist be the right way of living?

  34. Depression feels like a curse. Ive been afflicted with this thing for at least 19 years. Its over half of my life. And also have anxiety for god knows how long together. My life has stopped. Had to leave college, I cant manage to get a work and Im in risk of losing the one good thing that has been the light in my life for the past few years because of it. Its so painful I dont know how much more of this is humanly possible to handle. The psychologists and psychiatrists I consulted with werent able to help me and I got to the point of "what am I able to do about it now?"

  35. Jesus loves you, Jesus is the answer. Repent and believe that Jesus died in the Cross to wash your sins away, and believe that God ressurected Jesus from the death, and ask Jesus to enter in your heart, and you shall be saved from eternal hell. Thank you.

  36. A mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life is called Depression. This video will help those suffering from depression. I pledge today @ requesting you to do so by using this hashtag on social media platforms and share this link as much as possible.
    @kI8k ????

  37. Propose of life =to worship Allaah please don't ignore this message because one day u will wish so badly that u were a Muslim. Peace ?

  38. I can sum it up for me being like that miserable feeling you get when you have a fever and are really sick but you can’t do anything to feel better, have taken all the meds you can, can’t sleep, can’t get your mind off of your sickness no matter what you do (anyone who’s been really sick I’m sure can relate) but instead of a fever and physical illness you feel the same way, the same kind of miserable can’t help yourself feeling and no one “nurses you back to health” because it’s all happening in your mind and not physically. For me I can distract my mind, even for a few days, but behind all the distractions, the depression is always there and I’m so miserable I don’t even know how to help myself and no one else knows how to help because nothing makes me feel good anymore EVER!

  39. I had the most awful days of my life 5 years ago. I thought if ever I have a new sweetheart I will go back to who I am in the past but I was incorrect. After adhere to this particular depression treatment method “fetching kafon press” (Google it), I`ve held my depression away ever since. And I am very happy right now because I am not going thru depression any longer..

  40. Oh she just described it exactly how I did some years ago………’s the whole existential thing …. Very difficult to shake

  41. Bless u Sarah speaking out on depression I too suffer it since my brain injury alot of dark times trying to be positive is so hard guess it's part of me who I am now I spent weeks in coma 6 months rehab learning talk walk again long recovery but a discovery I feel pretty lol x

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