School can cause you to stress out.


Sometimes I go by guys when I get on here and Record him be damned but to protect, you know, because Just like okay ma’am high school is okay, but college it ain’t no joke, so Especially when you’re taking Very intense You get a break in between I had to take two days off because I had huge migraine. Eh My blood pressure was 250 over 120 did you hear me? Oh my god, so I had to take two days off you Know catch up with myself I had My doctor said you have to take two days off and relax no social media, no nothing So now you see why I haven’t been you know, giving you guys what you need we will Try to get as many videos as we can But to be honest, I can’t promise you anything guys, but we will try But please help support our phone what we do. Okay, I go to school. I’m in college We have Ivy law My job is Me I’m taking up developmental psychology. I was taking crisis Crisis counseling in psychology, so I switch back to developmental psychology cuz I like working more with children I love with the kids. Oh, I love my just like I’m on my grandbaby And I can’t even spend time with him is you know, and it’s like he don’t know He’s no more and I love me some Gwen baby. I love him. I love him so much guys But it’s like I can’t spend that much time with him about my children soon. They grown people but I do have another one, but we’re not able to My new grandbaby he’s Danny pool I Don’t know like I said We didn’t care about them we didn’t have all this but we was honey We played board games and others so it’s like all this technology It was out there, but we went in today You know back in the day this like we was it was different for us it’s like a whole nother generation, but so when I practice I Answer a lot of questions, but yeah, let me

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