Science Says These Exercises Can Relieve Your Back Pain (Stretches & Strengthening)

Science Says These Exercises Can Relieve Your Back Pain (Stretches & Strengthening)

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Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Bob Science says that these exercises can relieve your back pain especially if it’s chronic These are stretches and strengthening, so we’re quoting a study here. But what does Brad and Bob say? Brad and Bob agree! So this study was called a randomized trial comparing yoga stretching, and a self-care booklet for chronic back pain, so let me break this down. There’s 228 adults, and of that amount they had 92 do yoga once a week, on a 75 minute program or something like that Another 92 people did that 91 people just did a stretching and strengthening program by physical therapists, okay, and 45 this is the control group they basically were given a book for self-care Just an educational and what they found at the end What they found is that these two groups ended up doing well. Their back pain both went down Okay, so we’re advocating yoga, or stretching because we’re not experts on yoga We’re gonna go ahead and show you the stretching program right and yoga people you can comment in if we you know Yoga is great too, so By the way if you are new to our Channel, please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free, and we upload every day. And also make sure to “like” us on Facebook because we like to be liked All right We’re gonna start right at about the 2-minute mark here Brad and this program should take maybe about 10 minutes if we do 30-second stretches. Why don’t you lay down? Assume the position assume the position We’re almost at two minutes here that way people will know when they come back Start around at the two-minute mark here we go we’re gonna start doing trunk rotations Brad Oh, yeah, so he’s rotating back and forth, if it hurts in one direction don’t go that direction. Just go in the direction you like, if it hurts, you’re going too far. Just start with rotations that are not as far Just go into this range right in here, and then eventually work further and further So this is a good universal one most people can do this one We often recommend this one right after you’ve hurt your back because you’re in bed. All right next one Brad with 30 seconds, bridging, bridging So with this one now you’re getting a little bit of strengthening again. It’s generally not too hard for people don’t you find this one Brad, most people can do this one So you get a little bit of core strengthening, you’re getting some movement in the back, you can start off, if 30 seconds is too long for you, maybe start off with 20, 10, or do a lower amount but It’s a good again universal one, this next one Brad is a little harder to teach isn’t it, pelvic tilts The famous pelvic tilt. So you can see the line here from the green to the black and yeah that helps So what he’s doing basically is you’re gonna have your legs up like this and if I put my hand underneat here, he’s squishing my hand Alright, so you’re tilting the pelvis down like that That’s providing a lot of range of motion and that low back Yeah It’s a good thing to learn where your pelvis is at so that when you have to do lifting or anything like that You can go ahead and do that alright single knee to chest press. So you’re gonna first do one and You’re gonna bring it up, and you’re gonna squeeze like that if you have trouble you can grab underneath the leg, too If you have a great amount of trouble you could actually use a strap, right, we have the yoga strap here Again any time we mentio a product we put it down below in our product description So yeah and for a lot of younger people you may feel like this is easy. Ok we’re going double knee to chest now. Do this particularly if your back hurts, yeah This might be painful, but this yeah, and make sure none of these should hurt, if this hurts I don’t want you doing it, don’t include this one in your repertoire But this one especially if you have a disk problem, this is one you wouldn’t want to do I mean this is gonna make it worse But if you don’t it should be fine all right Brad once you go into a hamstring stretch now again The strap would work out well for that if you don’t have a strap You might have to use a long sheet and pull it up or a belt you can go like this That’s another alternative and you’re still getting a pretty good stretch on the hamstring, good alternative to do All right, then Brad we’re moving. We’re a little bit early okay now you got them both in, let’s go to like an IT band, where you cross your leg over And then lift up the other one Yep, that’s one way to do it yep This really feels good Bob Yep I actually do this one I wasn’t doing this one, and obviously you’re gonna want to do it on both sides But he’s gonna kick out the cabinets here Good IT band stretch, again it also can affect the back, all right then we’re gonna do heel cord Brad Heel cord, laying down, you can if you want, sit up while you’re doing it like that This is where this strap really comes in handy Or if you’re gonna stretch a heel cord, if you’re gonna do a daily stretch routine I would think about getting a strap or something like that. It’s well worth it. They’re not real expensive and they’re fitting to most people’s budgets, you can do this one standing, too But this is the option for supine, all right Brad I’m gonna have you get up And I’m gonna go ahead and those were all laying down now the next one is prone and this is kind of a standard one that we love, we have everybody to do, put your hands underneath your shoulder, so you’re gonna press up like this, if it’s painful go up only as high as it’ll allow you We don’t want you lifting up your pelvis here. You’re gonna be stretching like this and you’re doing repetitions here This is a great one to do. I do it every day. Bob did say something he didn’t mean to say, he said everyone to do, but it’s not everyone, it’s just most people if you got spinal stenosis or spondylolisthesis Those people will not want to do this. Exactly, then I’m gonna go right into alternating arms and legs Brad, and this one works out well if you have a pillow underneath you You want to throw me a pillow real quick? You hum that one in there so okay what I’m doing Hhere is I’m going to lift my arm opposite arm and opposite leg, and now we’re getting some strengthening going on here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 We’re actually doing a hip flexor stretch, and this is where I would need the strap Do you mind giving me this problem get a strap? You can also just grab like this and do it on your side, like this This actually works out just as well too. Why don’t you roll over so they can see what’s going on back there? And so I’m stretching like this yeah Good one to do because the hip flexor often does get tight where you’re sitting and then it will pull on your back So now we’re doing cat camel Brad So this is really good for the mid-back, actually works the low back a little bit – The name of this, some people call it something different But we call it the cat and the camel and we’re sticking to it, all right next one Brad now this is kind of advanced one of the one that we were just doing laying down You might have trouble doing this one to start off with but what I usually do is actually I do repeats like this And I actually go up like this and then to the side right then to the back And while I’m moving the leg so I’m going like this, good for the shoulder posture Yeah, good for getting the retractors there, so Where we at, okay, next one I want you to put your legs kind of far apart like this, knees far apart You’re gonna stretch forward like this and this kind of gets the low back, but also the mid back, too if you’re doing it right, so you don’t have to bring your butt down to your heels You can do it that way too, all the way down However you want to stretch. I don’t like to do it that way, I’d like to get more in the midback but yeah If you want to get the low back, then you would go more that direction there I think we’re ready for the seated one Brad. Hallelujah stretch This is a nice chair for this because it hits me in the right area. If it’s too tall of a back and it hits you up by the top of the shoulders it’s too tall, but here we can go like this and stretch back Bring your hands back like this Depends on your shoulders, if you’ve got painful shoulders you may not tolerate this, so you can do it here as well And I’m gonna go down a notch. It feels good if I adjust where that makes contact with my back, all right if you want to face them now and do a quadratus lumborum stretch I’m gonna go this way and a little bit forward And you know one thing we didn’t mention with all these Bob is make sure you’re breathing and, yeah good point Yeah, very important really makes a big difference on how you stretch much better stretch quality with good relaxed breathing I want to give just a couple more in here Brad You could do a good functional exercise You’re strengthening the legs and the back a little bit just doing some squats. Yeah And the reason you want to teach yourself is that’s how you’re gonna lift sure you’re gonna teach yourself that you’re lifting by bending down like this instead of bending like this Right so by doing lots of these you’re strengthening the legs getting yourself prepared for it, and now you’re gonna lift correctly Yeah, and I like this if you just put up That’s a good cue yeah, that actually is just take a stick behind your back Broomstick or what you have, a PVC pipe and it forces you to have good shoulder posture, which really straightens you out. It’s really a great idea actually and that’s hard to believe it came from you Bob I’ll give you more than you deserve then let’s also show The other functional thing is often you want to lift like this, go down and grab things like this, keeping that back straight So you can do lunges the same way you’re gonna go ahead and put your bar up here to keep good posture And you’re gonna do a lunge And now with a lunge the thing we always want to remember is to not have the knee go past the front of the foot if you can So you don’t want it to go like that, you want to keep it back to just kind of dipping down like that There’s a lot of little tricks, you do not need they have fancy equipment to do good exercise, right so that’s the program we’re talking about a lot of dedication here Brad But you do something like this and and it’s not going to only get you in better shape but it’s gonna get your back in better shape and your pain levels are gonna go down, so do it properly and again Bob, this is one of those things science is really working good with the back, but once again We can fix just about anything except for a broken heart, right and when we get a science review on that, then we’re really gonna have some attention Sounds good. Thanks Brad

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