Sensual Head Massage Techniques : Mouth & Jaw Massage Techniques

Sensual Head Massage Techniques : Mouth & Jaw Massage Techniques

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I’m Pat Haywood with A Time to Relax on behalf
of Expert Village. OK, in this segment we’re going to work on the cheeks, the mouth and
the ears. Again, the sinuses are involved in this and it releases a lot of tension in
the mouth area for whatever reason a lot of tension settles right in the mouth area. So
I’m going right underneath the jaw bone here. And again, a lot of this is from your teeth,
sometimes your teeth will be aching and this is relaxing in that area. I’m going to go
up into the ear and gently go down starting from the top to the bottom of the ear. And,
I’m going to tuck away at the cheeks, gets the circulation going, settles in some more
relaxation. Now I’m going to do a sweep to kind of finish up the facial portion. Up and
down and across the whole face, always do a finishing touch of whatever area you’re
working on. Again,I end up at the top.

26 thoughts on “Sensual Head Massage Techniques : Mouth & Jaw Massage Techniques”

  1. she does massage videos and has the most relaxing voice!! check out 'fabulous leg massage' to find her link!

  2. @leftovertacorockets INDEED! she's like the batman of massage with her utility belt… her lack of emotion also makes me think she's about to break into a loud 'SWEAR TO ME!'

  3. @Dude0096 Me too. I especially like when they talk about the areas they are massaging and sometimes they will add comments about how relaxing it is as they are massaging it. I love when they do that lol

  4. I love the rare massage, when I get up the nerves to go for one, but I don't like "plucking" type motions at all. It makes me feel like I need to "brace" against them, you know? Maybe its just me.

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