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– Well hello everyone! My name is Tyler Oakley
and today I wanted to just do a little update video because there’s been so much
happening in my life this week and I felt like I have been
neglecting on filling you in as to what I’m doing like day to day and so here we go! So on Sunday I got to
do some Grammy coverage. I did a live stream, and
it was like four hours long which felt like forever but
like while I was doing it it felt like 10 minutes, with Pop Sugar and I got
to host their live stream viewing party and it was really fun and I had special guests
and things like that. So many of you guys tuned in
so thank you for watching. If you wanna see that I think there are clips over on Pop Sugar Girls Guide. The link is below. But I also got to film
right after I did that. I got to go and film some
Grammy’s after show stuff that was on TV Guide channel so that was on TV so thank you for watching that if you saw it. I was tweeting about it
and a lot of you guys were sending me pictures
and screen shots and things like that so to me it’s really fun because I get to tell like my
family and friends from home back in Michigan like “oh
tune into this and you “can see me on TV.” And to them it’s like crazy
cool and it’s crazy cool to me but like to them it’s just like I get to do something cool
that people just at home can’t believe and I’m like
yes, that’s cool I can do that. Over all I liked the
Grammy’s although I kind of just wish that there were
more queens of pop there. I mean yes, Beyonce and Katy were there but I am also here for like Miley, and Britney and Christina
and Gaga and Demi and Selena and Fifth Harmony and all of my queens. I just want them all there together and Rhianna and Kesha. Did I say those two? I don’t know if I said them. But like every queen of pop
I just wish the Grammy’s could be about them. I understand there are
other genres of music but I’m just over here
in the queen of pop land, let me just live there happily. (sigh) That is what I love but honestly I died when
Beyonce was writhing up there because surf boards okay? It’s all you need to know. Surf boards. Speaking of queens of pop I
got to go to the Miley Cyrus Unplugged concert with my buddies Ricky and Conner and JC and Mandy and we got to sit front row
which was pretty amazing. I love Miley. She was probably the queen of pop in 2013. It was great, her live vocals
were basically incredible like I haven’t heard somebody
just deliver live vocals like that in forever so
I really appreciated it. Miley, congratulashayla,
you were incredible. Also speaking of the queens of pop I got to host a Fifth Harmony event today which was pretty insane and epic. Things that I never thought I would do especially considering
I was rooting for them back in the day. Back on X Factor when they were going by like LYLAS and what else were they called, 1432? And things like that. I have loved them forever and Miss Movin’ On is incredible and Me & My Girls is incredible and I got to go host this
event which basically consisted of me doing a Q & A with them and hosting the live stream and introducing the girls
to sing brand new music. I guess it’s like it boggles
my mind that I get to do stuff like this because I just it, I adore them and the girls are incredible because yes they are talented and stylish and beautiful and kind
and nice and just amazing. Overall generally amazing which a lot of celebrities are
but I think my number one quality when I think about
my favorite thing about any celebrity is their presence and if they’re there when
you’re talking to them and you can tell that
they’re paying attention. That’s my number one thing
and a few celebrities have had that with me. Like Darren Criss has had that. Fifth Harmony has that and
the artists that have that I think are the thing
that sets somebody apart. So I loved that. Thank you for tuning in
if you watched the event. It was really fun and I
hope I get to do a lot more things like that because that type of stuff is fun to me. I also had a couple
collaborations come out this week. I did one with Puppet Sloth
which is a sloth puppet. Obviously. But basically it’s about
a puppet that is a sloth who interviews you about
a cause that you enjoy and I don’t think I’ve
ever laughed that hard in a interview. I think it says something
about how thirsty I am because even in a collaboration
with a sloth puppet there was still sexual tension somehow. I don’t know how but it happened. The link to that is below so go click that and check it out and give it some love. I also did a collaboration with my boys Scott and Mitch from Superfruit. They are two of the boys from Pentatonix. They are hilarious and incredible. We did a Q & A and their
cat crawled all over me and that was super fun too. You get to hear me sing if
that’s of interest to you. The link to that is also below. And I did an exclusive
interview in my apartment with my buddy Paulo. He interviewed me and asked
me some really good questions. So if you ever want to see
a more in depth interview that’s a little longer
with a little game in it you can check that out and the link to that is also below. It was really fun so
give that some love too. What else happened this week? The Fault in Our Stars trailer came out. Basically I felt every
emotion and then I immediately got on Twitter and yelled at John Green and told him that he made me cry again. So thank you John Green
for making that happen. What else is happening in my life? I know I’m doing something tomorrow! I’m literally an idiot. Tomorrow I am headed to New York. I am getting in an Uber bright and early. Heading to the airport and getting on a flight to New York City and I’m gonna go and try to enjoy the cold even though it’s freezing I’m sure. I have been told to
pack my bags really well with warm clothes because
it’s freezing still apparently on the East Coast. Things we don’t have to deal with in L.A. But I’m going to the
Super Bowl with Pepsi. I got to go with them last
year and it was super fun. I got to meet Hunter Hayes and
be in a Beyonce commercial. And this year I am headed
there with a whole bunch of fun surprises so if you want to see exclusive details as to what I’m doing at the Super Bowl, the link to that is below
and there’s gonna be a whole bunch of fun surprises so be sure to follow Pepsi on Twitter and track the hashtag #pepsihalftime. I am gonna be tweeting
with it along with like Facebook updates and Instagram updates and Twitter updates. I am gonna be letting
you know every exclusive detail as to what I’m
up to at the Super Bowl with Pepsi and a whole bunch of YouTubers so stay tuned it’s gonna be a fun weekend. I’m really excited to go back to New York. I love New York. I love anytime I get to go to New York. It’s really fun. I have no clue who’s even
playing in the Super Bowl. Honestly I didn’t even think about that. I am rooting for the half time show. The Pepsi Halftime Show is
always great and Bruno Mars is performing and last year it was Beyonce which slayed
so I have no doubt that Bruno Mars is going to
deliver above and beyond. I love Bruno Mars. Plus he’s like my height
which I appreciate. Nobody is our height. I am like five foot
nothing so you know what? Thank you Bruno Mars for representing us short girls, okay, thank you. P.S. I am so excited,
you guys, next week I am going on a little trip but also what’s happening next week? My buddy Korey is moving to Los Angeles. I moved to San Francisco
with him back in the day like three years ago now to
San Francisco from Michigan. And I moved down to L.A.
and he stayed there. But now he is moving down
to L.A. to be with me. Not to be with me but like
to be friends with me again. We did The Best Friends
Challenge together. We did The Chicken Nugget
Challenge together. We’ve opened up a whole
bunch of fan mail together. So you guys are gonna be
seeing a whole bunch more of him and I together. I am so excited to have him. But what else? I feel like I just give
you a million things to check out below but check
them all out (burps) ooh. So check them all out below. The links are gonna be in the description and this video is just a
long me ramble session. I hope that’s okay. Honestly. Whatever. If it’s not you’re gonna
have to deal with it. That’s my new single, you’re
gonna have to deal with it. And if you dealt with it push
the thumbs up button (laughs). Wait if you really did deal with it push the thumbs up button. If you watched this long. I wanna know who has watched
me ramble for this long. Push the thumbs up button,
that’s gonna let me know who has watched this long. The rest of the frick frackers
they can just get, okay? They’re not in our club (laughs). Okay that’s all. Later y’all.

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  1. Darren Criss had that presence as well when I met him and he was exhausted after being stuck in an airport for hours and it was at a convention with about 300 other people at the meet&greet

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