Sharon’s Story: Heartburn & Acid Reflux – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

Sharon’s Story: Heartburn & Acid Reflux – Henrico Doctors’ Hospital

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(gentle music) – I’ve had symptoms of acid
reflux, I’d say, over 20 years, and so my gastroenterologist suggested over-the-counter medication that I could get without
a prescription obviously. And that was fine. That’s been fine all these years, but last year the symptoms changed. They were more intense. I had the feeling, when it
got down to the real wire was when I started waking up in the middle of the
night every night feeling like I was gonna vomit acid. Sometimes I felt it in my throat. It was not good. I had constant heartburn. Started with my gastroenterologist. He did some tests that I
had had in previous years. We started there. And he gave me an additional medication to the over-the-counter. I took that for a couple of months. It wasn’t helping, so
he decided at that point to refer me to Dr. Clifford Smith. He was very thorough. He took time to answer all my questions. He told us what our options were and what his thoughts
were on those options. So I felt really good going in. He made me feel very comfortable, and we went home to
think about our options. We had found the LINX procedure, and that’s the one we had
preferred upon our investigation. And then when he mentioned it, I was so excited about that one because that’s the one we wanted. He did mention that to
qualify with insurance, we would have to find a hernia. He told me we were going to go in with the option of doing either one. And if he found the hernia,
of course we’d do LINX. And thankfully when I woke up, I found out there was a hernia and we met the qualifications
and he was able to do it. And that was amazing. I felt good from the first
night in the hospital. My quality of life has improved so much. I think one of the big things is I can sleep through the night. I can exercise again
without having to worry about what bending over might do to me. I can tie my own shoes now without (laughs) worrying
about the same thing. I know they sound like little things. When you have to rely on somebody else for things like tying your shoes, helping you get your clothes, bend over and put your clothes on, it takes away your independence. So now I feel like I
have my entire life back. The advice I would give to anyone with a similar situation
is do your homework. You have to be your own
advocate and push for. You know your body better than anybody. I can tell you for certain, the best thing my
gastroenterologist ever did for me, and he’s been with me for years, was to refer me to Dr. Clifford Smith. I can’t thank him enough,
thank the practice, thank everybody involved,
his nurse Barbara, the people who I walk up and
sign in with, Cathy, everyone. Think Dr. Clifford Smith
is an angel of mercy. He gave me my life back. My life has changed forever for the good. And I would recommend him to my family, my friends, my children. I just think he’s amazing. (gentle music) (Want more information? Visit

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