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– Anonymous, why the thumbnail? Are you trying to make me fail No Nut (laughs) November? (laughs loudly) (upbeat electronic music) Hey guys, welcome to another episode of Responding to Your Comments. Why wait? Let’s just get started, bee-woop! I think I know what No Nut November is. Now are you doing that for a cause? ‘Cause then I’ll support you. But if you’re just doing No Nut November to prove something to
yourself, that’s cool. Hope you’re not in a relationship ’cause that’s gonna be rough. I will say, doing a simple task that you can stick to, for example, like brushing your teeth
with the opposite hand than you’re used to, proving it to yourself that you can be strict and disciplined and stick to it, can actually translate to other areas of your life, and then you’ll start seeing your ability to be disciplined in going to the gym, in following a diet. Maybe No Nut November is
exactly what the doctor ordered. I know that sounded weird. I’m a triplet. Have you ever delivered multiples? Any stories? Courtney, I’ve never delivered triplets. I’ve never even delivered twins. Although my sister has twins. They’re my nephews and I
play with them all the time. Does wearing glasses
make your eyesight worse? No, Gabrielle, that’s like a common myth that you hear from people. I think the misconception started off when someone uses eyeglasses, or let’s say not using eyeglasses, and they
think their vision’s fine. They put on eyeglasses. Everything seems like it’s HD and amazing and then they take the glasses off and all off a sudden it looks worse. That’s because you now got used to seeing normally with the glasses. AciiD. What are the current opinions on tattoos and medical school? I have a sleeve on my left arm but everything can be covered. Would this be an issue? I don’t think it’s an
issue especially right now. Medical school is becoming
incredibly progressive. I have a tattoo. It’s not shown. It’s obviously coverable. That’s ideal, just because all humans have their own implicit biases. We undergo some implicit bias training to be more aware of them, but they exist. So why create an opportunity for a tattoo on your neck or on your face that patients are gonna have to confront
that and deal with it? You’re bringing another barrier into the doctor-patient relationship. And I’m not saying that they’re right for doing that, but it’s gonna happen. If you’re aware of that and you understand the consequences, by all
means get that tattoo. I’m a fan. And send me a picture of
it ’cause I wanna see. Civilduckling4n. I don’t know what 4n means but I like you, civilduckling. Is it weird to sneeze
seven times in a row? Is it weird? Weird meaning unusual, yes, it’s unusual. But most people do sneeze in multiples, and my buddy, Leonard Sherman,
aka the sausage maker, he sneezes like seven, eight,
nine, 10 times in a row. He literally sounds like a dog. Kora Mitchell. Should I take prenatal vitamins if I’m trying to get pregnant? Yeah Kora, you really should. Within prenatal vitamins, you
have a nutrient called folate or folic acid you’ll see sometimes. That’s really important
for the development of your child’s neurological development. I generally don’t like supplements, and I tell people all the time that eh, you shouldn’t really be
taking a multivitamin unless there’s a medical reason for it. Trying to make a baby, and conceive, you should be taking a prenatal vitamin. That’s a medical reason, there is proof, there is research on that,
so I do recommend prenatals. Can you please do a
collab with David Dobrik or another youtuber who
you haven’t collabed with. Natalie, I want to do this so bad. I do have one collab lined up with a very popular youtuber, I’ve already collabed with Ricky Dillon, Eva Gutowski, and Gabbie Hanna, but if you have a youtuber
you want me to collab with, my biggest piece of advice, because I don’t necessarily
feel comfortable just going out and saying
like, hey collab with me. They get so many requests as is, I don’t want to be annoyance. If you want to tweet at them, or leave comments on their YouTube videos that you think they should collab with me, I’ll jump in, I’ll retweet your tweet, I’ll comment, perhaps we can get a line of conversation going. Kristin Musa. What are your opinions on
routine infant circumcision in the U.S.? I don’t know how routine it is. I guess that you do
have to sort of deny it if you don’t want it to happen. I don’t think that there’s
a lot of great evidence to support routine circumcision, I think it’s a surgery, it has risks, it has benefits, and it
should be up to the parents to make a decision on what they want to happen to their child. What I do when I’m
functioning as a pediatrician, as a family medicine doctor, I have a detailed
discussion with my parents. When I say parents, I mean
my patients who are parents. There’s not a lot of great benefits. We’re seeing some decreases
in what we call Balanitis, which is inflammation of
the glands of the penis. There’s been some research
on showing decreased transmission of HIV in
those who are circumcised. It’s not evidence that’s mind blowing or even life changing. There’s certainly side effects if the procedure goes
wrong, and it can go wrong. Things can go wrong with these procedures. I’ve seen botched circumcisions. Just think about how bad that is. I don’t think it’s mutilation, I’ve heard some people discuss that, because there are some benefits, but it’s just important
to weigh those benefits versus the harms for
each individual patient and not just make this
a routine procedure. What are your thoughts
on anesthesia awareness? Is it possible to wake up during surgery? Eafy, I’ve heard of this. It’s really scary. I can’t imagine if I’m cut open and then I wake up and I feel everything. I’ve heard of instances of this happening, knowing how true it is, ’cause it is subjective it’s hard to know. I mean I believe all my patients. It’s really scary, it’s
something that scares me and I’ve thought about this. What if the anesthesia,
since part of anesthesia is amnesia, meaning that you
forget what happened also, what if during your surgery you wake up, or you don’t wake up
but you feel everything, but then when the surgery’s over and you wake up from the anesthesia you have amnesia so you
don’t remember the surgery. (phone ringing) (bright jazz music) Squidlava. Why do I have such a short attention span? Maybe ’cause you’re a squidlava. I don’t know, I need to
ask you so many questions. The fact that you asked this one question without any punctuation
in the YouTube section tells me that you definitely
have a short attention span. My thing is when someone
comes in with a complaint of short attention spans,
I don’t like jumping to a disorder. Because what that does
is that encourages you to label yourself as a person
who has, let’s say ADHD. It now becomes a self fulfilling prophecy that’s gonna keep you
from reaching your goals. I instead like to focus
on, what are your symptoms, what can we do to help them, what can we try from
the most conservative, to then an increasing step-wise approach, that’s my thought process on it, I hope you were able to, despite your short attention span,
listen to my blabbing. I like your logic. I like your logic na chatana, because you left that quote in order to give me a compliment, ’cause you knew I’ll use it in this video so that you’ll get airtime. So well done, I like your logic. Before I take a test I study and know most of the information but while I’m taking
one I seem to blank out. What causes this, can I fix it? Mark, this does happen. This has happened to me, I mean I’ve taken hundreds if
not thousands of tests in my career in trying to become a doctor. Something that you may be doing that could be contributing to this, is not simulating a testing environment. I’ll explain what I mean. I’d like for you to set up, with a timer, however long you need for your test, give yourself a test,
don’t know the answers, practice recalling that information. Recalling that information is a different type of memory and you need to practice that. Can we please see pictures
of teenage Dr. Mike? Amy, dear, you don’t want to see it. You don’t want to see it. Spiky, Jersey Shore, Pauly D hair, in your face, obnoxious. Look, teenage years are awkward years, it’s not easy to get through them without some embarrassing
pictures floating to the surface. What’s your take on
birth control for teens to use to regulate periods? Tayah sometimes this makes sense. I know a lot of people worry
about taking birth control, about increases of risks
of certain cancers, and while there’s some truth to that, there’s also some
decreases in cancer rates when taking birth control. So it’s always a trade off between the benefits and the harms, especially when you’re talking
about hormonal treatments. I have used birth control in
teens to help regulate periods. That was a treatment that
I’ve done in the past. Is it right for everybody? Absolutely not. It’s an individual decision that you should make as
a team with your doctor, and if you’re a teen, with your parent. I can pop my big toes
multiple times in a row. You should put that on your resume. Its Awesome, Dr. Mike, can you make a video about concussions? More information needs to
be known about this injury. I agree with you. In fact, two days ago I
was playing basketball with my nephew, I snuff him, because I’m
the blockmaster, no, no, no. – Not in my house. – I fell, and I fell so
bad that I actually have a bruise on my hip, bruise on my shoulder, my head got rattled a little bit, and I think I had a mild concussion, because I had a headache for
like three days after that. I was initially gonna
specialize in sports medicine after my family medicine residency. I’ve attended the
conferences on concussions, I’ve looked at the research on this, so I will be making a
dedicated video just for you. What is an unhealthy amount
of time on your phone a day for your eyes or your brain? I know it’s not your specialty, just curious on what you thought. Robert I’m curious whose
specialty you think it is to talk about cell phones. I’ll tell you what I tell
parents of teenage children, and I guess middle school children. It’s to limit screen
time to two hours a day outside of what you get in school. What we found is, not
causation but a correlation, which means, two events
happening simultaneously, those who spend more than two hours of screen time a day have
side effects as a result. Struggles with mental
health, some visual issues. Try and limit it to two hours a day, live in real life. Spend time laughing with your friends, doing stuff outside. The world is beautiful, and… God I sound like I’m 90 years old. Two hours, that’s your answer. Just found your videos and I’m obsessed. I don’t think it’s healthy. Guess what? On the contrary, it is healthy. You’re watching a doctor
break up misinformation, teach you real stuff about your health, give you some guidance,
allow you to have fun, get your neurotransmitters
going, win, win, win, win, win. But please don’t spend 500 hours a day watching my videos. See that was a trick statement. There’s no 500 hours in a day. I was exaggerating. And you’ll know that
because you’re educated. If radiation can cause cancer, how come doctors use it to try
and shrink the cancer cell? Radiation is lethal to cells. Now cancer cells are cells too. So if we can target the
radiation very accurately, and now we have amazing technology courtesy of radiation
specialists, physics specialists. When you can target
radiation at the tumor cell, you can actually kill those cancer cells. Phan howlter. Is it normal for me to be able
to touch my head to my butt. Okay, I’m not flexible so I can’t do it. You could be hypermobile. I have patients with hypermobile joints. While that could be a sign
of a clinical condition like Marfan’s or some other ones, what I know about people
who are hypermobile is they’re more susceptible to injuries. You’re supposed to have a
limited range of motion, and when you go past that
physiologic range of motion you could actually cause damage. Talk to your doctor about
what you can be doing and where you have to exercise caution. What do you give first,
good news or bad news? Cameron, when I receive news, I want to hear the bad news first. I’ll take that shock, and then hopefully the good news will make me feel better and I’ll forget all about the shock. When I’m delivering the news, I think I like to do the same thing. Making people wait for bad news can increase the anxiety
related to that bad news therefore making the
person more susceptible to negative effects. That’s my medical way
of thinking about it. I saw my first mental
health professional today. Can we talk about how weird it is to talk about inner feelings
with a total stranger? Stephanie, you’re 100% right. It’s hard to talk to
to a complete stranger. It takes time to build the rapport, and we’re not gonna give you a diagnosis and a treatment plan right
away from the first visit. It takes time for you to
be able to share things, create a connection. Make sure to stay positive, carry a personal sense of responsibility, and know that there is no
obstacle that is too big for you to overcome. If you come with that mindset, you will do better with your outcomes. I know many of you are
incredibly passionate about mental health, so click up here for
my mental health video, and tell me what you think. If you have a question,
leave it down below in the comments ’cause
clearly I like answering them As always, stay happy and healthy.

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