Signs Your Child is Depressed

Signs Your Child is Depressed

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(hinge creaks) – Hi, I’m Adriane Kruer. I’m a clinical psychologist
in Los Angeles. I’ve been working with kids and
families for about 10 years. I am a licensed psychologist working with children ages three to 18. I started working with children when I did a master’s in art therapy. I really love working with families to help them understand their kids better, communicate better, and get along better with
their friends and family. So some of the signs of
depression in children might be not wanting to do things that they normally like to do, like they don’t wanna go to
their normal soccer practice, they might not want to go to a sleepover and they normally would really like that. Another thing that kids might show when they’re feeling depressed
is some bodily symptoms. They might have headaches more often, maybe more stomachaches. They might go to the
nurse’s office more often. They might also have trouble getting along with other kids at school
or with their siblings. You might hear about
this at a school meeting. Kids might also be a
little more irritable. Maybe they have more outbursts. You might notice that
they’re a little more angry than they normally would be. That would definitely be a sign that they’re having some
sort of sadness going on. When talking with your
kids about their feelings, it is really important to let them know that you are safe to talk to, that you can be there for them. Kids when they’re feeling
sad might not understand that they feel depressed. They may not know what’s
really going on for them. So it’s really important as adults that we provide a really
safe space for them to talk. We might want to give
them a lot of reassurance and provide them some
encouragement to open up. If you do have concerns
that your child is in danger or they may have thoughts of hurting themselves or someone else, it is important to reach
out for help right away. Don’t wait. So you can call your local
emergency services, 911, or the suicide hotline. They do have a youth division. Paying attention to
feelings is really important to understand how we are
getting along in the world with ourselves and with other people. Reaching out to a professional
can be a great way to just start the conversation. Kids can make a lot of
progress in therapy. They can really start to understand who they are as people, even
when they’re very little, so it’s nice for them to have a space where they can get to know themselves, start to understand how
they wanna be in the world. (bright music)

100 thoughts on “Signs Your Child is Depressed”

  1. I don’t get myself sometimes like how I understand many human emotions and physiology but I still can’t tell if I’m sad or depressed

  2. My parents do see me and even if they knew about my depression they forget it the next day to them I’m just an 11 year old girl

  3. Is body shaming all the time a type of depression… also sometimes I just get angry and sad for no reason and i feel like i wanna cry when there's noting wrong…. someone explain ;-;

  4. I try to be happy in front of people but when I’m alone I’m a mess I feel ok around my best friend that how I get through the day is my best friend

  5. I wish I could tell my dad but he would just yell at me and say I was saying it for attention I wish I had a caring father not a father who cares about his video games more than his own child!

  6. Idk if I have depression yet, but I feel sad daily and I am to scared to talk to my parents, I feel like the will just be mad at me and say it's my fault that I am like this…
    I tried talking to my dad but he was thinking to hard on something else.
    I feel like they don't care about me at all, when something happens they normally blame me and I remember I got so scared that I was scared to cry.
    Right now I still hide my feeling from my friends and family.
    Maybe some day I will come out with my thoughts.

  7. My parents aren't concerned at all they just ignore me I'm so numb, Lonely my memory is foggy 🙁 I need someone who will be there and care for me had that person but she manipulated me I want and need someone I need a hug

  8. I really want to tell my mom I feel depressed but i haven’t had a real diagnosis and I feel like she’ll just say it’s hormones and I’ll get over it I’m just sad not depressed

  9. None of this is true. I've done every single thing you've said and my parents don't do ANYTHING about it. You helped me. Now I know if my parents love me or not. The answer: They don't

  10. I’ve been depressed for months now I told my brother I was depressed and my mom but they said I was to young and couldn’t understand what depression was

  11. My mom doesn't believe that it's here fault I have depression because she believes that she is "allowed" to beat me because she is a mom and her religion lets her

  12. My mom don’t believe I am depressed I feel like I’m a failure and worthless I have friends on Facebook that is the only way we ever socialize with my Facebook got hacked stolen I’m personalized and I feel like I am losing my friends my parents don’t know what I am going through they don’t want to understand im lonely and cry almost every day I feel so much pain to feeling like they are not here enough for me

  13. I’ve noticed that most of the people who are watching this are depressed children and adolescents. That says a lot considering this is meant to educate parents

  14. Im 14 and my mom such as my dad doesnt even realize that im depressed so when im depressed they do what they want such as yell at me and makes me more mad at myself and feels worst

  15. I’m 12 I’m pretty sure I have depression but my parents don’t believe me and they get mad at me for the symptoms I can’t even control and the only member of my family I trust is my sister but I never see her but my parents won’t take me to a doctor to get diagnosed

  16. I want my parents to see this cause my parents tell. Me Everytime I try to them I'm depressed "your too young to deal with that" I'm not to young I'm flipping 10

  17. i already have severe anxiety issues, and also show these symptoms. i hope my parents see this so they could perhaps understand

  18. I've had depression for 2 years now and no one notices my pain. Its like nobody really thinks I exist and that I'm invisible. Am I the only one who feels this?

  19. How can I trust my mom with my feelings??? When I tell her about how I feel the next thing that happens is that me being depressed is now her latest feed on Facebook!!

  20. uh im 10 and i started feeling deppresessed when i was 9 or 8 when i turned ten i started to never do friends because they all th8nk im weird my says i do therapy on wednesdays but they dont even seem to help me whats wrong with me? ther3s more im sad about like family but i dont wanna tell to much because is way to much i like to lie that im okay do i have deppresion?… to myself i think i do…? i think it could be true…………….. separted familes always changes the childrens feelings is that how you feel too? me too :,) i wrote to much

  21. Me and my best friend are depressed and we talk to each other in Stedman of our parents can you like this to make us feel like we are liked

  22. Wow this video actually hurts to watch. Not because the lady is wrong but because this cancer is on youtube.

  23. Me preparing for the future to be able to know if my child would have depression and how i can help even if im just 13 wtf.

  24. My mom just thinks it's because of my period, my father doesn't even know I'm sad. But, just like my BFF says, "We can't always have what we want.". My f*cking god…

  25. Who cares if my parents will see this. My dad can't understand English anyways and I don't show any depression traits. Well at least I think they don't see it. So nobody would understand anyways

  26. The most painful thing is that you always have to force a smile even when ur so done with life and wish that your mom would somehow get the hint that your depressed

  27. My parents make me feel depressed over sport since my dad pressures me too much too be the since I'm the coaches son

  28. My family never understands me..when I accidentally made a loud noise or if I did something wrong…they would ALWAYS yell at me for no reason than forgiving me…if they see me crying…they’d just think I’m just dramatic but what they did not know was..I was depressed…they would rather spend time with my little sister than me…

  29. Guys I need help just please someone help me, idk what's wrong with me, u cry everyday, I self harmed, IDK WHAT TO DO ?? please ?

  30. I've been depressed since for about 5 years now, my parents say they realised I looked sad when I was 10 (a year before I wanted to end it all) and blamed it all on my Scoliosis. I think they just don't want to deal with me being depressed like my eldest brother.
    He was crying in the kitchen because his depression got worse, mother's reaction was "Why did I even give birth to you? All you do is cry."

  31. I really want too my mom too this but I’m too scared. I’m doing the same thing. I have no friends. NOTHING…Well l all have is just too hide it.

  32. My parents demeanors must have changed over time. When my depression was at its absolute worst, my mom asked if I were smoking marijuana. Then she laughed. Fortunately, she's taking my depression seriously now. Just whoever notices it needs to take it seriously at that time instead of acting later. Depression is not something to delay help for.

  33. My mother doesn't know anything I'm feeling. A N Y T H I N G, always saying have positive energy,I cant mom. I just CANT

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