Singaporeans Try: Pain Tolerance 2.0

Singaporeans Try: Pain Tolerance 2.0

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[Humming Titanic theme song] – (PD) Hi.
– Hi! [Giggling] I do not! I cannot even do P5 immunization. – Huh?!
– Injection. I’d cry even before the needle touches my skin. I do enjoy a bit of pain sometimes. Wow. I fell off a horse. That was so painful.
I fell and blacked out. When I was in Shanghai… When I got on the double decker bus, there was a big gap. So I stepped into the gap and my whole leg… There’s a scar up till now. Car accident. A car knocked me down. And I swerved. (PD) On this episode of Singaporeans Try, we will be putting you through a series of pain tolerance challenges. – Huh?!
– No! Why?! As long as you don’t pluck my nose hair. Escape. Escape.
Got the escape button now. – Are we going to get hit by a car?
– No! The producers might just drive a car into the studio. (PD) 3, 2, 1, go. [Grunts] Wait – that’s counted? Oh shit, I thought ‘let out a sound’.
Can I replay? I feel like I have a chance. (PD) Zhin loses. That’s painful! I heard my hair come out! Oi! Wah, I don’t need to cut my hair already, bro. – Mandon, I’m so sorry.
– It’s ok! It’s ok! Chey. Rubber band. Think I’m in Primary 5, is it? Wah! Ready? Oh my God!
Wait! Wait, wait, wait. Sorry. I can feel the stretch.
Oh my God. Ah. 5… 4… 3. 3, 2, 1. Painful sia. Your face… What the- [Cursing in Malay] How d’you do that?! – It’s ok! Surprisingly.
– No, it’s not! ‘Hell Pore’, bro. It cleanses all the way, so deep into your pores that it reaches hell. Look at the blackheads.
They’re crying. That will be you later. So where will we be using it on?
The nose? – Fudge!
– Huh?! Later my mole come out. It looks like paint… Shit, will it pluck my eyebrows out? Eh! Wash it off!
I don’t want my eyebrows to come off! Give me water! I got some on my hair.
That’s it. Dead. If I put it on my eyebags, can it remove my eyebags? (PD) Ready? Go. It touched my sideburns! This is damn… Ah! My cheek! [Groans] – You wanna try together? 1, 2, 3 and pull.
– Okay. 1, 2, 3. ~It was at this moment that he knew.~ ARGH! – Oh…
– It sounds like you are tearing paper. Argh! – I heard that… Bro, I heard that.
– Argh… – I help you pull.
– Ok. I count to ten, ok?
1, 2, 3. [Screaming] Bye, Zina, I’m going to win.
I’m done-zo. Ok, can. What the… [Varying sounds of protest] Just jump on it?
Can we test? Wah, shit. [High pitched scream] (PD) 3, 2, 1, go. I cannot. I have fragile feet. [Screaming] Why… It’s so [email protected]#$%-ing painful! 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8… 9! Ok, can.
Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Ow. Ow. Ow. 40… 41, 42, 43. Help me, God. It feels like I’m jumping on a cactus. [Gasping]
(PD) 3, 2, 1, stop. Who invented this shit? (PD) 3, 2, 1, stop. Ah! – Is it because his skin is thicker than mine?
– Yeah, actually my skin is quite thick. Why am I still standing here? Makes sense. I’m scared of the cold! [Screaming] How is this not cold?!
It’s damn cold! I already can’t feel my feet because it was numb from a certain challenge… Wait, I can feel it. I was too cocky just now. I’m shaking already. Eh, cold lah. – Must sit down?
– Huh?! Sit down first… Like this. (PD) Sit in the water!!! Oh my God. Zhin. I’m shivering. He’s really shivering. – It’s very pain.
– I cannot!!! Must lie down meh? Oh shit. [Screaming] Fauzi, are you ok?
He’s really shaking very badly. – Wanna give up?
– Don’t want! I don’t want to lose to you! I’m shivering.
Legit. If I don’t come out in 2 minutes, you all better check my pulse. – Come out, come out. You lose already. Legit.
– No no no. Legit. You dying. Your – your nose bleeding. I cannot already. – You sure?
– It’s very cold!!! You wanna come out? – I don’t want!
– Fine! I give up. You can stay here yourself. I give up! I give up, I give up. Actually, confession. I peed inside a little bit. 1, 2, 3. I think it’s the ice one. Mine is definitely the ice one.
I didn’t expect it to be super cold. – For me it’s the last one. The water one.
– I’m trying to think of the other things we did. I forgot. – Rubber band…
– The water was so freaking cold, it wiped my memory. It has the most lasting effect as the cold is still lingering on my body. For me, it was the rubber band.
It lasted a short period of time, the rubber band snapped on my arm and it was the most intense. Hmm. In comparison to everybody else, I think I did the best. I think our jumps were definitely the best.
Confirm. We are definitely better than Brenda and Fauzi. For sure. I think… definitely. Your body can adapt. If you are constantly putting your feet on spikes every day at work, It will be nothing to you because your skin would be so thick. I think it’s very cliche, but it’s all in the mind. Let’s take piercing ears, for example. The first time I pierced my ears, it was very painful. But after a few more piercings, I didn’t feel the pain anymore. – I got accustomed to it.
– Yeah, absolutely. Thank you very much for watching this episode of Singaporeans Try. If you liked this video, you can also watch part 1 over there. Don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Byeeee.

81 thoughts on “Singaporeans Try: Pain Tolerance 2.0”

  1. Zhin: Pain is temporary, pride is forever
    Throwback to what Fauzi said in beauty pageants: Beauty is temporary, dumb is forever…

  2. Hafeez πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ how can y’all sensor the f word but forget to sensor gila babi HAHAHAH

  3. i was low key rooting for brenda to take out fauzi in the ice bath
    women should be more pain tolerant then men as a rule ><

  4. at 3:12 , did he says le babi or lebam ni? I cannot hear very because it was too fast huhu. If he says "Lebam ni!" then it's not cursing. He just simply said, "Got bruised one!"

    When you said you were getting injection during P5…
    I’m turning 11 and P5 next year!
    Please help me!! I’m so scared!! I live in Singapore too.. maybe let’s hold all our tears tight alright?

  6. I wanna ask, does that mean that over time, u girls find ur monthly cramps not painful after some time? Is it OK to ask this question?

  7. The ice water was like wow…haffeez and mandon were like buddies….then Brenda and fauzi is so cute when they both were shivering and when zhin and his partner were holding leg so cute

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