100 thoughts on “Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert Re-enact Their Sketch “Waiters Nauseated By Food””

  1. Oh man, could only see part of the video's title before clicking it, was really hoping to see a revisit of "Even Stephven" from their Daily Show days.

  2. Steve carrel is not funny in real life and he’s too awkward for interviews , never say anything intellectual and just say words instead of sentences and then laugh at his own jokes, he was good for The Office only.

  3. That was HIGHLY entertaining. Like sitting in the living room with 2 old friends who haven't seen each other for awhile.

  4. I remember from their past interviews that Stephen and Steve talked about this sketch and then they showed it…. I die watching any time Steve's on!

  5. i recommend you guys from the late show to have these pictures sign with autographs and then to hand it out to the crowd.

  6. "The secret to a happy marriage is staying in separate rooms most of the time."

    Words of wisdom, words to live by! 😀

  7. I legit did a spit take when Stephen said, "…speaking about not being able to keep your lunch down… Evan Almighty!" LOL!

  8. so great these guys have such a history, seemingly very invested in one another. which, makes this so much funnier.

  9. This is so good I desperately need them to reenact that "I'm an old black woman" sketch next time that one's hilarious?

  10. When you try to make something of yourself and become a hydrogeologist but your childhood friend Steve tells embarrassing stories about you on national television. ?‍♀️

  11. i love that they just kicked it off with homoerotic content right off the bat i love them so much

    also icb they BOTH just keep getting better looking with age wtf

  12. I will not watch Apple TV plus, even if it were free and hosted nothing but Steve Carell and Stephen Colbert material. No sale. No more subscription services. Bug off with this nonsense.

  13. Am I the only one who thinks Steve Carell and Ryan Gosling look somewhat alike. Like he could play his dad or uncle, or older brother in a movie or show

  14. The funny thing about this is Colbert started the segment off by saying they were too good for their wives… LMAO

  15. I don’t need to know about current tv or movies. I just want to hear Stephen talk about LOTR for multiple episodes of a series.

  16. Literally when Carell said I thought you were going to say a movie I was in, I thought Evan Almighty lmao! Nicely done gentlemen

  17. Watching the genuine interaction between these two brings me so much joy. So relatable. Reminiscing with an old friend and laughing so hard your sides hurt and tears come out your eyes is the best feeling in the world. That's the good shit. Cherish it.

  18. 2:07
    Amazing: 17 year old Steve Carell looks exactly as a mustached Timothee Chalamet, who played Steve’s teenage son in Beautiful boy.

  19. Vomiting on command – is this a true story? Even if it isn't, it's hilarious and a true message of hope for every kid who embarrassed himself to the point that stories are still being told 50 years later, and on national television no less. I'm sure they only got drunk as an "experiment". Riiiiiiiiight 🙂

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