Stress Hives Treatment – How To Get Rid Of A Stress Rash FAST!

Stress Hives Treatment – How To Get Rid Of A Stress Rash FAST!

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Hi, I’m Brendan And as you can see from the other videos in my channel my children and I get a hives rash on a pretty regular basis mine mostly come on due to too much stress in my life Here’s a picture of what my stress rash looks like If you’re like me, you’re probably doing as much research online to try to figure out how to get rid of hives. I did the same thing. I went to all the same sources. I learned all the same information about how stress can cause hives. But I couldn’t find anything online that actually worked for getting rid of them. Or making them go away or making that crazy itchy feeling that I tell my friends feels like ants or spiders are crawling all over my face while I’m trying to sleep at night. So I went to my primary care doctor, which cost me a $20 co-pay And she wanted to run some tests, which cost me $223 And then she prescribed some medicines that cost me $164 And when the medications only made my stress induced hives worse I then had to pay another $20 co-pay to go back to her to find out what to do next. So, she then sent me on to a dermatologist that cost me $57 for a co-pay Only to find out that stress hives are just something you have to deal with and that they’ll just magically go away if you lower the stress in your life. Yeah, we all know that’s not going to happen. So, after spending $484 on doctors, test and medications that didn’t work A friend of mine recommended this hives treatment: OXYHIVES 2 sprays under the tongue when you have a rash from stress and they go away It takes an hour or two, but they go away! The crazy itchy feeling is gone! This is the only thing I’ve found that works for my stress hives Feel free to watch one of the other videos below where you can see how fast this stuff works. So feel fee to continue on the road you are Just be prepared to spend almost $500 on doctors and tests and medications and probably about 20 hours of your life you’re never going to get back To just end up here Or… just get OxyHives It’s the only hives treatment I’ve found that works for my stress rash. My only gripe is that I wish they sold it somewhere nearby like CVS, RiteAid or Walgreens, but no such luck They only sell it online So I’ll include a link in the video here and also below the video And if you have a stress rash right now, that’s as bad as some of my rashes in my videos below in my channel Then definitely get the expedited shipping. I got mine in 2 days, so you should get yours in about the same amount of time. And let me show you what it’s going to look like when you get it. it comes in this bubble wrap packaging, so it’s nice and safe And you get the shipping label and instructions and of course a bottle of OxyHives I’ve gone through 2 bottles so far so if you want to pick up a couple of bottles its probably a good idea. And thank you very much for watching. And if this video was helpful, please give me a thumbs up below, OK? And have a great day. Thanks.

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  1. lol I'm going through the same thing .My Dr said it was shingles another Dr told me it an allergy I still don't now what's going on. but I do know after three weeks I'm still itching ..maybe this is stress Hives thanks for sharing.

  2. "after 1-2 hours it's gone" Well, my case lasts about 30 minutes as a really harsh period so no use there.

  3. I have been looking for how to cure hives and this worked! Thanks so much for the stress hives treatment video!

  4. Mine seems to come back on the same spot/area of my neck. It has a memory. I get seb. derm. too…not sure if it's that but the redness doesn't go with hydrocortisone like the seb. derm. does.

  5. hi you have email add?i want to ask yoo something about the product.i have suffering for ulticaria for almost 10 years and i want this product.thanks in advance

  6. has anyone randomly got a painfully itch feeling that feels like 50 needles are being pushed into your skin that itches so much that it hurts but shows no redness or rash and goes away. after 5-10 mins?

  7. I get hives in my stomach area but my arms looks like heat rash would this work for heat rash it don't itch but stomach does looks like hives. Get worst when in the heat. Plz lmk so I could order. Thanks buddy

  8. I had eczema over Twenty years since teenage. The issue still endured after visiting many physicians and using different recommended products which only have a temporary effect. I tried eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it) for about 30 days, amazingly, the condition never returned for years.

  9. This eczema guide “Jαmzοzο Kuz” (Google it) is perfectly amazing, it cleared my eczema on my hands in two days. It`s been several weeks since I got this problems, and I can say that this guide is much better than the medicated steroid creams which I have tried.

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  11. I keep getting these hives around my lower jaw and mouth area. They have this sting when they occur and I HATE them. I try not to be stressed but my body doesn't let me fight against it.


  13. I can believe doctors will charge an itchy arm and a leg just to get people to spend money on making an appointment, giving advice and/or providing medication that doesn't work. I fell for the same thing with an ingrown toenail one time. 400 dollars just to get an ingrown toenail removed. Consider it comes back every 3 months. Do the math and I'm supposed to spend nearly 2 thousand dollars a year for ingrown toenail removal?

  14. Another advertisment. What is this stuff? how does it work? Do they sell it in my country? can I make it myself from cheap ingredients?

  15. My intensely itchy hives dont occur often. I havent a clue wat causes them. They appear out of nowhere. Its very odd how intervals of them r years apart. I hav them now, Started this afternoon.The last time was bot 6 yrs ago. They itched so severely all over I cried. I went to the emergency room and had to get a steriod shot and take antihistamines. The Doc said to me, its bad wen even the bottom of ur feet itch.Mine did. I just cant figure out y I break out in severely itchy hives so bad I cry every few yrs. There isnt a place on my body that doesnt itch.My eyes swell from rubbin them cuz they itch. This time, tho, unlike the other 2 breakouts, my throat hurts. it doesnt feel swollen. just hurts. Now, Im gonna go get antihistamines and in a day or 2 I'll b fine again. I wish someone, anyone, a gd Doctor can tell me how I can be goin along in life, doin fine for a few yrs, then suddenly out of the blue, out of nowhere I suffer the attack of these severe intensely itchy hives? After my steriod shot and antihistamines, Im fine again for a few yrs. Its not stress hives.Im under stress everday. Ive been searching on line for info but I found nothing.

  16. WTF ive got em all over my face and upper body BUT my lip is swollen this time almost like freezing from the dentist WHY

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  18. There are many factors in natural remedies for hives. One place I found that successfully combines these is the Karas hives remedy (google it if you're interested) definately the most helpful plan that I have ever seen. Check out the great info .

  19. Its comes and goes little Stress attack but my god this thing is killing me 1st time my HOLE BODY … me & my family got scared what just happen 2nd time I got fainted because of some kind of medication they gave me & 3rd time I lost my Interview … !!!

  20. Cheers for the video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried – Trentvorty Urticaria Victory Theorem (google it)? It is a good one off guide for curing hives minus the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my work buddy at last got astronomical results with it.

  21. Mine started at the age of 10. Been dealing with this for 35 years of my life. It is ally starts in the month of March and would last until November. I would then get a 3-4 month break but it just started the last week of January.
    I used to think it was seasonal and things that was in the air and trees during the spring. Then I thought it was food allergies.. It is something inside of my busy. It must be stress or enzyme issues.
    Thanks so much. I will try the product you mentioned.

  22. i got the worst hives because i have dogs and they irritate my skin and i have hives on my face. im stressing about it and it itches so badly nothing works

  23. Great tips here, solid advice. Having glowing skin I something that just shoots self-confidence through the roof. Although hives may not be mortal, it makes a huge difference in quality of life! Whatever you decide to do, try searching for Shane Zormander’s hives cure for some must do’s.

  24. Wright now while I'm typing this I have a red rash with bumps on one side of my face and it itches so bad they literally just showed up while I was laying dowm

  25. Are you really selling your own product and trying to lie you little weasel! people are the biggest pieces of SHIT nowadays, CLICK BAIT.

  26. Is this your product, Brendon? If it is, why would you lie about how you got it? Also, there's no information I can find about the ingredients of the product. I'd like to know.

  27. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about treatment for hives try Vaxicorn Treat Hives Guide (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my m8 got amazing results with it.

  28. Guys this disease happens on my body when i get hot or even write something. İ even can't go outside because i think people look at me and think so much which causes urticaria happens and i have an exam next month if there is anybody who cured it please let me know

  29. This gives me hope! Before this week, I didn't know there was even a such thing as "Stress Hives". I'm going through some tough stuff. And, my mom always told me that stress, if not felt with, could show up physically. I learned this first hand. I've been in so much pain. Even have them on the bottom of my feet! I will definitely be ordering this ASAP! Thanks for the helpful info.

  30. Thank you for sharing skin problem. Are you suffering from hives? Or do you have a hive patient? You have come to the right place. If you want to get more tips follow this link:

  31. Thank you for sharing skin problem. Are you suffering from hives? Or do you have a hive patient? You have come to the right place. If you want to get more tips follow this link:

  32. THANK YOU very much! I will try this. I have spent more than that over the last 15 years for creams, doctor visits and meds. OMG I AM trying this. I will let you know.

  33. I got a similar looking rash on my neck except it's not raised and without it itching or scabbing over. So you still think its hives?

  34. Liquid citrizine… works in about 10 minutes for me but I'm out right now so I'm itching uncontrollably at the moment!!!

  35. Is it save for pregnant woman? My first pregnancy, I got this hive in different areas of my body. My doc ran test and didn’t find anything. I’m currently going through my second pregnancy and the hive came back much worse. I knew it was because my stress was getting really bad do to both pregnancies but this itch is unbearable. I’d like to know if I can use this.

  36. I never really got hives til now at age 28. Idk about you guys but I'm going to try sliced aloe vera plant. That that stuff is so incredibly good that its amazing. Its a old family remedy. Try it!!!

  37. I have these rashes by they complete fade away when I’m cooled down, so by the time I get it, then when I cool down it can take 3 mins then I’m better. But when I stress again or take heat it comes back HELP 🙁

  38. I've had an extremely rash under the skin and hives all over my body for a year and a half. I've seen both my family doctor and a dermatologist a few times. First told it was eczema, then scabies and the last time dandruff as the scabies treatment appeared to work for about 2 weeks except for my scalp, shoulders & back. And after that "dandruff" appt I broke out all over again. I've got an appt with my family doc but have to wait a month. I'm so sick of this I've finally decided I'm going to emergency tomorrow and hoping someone will help me. Wish me luck.

  39. hey everyone on here check for celiac disease and/or wheat /gluten allergy i just found out thats what my hives are coming from.. Its BS they arent stress hives. Thats what they told me I had…

  40. please anyone could help me with this hives, I went to dermatologist and also do home remedies but both doesn't work 😭😭 hopeless 😩

  41. I break out with hives when I run. It’s happened to me quite a few times I first noticed it when I did the pacer test in school. I was up to 70 something and then my body just felt so itchy and it burned so I stopped and went into the locker room to just see a bunch of red bumps that looked like mosquitoe bites . Then a month later I was having a race with my brothers just to stop and come home and see my face was red . I’ll definitely try this and just wanted to explain my reason as to why I get hives

  42. I'm only 21 and have this. I had it at 16 but this time its all over my body. I have blood all over my sheets from scratching! A skin biopsy didn't even get me results on how to get rid of it!

  43. Happened to me last night for first time, scared me almost to the ER. Thought I had a couple mosquito bites but I woke up itch and went to mirror and was horrified. Ran to 711 for Benadryl. Woke and and mostly home minus a couple tiny red dots where it was worse under my arm pits on side of stomach

  44. Stop scamming people! The website to buy oxy hives is sketchy af and has fake 5 star reviews, nothing less then 5. It keeps and shouting that its RISK FREE!!!! FREEE SHIPPING!!!!!!! 100 GUARANTEED!!!!

  45. Geez, I get people may be desperate and frustrated when they're in distress, but how does anyone fall for scam salemanship like this? Don't spend money on a pitch like this until after the check from the Nigerian prince clears…

  46. Idk if this is because I was awake at 11:00 in the morning to 2:00 the the next morning and couldn’t sleep but my legs wanted to move alot

  47. I had a hive attack last night,the only remedy I could find is benadryll,normally 2 will do it.but I took 3.sometimes you can feel all the symptons before hand. that's when you take the takes about 30 min,to take affect, I notice my clothes irate my skin, so you need to take your clothes off and lay down on your other thing you will fall asleep. when you wake up your good to go.good luck

  48. First my feet start to itch I think nothing of it. Then red dots come up out of nowhere. Then I’m laying in bed and my arms and back start to itch. I can’t sleep now..

  49. Nice Video clip! Excuse me for the intrusion, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about – Trentvorty Urticaria Victory Theorem (do a google search)? It is a smashing exclusive guide for curing hives without the hard work. Ive heard some decent things about it and my old buddy Taylor at last got amazing results with it.

  50. Vitch please… '_( -³-)_/'
    I've spent $600 (no insurance) on allergy medications + multiple doctor appointments. I cant believe I never knew I had stress hives and taking medication that doesn't work.
    I wish I knew this sooner before doctors drained my college savings away 😡😤😤
    That's almost a month of rent near my college!

  51. I will ask my doctor if I can get this spray over counter. I have itchy hives on back of ankles and my wrists. Try shopping with huge bandades on both risks.. it looks very suspicious. I've cleaned house, tried different soaps, avoid brushing up on plants, everything. But I only itch when getting irritated in life situations. Hope your idea of oxispray works for me.

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