Summer Camp Island | Ice Cream Headache | Episodes 3 – Scott Gilbert

Summer Camp Island | Ice Cream Headache | Episodes 3 – Scott Gilbert

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Thank you very much! Santa magic mirror is a regular mirror I
bought it at the store my friend said I was invisible maybe it wore off
or maybe your so-called friends were lying to you Wow
I really need to sit with this why would they trick me probably thought you can
handle the truth because you’re kind of a weenie
or maybe they wanted to make me feel better no that doesn’t make any sense I
just wanted to help people feel less sweaty nobody would even have their
powers if I didn’t give them the pepper in occasion hi scream wait you did what 144 145 Oh
hi Oscar I mean I wonder where Oscar is right now this is so embarrassing I
trucked me to fool me what is she doing with that bun oh that’s cool but I like
it I know I’m not invisible Hedgehog oh I’m actually kind of relieved it’s
presently hard to pretend someone is invisible I know you were trying to make
me feel better but you lied to me I’m sorry Oscar you seemed like you
wanted power so badly I was just trying to make you happy you did I felt so cool
and capable fired powers like you guys I can think of a hundred ways to fix this
Sun problem what problem now you’ve done it do something me you said you could
think of a hundred ways to stop the Sun if you had powers okay yeah use your
telepathy to call the campers tell them to meet us up methyl pepper create some
baby clout now take them outside max pick up lump
and fly after him okay everyone else follow me float him up
LEM what’s a lot of clouds right here hey son what do you want Oscar I just
wanted to say nicer cut oh yeah you think so yeah it’s really nice thanks
Oscar this is much more helpful than what you were doing earlier what did you
want us to do Oscar oh he just wanted a crowd in case my
plan worked I’m still incredibly envious of your
powers I think we can help you there this is so fun I almost can’t feel out
your phone here I barely work out Oh oh well too bad peppermint occasion
powers wear off after 24 hours I should probably apologize for showing my butt
in due time no rush though we’re enjoying the music
you know I think I figured something out I do have a power it’s the power to tell
other people what to do with their powers and self-delusion I have got you I think I feel soft

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  1. Summer Camp Island | Ice Cream Headache | Episodes 3 – Scott Gilbert

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