Surface Tension – Why are drops spherical? | #aumsum

Surface Tension – Why are drops spherical? | #aumsum

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Topic: Surface Tension. Why are drops spherical? Because personally, I am fond of spherical shapes as compared to squares. No. It is because of surface tension. Surface tension is the property of liquids by which surface molecules of a liquid. Try to hold the liquid together by acquiring minimum surface area and acting like a stretched membrane. You know what, everything just went over my head. Alright. I will explain. Inside a drop, each water molecule is pulled with a force by its neighboring molecules. As these forces are equal and opposite, they get neutralized. However, the molecule present at the surface is not attracted outwards. It is attracted only inwards and sideways. Sideways forces get neutralized. But because of the inward force. Each surface molecule contracts to form a shape that has minimum surface area which is a sphere.

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  1. I'm s international student and I think I'm very stupid, even an easy lesson that other people think it easy but i can't understand but I will try everything to study more by my self. And i really thankful to your video

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  3. The worst in every video is the laughter of the guy at the end ….
    But thank u ur channel is an excellent channel keep on the hard work

  4. But why sometimes a water drop becomes flat and some take a round shape or spherical shape , now i understand why they take a spherical shape but some water drops end up flat , is it because the impact is stronger than the tension between the molecules so they break ?

  5. i m not sure but …..they taught us in school that sideways forces dont get cancelled ..neither do the inward forces….its bcoz of these both that the surface acts as a stretched membrane….
    what i mean by stretched membrane…do you think what my skl teachers have taught me is wrong?????
    coz it is known that surface molecuoles would occupy less area inorder to reduce the total surface energy

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