Swedish Massage Tips : Swedish Scalp Massage

Swedish Massage Tips : Swedish Scalp Massage

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After the neck massage, I like to move to
the scalp which is the last thing I do for the back massage for Swedish and I find the
most relaxing. I’m going to gently glide over the back of the head, using the pads of my
fingers to do circular motions around the occipital ridge, the side of the head, behind
the ear. There are a lot of attachments behind the ear for muscles of the neck, so releasing
this tension can actually release the tension in the neck. I’m going to go to the front
of the head, all circular motions, keeping my wrist straight and bending into my movements,
getting the entire head. This can be deeply relaxing and I wouldn’t be surprised if your
client fell asleep at this point. I like to get in front of the ears. Right in front of
the ear is a good place to do circular motions, it’s great for TMJ. Then just glide, hook
into the occipital ridge with our fingers and put pressure like this, almost like piano
playing, it can release a lot of tension. That’s scalp massage.

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  1. You're completely wrong. No amount of stress can cause your hair to fall out unless you have one EXTREMELY rare condition.

    You've said some vague, somewhat true things then applied it meaninglessly to an unrelated conclusion.
    Does stress act on cells? Yes, but do any of these reactions cause baldness? No, not a single one of them.

    Stress cannot cause baldness; adrenaline has no interaction with your hair cells and follicles. There is no known causal link between stress and hair loss.

  2. I'm not and fact by saying "telogen effluvium" which is merely a descriptive term for early hair loss and not a condition in itself this is undoubtedly what you are doing.

    To anyone who might risk being misled; telogen effluvium is hair loss resulting from things such as severe eating disorders, chronic illness, poisoning, fevers and malnutrition.

    And there's absolutely nothing a massage can do for you if you have of those conditions either.

  3. You're still trying to misrepresent the condition. Telogen Effluvium appears weeks or MONTHS after a stressful event, and this is usually an intensely stressful event like surgery or the death of a relative.

    This is clearly not applicable to massage and the link between stress and Telogen Effluvium is only hypothesised. However what is certain is that massage therapists claiming that this is a significant risk or that it can be helped by massage are lying.

    And you are lying too.

  4. I think it's clear from this that you are committed to obtaining the money of people seek out massage therapies for baldness. The sad fact is that any massage therapist claiming to be able to prevent or reverse baldness is lying.

    Telogen Effluvium is a classic example of a "buzz word" they pick up hoping nobody will look too closely. There is no evidence that massage therapy has any effect on hair loss, and if you want to visit a massage therapist fine; but don't expect your hair to grow back.

  5. Great job! Thank you for keeping people honest. I am going to school for massage and some of the claims are so unfounded I almost want to quit, I want no part in the pseudo science. It's so nice to know I'm not the only one out there trying to get the facts strait. Thank you.

  6. @orionpk it's all genetic. cut your scalp and you'll find that blood will gush out. The problem is dht choking the hair follicle, not lack of blood.

  7. @RedDaVincy oh really? got my head kicked in on friday and my jaw like isnt the right shape – might have to try that :L

  8. Wow…she can massage me any day…and I mean that in a serious way.

    I read somewhere that the US is the only place where male LMT's don't have as much demand and thats because of insecurity of both men and women. I mean really…professionals are professionals.

  9. @jwace I'm a man and i would personally prefer a man give me a massage. Ive found that in the profession field women cant seem to cut it with me as I have really tough skin and i work out alot. I barely feel a thing when a woman masseuse works on me. Your right…professionals are professionals

  10. @Petegrin1 The methods were probably developed by a Swede, you see 8D That would be about the only sensible reason to call it Swedish massage

  11. @Petegrin1 Assuming you are NOT making a joke statement…"Swedish" massage is the common term in the United States (I think Canada/UK as well but I might be wrong) used when you want a relaxing massage, as apposed to Deep Tissue which is more intense. I believe in other countries its referred to as Classic Massage.

  12. Thanks for watching. I'm doing another shoot next month with more topics on massage. I will keep everyone posted.

  13. I'm watching this for the 6th time in a row and I'm getting more tired and tired after each time i watch this.
    It looks so relaxing and she is sooo cute!

  14. Her voice is really relaxing but for some strange reason it also reminds me a liitle of Velma from the scooby doo movie, the one with people instead of animated characters. Anyone think this or just me?

  15. Yeeesh, that looked nice. If it was longer and juuuuust a little bit better lit (I realise it was the relaxation atmos), I'd be here daily for a relaxation fix! ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I have a pretty good sense of whether the massage will feel good just by looking at it. I am amateur, but everyone tells me I give them very good massages. I always ask for feedback during the massage to make sure I am doing it well, but they don't really have negative feedback unless I'm hitting the bone … Anyway, I looked at different head massage videos and was turned off by a lot of them. This, however, looks very pleasurable!

  17. this video is to short but sooo relaxing to watch… i'm always amazed at how this video makes me relaxed and sleepy. her hands move like she is sculpting his head, the guy is laying still and we don't see his face, this adds to the relaxation effect on the viewer, id probably pass right out if i was receiving a massage like that. great vid.

  18. OK, I'm going to confess to the most innocent of crushes on Nicole here. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Seriously, this is one of the best massage sequences I've seen on YouTube – If you could do a longer video showing all the techniques together, I'd be eternally grateful. And probably asleep a lot..

  19. I was about to watch this vid, but then an add for the movie "The Devil Inside" poped 1st.. after watching it,,, i cant even take this vid seriously -_-

  20. @ANTOINETTEMASSAGE Thank you, I am glad you enjoy them. I am working on content for a Vlog, if you have topics you would like the hear me discuss please feel free to let me know.
    Thanks and Be Well.

  21. @drtankification That's awfully vulgar. I must say, I'm quite shocked to find such a rude response to a comment I don't even remember making.

    This is a fact that almost everyone on Youtube is already aware of you "fucking moron." That doesn't imply that I must enjoy it.

    I'm frankly astonished you even found some sort of lack of knowledge in my comment. Looking back at it, it's incredibly obvious it wasn't made in any serious manner.

    Don't be such an angry elf.

  22. The ads are a neccessary evil. We all use YouTube for free, so obviously their income to run the site has to come from somewhere. Hence, the ads.

  23. This was before ASMR massage videos was a thing. I used to watch this woman and Lita. I wish these videos were longer. Her hands are magic

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