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Hey guys look, it’s T-Pain! And these are um…. *BEEP* Hey guys look, it’s T-Pain There’s a Squirtle in here t-PAIN ToP5 *laughs* Hey guys look! It’s T-Pain! And these are my top fives! Ladies and gentleman it’s your homeboy T-Pain once again! And here’s my top 5 tips on how to get into heaven Number 5 be nice as f**k Number 4 you just pay a dude Number 3 if you curse just say something nice afterwards Uhh, for example: F**king sprinkles Number 2: Recycle a bunch I do that. It is, it is, it is difficult Number 1, and the most important, And the quickest way to get into heaven, Just die. Just, just, just f***ing die. *OOOOH SHOTS FIRED AMAZING GUN EFFECTS, T-PAIN CRACKING UP OOOH* BEEP Here’s my top 5 favorite Pokémon. Number 5, Onix. Also means black. So, Black lives matter apparently. Till I fight him in a f*cking gym. Then I just put him up against other weird animals. Ain’t that a bitch? I’m the Michael Vick of Pokémon. Number 4. Pikachu! Just because, he’s the most famous. Don’t know why, he does the least! Just hangs on Ash all day. Freeload, eating for free and sh*t Number 3! Weedle! *BEEP* Aaaaaaand, okay. -Caught yourself a Weedle. -I got a Weedle. HAHAHA JOKES! BEEP It just, it just seems small until he evolves, And he’s just a- a bit bigger, The third evolution, Is, when sh*t’s real. Number 2, Big D!ck Bee! It just looks like, he, he’s just showin’ it! Number 1, Jigglypuff Probably becuase i know a stripper named that and she is amazing she does this thing with her ass which is what she got her name from Jiggly Puff, And she- her hair, is ah- in afro puffs So, Jiggly Puff Here’s my top 5 ways to greet your grandmother

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