The Cure for Depression?

The Cure for Depression?

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Is there a cure for major depressive
disorder? I’ve been combating this cold or allergy for a couple of days now, and
it’s gotten me thinking: there are so many remedies for the common cold, but
why do people keep getting it? Anti allergy meds, decongestants, antibiotics,
vitamins and yet, no effective way to never have a cold again. Now the common
cold and allergies are born from viruses and allergens. Is this then the case with
major depression? In an old video, I explained where mental illness comes
from. If you haven’t watched that yet I would suggest doing so. A small icon
should pop up in the upper right corner and I’ll link it in the description. In
that video, I explained that mental illness comes from a mix of your biology,
your psychology, and your environment. How does that play out in terms of curing
your depression then? The quickest shortest answer would be: you can’t cure
it. Just like the common cold or allergies. I’m sure
you must be thinking: “but what are antidepressants for then?” Let me or maybe even,
“what you talking about boy? Allow me to explain. Depression most often
stems from sadness, and sadness, well is a natural, normal, part of life — just like
fear or worry or love or joy. Feeling sadness when something makes you sad is…
pretty much healthy. Yes, major depression is different, but even everyone’s
favorite online doctor, WebMD, says this: So what now? do we just surrender to it?
Nope! Just because we can’t make it go away
forever, doesn’t mean it can’t be effectively managed. And ,there are many
ways to do that, too. I won’t talk about antidepressants and psychiatric
medication just yet. That’s a much longer discussion, and that deserves a longer
video. So stay tuned for that! There are simple things, small changes that you can
make that can help keep depression at bay. I’ve talked about exercise and
nutrition before, and you can watch that video as it comes up in the smaller “i” in
the corner, but there are other things too. One thing that can help boost a
person’s mood is sunlight. In northern countries and countries that have winter,
there is a higher incidence of what we call “major depression with a seasonal
pattern” (or seasonal affective disorder as it was formerly called). Research shows
that increased exposure to natural sunlight is correlated with higher
levels of serotonin — a chemical that is linked with feelings of well-being and
happiness. Second thing you can do is de-stress. Too much stress can wear
you down, and also heavily affect your mood. There’s another video waiting for
you in the corner that talks about stress in depth, but simply put, it’s just
about taking the load off. Doing so helps uplift your mood, relieves you of pressure,
and relieves you of anxiety as well. The last thing is getting enough rest and
sleep. Your mood is heavily dependent on your energy levels, and not getting
enough sleep often makes people moody, irritable, fatigued, and downright sad.
Notice I said “enough sleep”. Oversleeping is bad too. It’s linked with diabetes,
heart disease, fatigue, anxiety, and memory problems. So make sure that you get
enough sleep for your age. I find that sleeping for about seven to nine hours
on average is good principle. Remember: exercise, eat healthy, going out and
getting some sun, de-stressing, and getting enough sleep and rest.
If those still don’t work then it might be time for you to see a psychotherapist
or a psychiatrist. I hope you learned something new today. If you did, don’t
forget to share this video with your family and friends,
give us a thumbs up, and click the heck out of that subscribe button. Thanks, and
I’ll see you in the next one.

4 thoughts on “The Cure for Depression?”

  1. My cure for depression is tell people that they have something to complete and for me if I have depression is to calm down and play video games.

    You are truly helping people that has depression not only with your help but also the video itself
    It actually made me laugh

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