100 thoughts on “The Entire Life of Uncle Iroh (Avatar Explained)”

  1. Great vid, but one question. Zuko told Aang Iroh had had a complicated childhood. What happened to him in his first 20 – 25 years?

  2. Another reason I love avitar.
    The mentore survives the series.
    Really he's the best character.
    Although, I wonder what would have happened if his son hadn't died, Also, who is the mother?
    Also, you left so much out of this video,
    Like his scene with Toph, which is amazing.

  3. In kyoshi's story, her first time fire bending was out of the mouth.
    Does that mean that fire breathing was just really rare? Or did kyoshi not use fire breath enough for it to become a legend? So iroh was the "first" fire breather?

  4. ILL NEVER FORGET THE WRITERS OF LOK FOR NOT LETTING IROH AND ZUKO REUNITE IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. It broke my heart when i saw Zukos face, when Korra told him about meeting his uncle

  5. General Iroh, of the Fire Nation, "The Dragon of the West", is THE role model everyone should strive to be, a father figure everyone should have, a character so deep that we all would love if he really existed, even more if he would be our dear uncle.

  6. Authors of ATLA says Iroh is the their first option in beating ozai but they believe Iroh's character would declined it coz he believe its Aang destiny to defeat ozai and save the world. So if you think he's just an average royal firebender think again the guy mastered firebending by mastering all elements principles.

  7. I'm so glad to see this video. You did an amazing job. General Iroh, no Iroh, was always my favorite character. (I grew up with avatar being on Nickelodeon). I just ordered the comics that would lead to some of the in between of this video. Thank you so much for idolizing irohs life as it should be. He indeed was one of the most influential and idealistic characters of this series. Not to mention his brief mentoring of toph which lead to the team avatars belief in letting zuko join them. 10 outta will watch again.

  8. Leaves from the vine
    Falling so slow
    Like fragile tiny shells
    Drifting in the foam
    Little soldier boy
    Come marching home
    Brave soldier boy
    Comes marching home

  9. Iroh : This tea is nothing but hot leaf juice!
    Zuko : uncle that’s what all tea is.
    Iroh : how could a member of a own family say something so horrible!

  10. Did Iroh INVENT lightening bending? I know he invented the redirection of lightening bending when it attacks him, but did he himself invent the concept and theory of lightening bending?

  11. I think this one line sums up Zuko and Azula perfectly
    "He gave Zuko a knife which became very important to him, and he gave Azula a doll, which she burned immediately".

  12. “You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road, and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.”

  13. In a way, I'm kidna upset that Iroh choose to live in the spirit world, as that means he will never see Lu Ten and Zuko again in the afterlife ;;-;;

  14. I wish we could have seen him fight the Fire-Lord or 'Phoenix King'.. just wanna see the full might of the Dragon of the West

  15. "He created National Tea Day"



  16. If i don't constantly rewatch Avatar : The Last Airbender everytime i finish it. I'll be on a depression. So as soon as i finish it, i just start over.

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