The Mabungas learn that Lemon has depression | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

The Mabungas learn that Lemon has depression | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

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Wait. Come on.
Let’s get you inside. Go to sleep now, okay? [MUMBLING] Chico, I’ll go ahead. What? We’ll just drop her off
then I’ll take you home. No need. I’ll call a cab. Love. What’s going on? Love, what’s wrong? Love, please talk to me. What’s the problem? Should I tell him?
Or would you rather do it? I don’t understand
what’s going on here, but… …can we talk about it? Let’s fix this. You and Betty need to talk. You’re the one who’s upset.
Please, let’s talk. Just tell me the problem. Fine. You want to talk, right?
Then let’s talk! Why don’t you tell me about that one gentle kiss
you shared with her?! – Love, please, let’s talk.
– Pia… Stay away from me. Pia, it’s not Chico’s fault.
It’s mine. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. See? Betty already admitted it and
you still want to deny it?! I’m sorry.
Please, let’s talk about it. Stay away from me, Chico. Pia… No matter how many times
you ask Chico, he doesn’t know anything. [SCOFFS] Oh, come on, Betty. We didn’t know
what we’re doing. We were both drunk. You and I both know
that’s bull! And as if that would
make me feel any better! That’s not what I meant. Please. You know what? If you two have these
unresolved issues… …then I don’t care. Resolve it yourselves. But as for me… I refuse to be
part of this narrative. Doc… Pia. Pia… Please. Please allow me tell you… …what really happened. What’s wrong with you two? Why don’t you want
to leave me alone? I just want to move on. I understand. I just want to tell you
that Chico’s innocent. Please, Betty. I don’t want to hear
the sordid details of your and Chico’s affair. Affair? Pia, you’re wrong. It was me who wanted this. But no matter what I do, I’ll be nothing more
than Chico’s friend. And you think I’ll
still believe you after what you did? I understand where
you’re coming from. I’d react the same
way if I were you. But believe me when I say
Chico loves you very much. I could feel it. Then tell me this, Betty. When you kissed Chico… …did he kiss you back? Pia, don’t you get it? In this fight,
you’re the winner. Because no matter
what I do, Chico will always
see me as a friend. Paandar’s franchise
manager told us you can make 200,000
a month here. That’s more than
what you’d earn in Dubai. – So I hope you–
– Dad… You’re wasting your time.
I’ve made up my mind. I will work in Dubai and
Mommy Elena’s coming with me. I’ve made up my mind,
too, Chico. I’m not going with you. All my good memories with
your brother happened here. I figured I’d just
feel lonely there. And Chico… The police are looking for the
man who hurt Lemon and Stefano. What? So, this means you’re filing
a case against that guy? It was a hit-and-run. They should be
held responsible. Can’t you just stay here,
Chico? Stay with Elena and me. Let’s seek justice for
your brother’s death. Hold on. Whether the suspect
gets caught or not, our obligations
won’t go away. We will still have to
pay for our bills. You’ve been providing for
us since I was little. So now, please give me
the chance to repay you. It’s my turn now. Maybe I could give you
all a better life. That’s the only thing
I want for you. What’s going on
with you and Chico? Tell me about it. I just feel
something’s off. Did you have an argument? Did you break up with him?! That’s the least of my concerns
right now, Carol. Fine! Keep it to yourself! That’s it! I knew I read that
somewhere. Read what? Is Dr. Villonco in? The psychiatrist?
Yeah, why? Call them and tell them
I’m going to their office. – Got it, Doc.
– Okay. Pia, why’d you call? Chico, I didn’t call about us. I need you to listen. This is about Lemon. You need to watch her. My parents are here. Why? What’s going
on with Lemon? I noticed she had a butterfly
drawing on her wrist. Pia, I’ve seen that before. What does it symbolize? You’re making me worry. I came across this online
support group for people… …contemplating on
hurting themselves. Are you saying… I’m not saying Lemon’s
going to hurt herself. But it’s possible your daughter
has suicidal tendencies. My goodness, Fernan. Lemon drew the butterfly to stop herself from hurting it. This is so she could
fight the desire for her to hurt herself. We shouldn’t panic. I’m just telling this, so you’re aware
of the situation. And so you could bring
Lemon to a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Pia, you can’t tell
me not to panic. Fernan, let’s go home.
Chico! [PHONE VIBRATING] Wait. My phone’s ringing. Chico. Why aren’t you
minding your phone?! Why? What’s wrong? Go home. Now.
Lemon has an emergency. We need to go home
to check on Lemon. Come on! Let’s go! [PHONE RINGS] Mom, please check
if Lemon’s okay. – Lemon?
– [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Lemon, open the door! – Lemon!
– [KNOCKING ON DOOR] I give up! I can’t do this anymore! – Peachy, Lemon’s crying!
– What’s going on? – Lemon! Lemon!
– [KNOCKING ON DOOR] – I’m a burden to this family!
– Lemon, open the door! What’s wrong, Lemon?! – Why am I even still alive?!
– Lemon, please! – Lemon!
– [BANGING ON DOOR] – Lemon, please!
– [BANGING ON DOOR] Lemon! Lemon, please talk to us! – Lemon!
– [BANGING ON DOOR] – Lemon!
– Lemon! – Lemon, open the door!
– She won’t open her door! – Lemon! Lemon!
– Please open the door! – Lemon!
– Lemon! – Lemon, open the door!
– Lemon! Break it open! How did that happen, doc?
She looks like she’s okay. It’s difficult to detect
if a person has depression, especially when we’re
not aware of the signs. Sometimes,
they may look happy, but they might already be
suffering internally. Doc, when did our daughter
start having depression? It seems she’s had it
for a while now. And she mentioned
that you were going through some problems recently. Based on what Lemon told me, she’s not like
her other siblings. She’s not very open
and talkative. She tends to bottle up
all of her emotions, and they build up inside her. It’s like a bottle that
you keep filling with stones until it becomes too heavy
and eventually shatters. Does this mean… …that we’re the cause
of her depression? Ma’am, I’m not here
to blame anyone, but these problems have
greatly affected Lemon, which led her to thoughts
of hurting herself. Doc, that can’t happen. Please, please,
do your best to help her. I can’t bear the thought
of losing another child. So please, doc. Doc, what can we do for Lemon? I’d recommend regular
therapy sessions. But if that doesn’t work,
we can give her medicine that will adjust the chemical
imbalance in her brain. For now, it’s important
that you talk to her and allow her to
express her feelings. Make her feel that
she’s not alone. Kids, Lemon needs
all of our support. If you’re not doing anything, talk to your sister
and keep her company. Mom, what if Lemon has
another outburst? Lemon didn’t mean
to snap at you. Please be patient with her. This isn’t just about Lemon. If you’re feeling emotions
you don’t understand, tell me, your father,
or your grandmother. Or you can confide
in your siblings. Okay? Mom, Dad, where is Lemon? Chico, what are we doing here? Just think of it
as a review class for your recovery. Your time is precious. You should be spending it with the people you’ll miss
when you leave. That’s why I want you
to be there sending me off. I don’t think I can.
It’s too soon. Just think of it
as mind over body. Something like that. Fight? Fight? [LAUGHS] – Cherry, hurry up.
– Here you go, Chico. – Be careful.
– Yes, ma’am. – You can do it.
– Count to three. One, two, three. Slowly. – Careful.
– That was great! – Yes!
– That’s great, Lemon! [CHEERING] One more.
One, two, three. There. Very good. Miss Joy, I made some snacks. Thank you. Hey! Chico, slow down! Wait. Can I take a video
of your progress? – Sure.
– Okay, fine. One, two, three. Careful. – Yes!
– Awesome! – Can you stand?
– Just a little more. – Sit down.
– Show off those biceps! [INDISTINCT CHATTER] One, two, three, go! You can do it. [EVERYONE CHEERS] Chico, I’m sorry. For what? You didn’t fail. You’ve made great strides.
You should be happy. You’re just saying that
because you can still walk. Nothing in your life
has changed. That’s not true. Remember what
happened with Loida? Then, I found out
Miss Elena is my real mother. Then, we lost Stefano. I stumbled too. But I got back up. It wasn’t easy,
but I kept moving forward. What matters is
you don’t give up. Just keep moving forward. Sometimes, I ask myself why the Lord saved me
and not Stefano. You’re still young. You shouldn’t worry
about those things. Maybe that’s what I need
to move forward. I don’t know the answer, but I’m sure everything
happens for a reason. So, don’t give up, okay? I’ll miss you. I’ll miss you too. Just kidding. Hey, we’re going to fall over!

56 thoughts on “The Mabungas learn that Lemon has depression | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)”

  1. Affair? Yes Bettty .. special friendshiip kayo ni Chico. It also means matter. Pia hayaan mo na, unexpected fall e, its complicated yan

  2. Eto cnasav ko… since wala na c stefano… feeling n nman ni lemon mag1 xa… middle child kase xa.. i mean most of those middle child always felt left out… un kaseng mas matanda sa kanya ung inaasahang responsable ung mas bata nman taga pag pasaya ng pamilya… kaya ung mid child nangangapa saan ba xa… prang shes too young para isali ng mga kapatid nyang mas matanda sa kanya sa matured stuff but too old para magpaalaga kagaya nung dalawang bunso…

  3. 7:55 Kawawa naman ung mga Tumblers!
    Iniwanan sila! Huhuhu!
    Tumblers: Ganito pala ung feeling ng iniwanan ka at ung Towels ay hindi iniwan! ?
    Ung Towels dinala! hahaha! ???

  4. Looks like having mental health concern is being a trend in TV nowadays. For some reason, through this, i wish viewers will come to be more open minded and never belittle those people who have diagnosed with one.

  5. The trauma from the incident plus nawala pa si Stefano =( that hurts! Nagka aminan pa nga sila before the scenario but they still chose to be friends muna buuuuut huhu =( I thought mahaba pa yung lalakbayin nga story nina Lemon at Stefano, nakakakilig kasi.

  6. Kudos to abs-cbn for showing awareness on mental health. Ganito din kapatid ko dati. Kala namin he was just being rude at laging nagkukulong sa kwarto nya, yun pala may dinadamdam na. Hindi po talaga biro tong mga ganito at very rare kung madetect. Akala lang natin nag.iinarte or nagmasungit or masayahin, pero may tinatago yan sila na hindi nila maexpress kasi feel nila wala silang malalapitan or feel nila makakadagdag lang sila sa problema ng iba. Pero we could literally save lives simply by talking to them, try to understand their situation and assure them that everything will be alright.

  7. I love how this teleserye is letting every artists and casts shine in their own ways. Sylvia Sanchez as always, she delivers. Then Maris Racal, the scene with Irma Adlawan was commendable. Then JM De Guzman with his effective acting almost every episode. And then now, Kira Ballinger's spotlight and girl she did not disappoint. Hope to see Jairus, Kiko, Kid and the two bunsos time to shine.

  8. Malapit din ako na ganyan bago pa nag away kasi ang nanay at tatay ko mga three days sila nag away para sa akin i want to give up and malapit din ako na depressed. Pero thank you to god kasi nagbati na sila dalawa.

  9. Hindi naging ganito ka aware ang pamilya 'ko noong nangyari sa'kin 'to pero to spread awareness sa lahat, sana maging open minded ang mga tao about this matter 🙂

  10. Ang ganda po ng ginawa niong exposure about depression and how to overcome it with the help of family. It's REAL.

  11. The best thing is these situations is to talk with others. talk to someone, i remember an application where you could have find someone to talk anonymously. (feelin)

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