The War on Headaches: Sex vs. Painkillers

The War on Headaches: Sex vs. Painkillers

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(Image source: YourTango) BY DAN KENNEDY
ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY Sex triggering headaches? Not so much. A new
study shows quite the opposite. In fact, you may find the best cure for a migraine — not
in the medicine cabinet — but between the sheets.

“When you find out that your head is banging, try another kind of banging.”

heard her right…

German scientists say sex is a better cure for migraines than
painkillers. Why? Because it releases the brain’s natural painkillers: endorphins
— and those can reduce or even eliminate your headache altogether. 

“There goes
the excuse, not tonight, honey, i’ve got a headache.”

Researchers found as people
suffered from headaches, if they had sex — more than half of those surveyed experienced relief.
One in five were left without any pain at all. The study also concludes men had a better
success rate of ridding the ache. 

But it may not work for everyone. According to
a LiveScience article, one in 100 people are estimated to suffer from benign sex headaches.

be surprised if your wife has to up the ante — not tonight honey, I have an aneurysm.”

or something like that.

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