This Is What Your Headache Is Trying To Tell You

This Is What Your Headache Is Trying To Tell You

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this is what your headache is trying to
tell you is there anything worse than a migraine or a headache don’t you wish
you had some medicine some stuff for your head pain something that would give
you migraine relief headache relief or pain relief in general what if I told
you that maybe your headache meant something more than just stressing your
brain what if your headache could be deadly before we get started make sure
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thing that isn’t a headache and that’s getting all your greatest health tips
from your besties alright let’s talk about headaches and migraines headaches
and migraines are very common and are usually harmless and go away on their own
however headaches and migraines come in two different types and determining the
type can be instrumental in finding the right headache relief the right migraine
relief the right medicine or the right pain relief in general here are two
types of headaches that we should explore a the primary headache according
to the experts at Medical News today a primary headache our standalone
illnesses caused directly by the over activity of or problems with structures
in the head that are pain sensitive by structures in the head that are pain
sensitive they mean things like blood vessels the muscles in your head or
brain and the nerves of your head or neck primary headaches are your
migraines your tension headaches and your cluster headaches the most common
types of headaches are sinus headache or a migraine people with these headaches
usually experience a dull pain that builds slowly but tends to go away after
some time it’s probably nothing however sometimes these headaches can be a sign
of something more serious these are some things to keep in mind the next time you
have a headache that has these symptoms while a common headache is usually
harmless in some cases a headache can be a sign of a stroke an aneurysm a brain
tumor or bleeding in the brain in very rare cases they can mean that your
arteries and veins are not connected correctly that
tension and sinus headaches as well as migraines but wait what’s a cluster
headache well if your headache is happening around one eye that is called
a cluster headache if the eye goes red it could be a sign of a brain tumor or
an aneurysm cluster headaches can cause nausea and vomiting but if you have a
fever or stiff neck it could be meningitis see a doctor if
your headache worsens after 24 hours and if you have a history of cancer watch
out if you experience a new kind of headache but wait there’s still one more
type of headache we should explore be secondary headaches so what is this so
called secondary headache well as people at medical news today put it pretty much
it’s any sort of head pain that’s caused by circumstances outside of the head
some of those circumstances include number nine an alcohol induced hangover
this one is an old classic and a source of many people’s morning-after pain you
can probably tell if you have an alcohol induced hangover headache if the night
before you found yourself drinking a lot of booze a nice headache remedy for one
is to grab some juice maybe some fresh fruit have a big breakfast and then head
back to bed an Advil would also be acceptable and hey maybe try not to go
so hard next time you party animal number eight brain tumor now this one is
much more serious and you probably shouldn’t try to self-diagnose yourself
on this one however if you want to recognize a pain tumor
besides the headache Cancer Center describes the following as brain tumor
symptoms vision changes loss of motor skill nausea and/or vomiting speech
problems seizures cognitive problems weakness change in personality and
hormone disorders the only headache relief migraine relief or pain relief I
can recommend for this potential head pain caused is to see a doctor as soon
as possible number seven blood clots
when a blood vessel is damaged in your brain it might cause a blood clot which
med broadcast describes as a collection of sticky blood cells that form when a
blood vessel is damaged blood clots are created so the leak caused by the
damaged blood vessel can be clogged blood clots in the brain often lead to
strokes which you’re probably having if you lost feeling in one side of your
face arm or leg or you’ve temporarily gone blind confusion speech problems and
sudden loss of coordination are also symptoms of a stroke if you think you’re
having a stroke visit a doctor immediately
number 6 brain freeze on a more lighthearted side you can also
get headaches from brain freezes you know that sudden burst of cold you get
in your head whenever you eat ice cream too fast well it turns out that folks at
medical news today say that brain freezes are caused by a sudden cooling
of the sinuses then sudden warming of the sinuses pretty much when you eat the
cold ice cream then breathe the warm air too fast your brain will freeze our
headache relief migraine relief medicine or pain relief for this one rub your
head and go ooh brain freeze number 5 carbon monoxide poisoning
carbon monoxide poisoning is a scary thought
it clearly happens when you’ve inhaled too much carbon monoxide but how can you
tell carbon monoxide poisoning head pain from other sorts of head pain luckily
the experts at WebMD have provided us with a handy list of carbon monoxide
poisoning symptoms besides the headaches you’ll probably
feel short of breath yet dizzy become nauseous or feel confused make
sure to always have carbon monoxide detectors and if you think something is
amiss call an ambulance number 4 dehydration when it’s hot out
in the summer there’s nothing more you want them to be outside playing in the
hot Sun however as much fun as it is the heat can be dangerous and could
cause dehydration apart from the headache you’ll get some other signs of
dehydration are dry skin bad breath muscle cramps fever and chills cravings
for sweet food like candy and signs of fatigue confusion and anger the best
thing you can do to prevent dehydration is well stay hydrated make sure to bring
water everywhere you go during those hot months
number three stress also called tension headaches these headaches are the most
common types of headaches for adults gee I wonder why all jokes aside these
headaches will often not keep you from doing your daily activities and will
often just hurt for about 30 minutes other symptoms of stress headaches are
trouble sleeping trouble concentrating muscle aches and irritability but those
could you know be because of the headache to be fair no one told me
there’d be this many bills that have to pay number two rebound headaches these
are caused by overuse of pain medication what kind of pain medication you ask
only the pain medication that offers headache relief migraine relief and pain
relief in general sheesh there’s got to be some sort of irony to that well we
obviously can’t get rid of these rebound headaches with traditional medicine what
can we do for migraine relief headache relief or pain relief honestly there
isn’t really a good answer the most important thing that people at Mayo
Clinic emphasize is to take care of yourself nevertheless if you find
yourself with rebound headaches you should probably just consult your doctor
number one panic attacks with mental health being a very hot button issue
these days it’s helpful to recognize when you may be having a dreaded panic
attack some of these signs include sweating shaking feeling like you want
to die chills or heat sensations or shortness of breath if you’re already
diagnosed with anxiety then you should probably try and get some medication for
when these panic attacks sneak up on you again
finally we should quickly go over a couple more things to look out for if
you’re experiencing a nasty headache if your headache is all of the sudden and
the pain is unbearable it’s called a thunderclap headache they
usually are most painful after 60 seconds and often are a sign of bleeding
in the brain they can be very serious if you get a headache after exercise or any
other physical activity it could be a symptom of a brain tumor or an aneurysm
serious headaches can cause slurred speech and blurred vision they can also
cause trouble balancing confusion or memory loss these are also signs of a
stroke if you are experiencing headaches and you’re over the age of 55
talk to your doctor also if you’ve had a head injury and get a headache it could
lead to a concussion or brain damage if not treated immediately please do not
try any homemade headache relief any homemade migraine relief any homemade
medicine or any homemade pain relief in general just go to the dang doctor and
that’s about it gee I hope digesting all this
information at once didn’t give you a migraine tell us about the headaches and
migraines you get in the comment section below also if you have any sort of
headache relief migraine relief or pain relief in general let us know that to
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25 thoughts on “This Is What Your Headache Is Trying To Tell You”

  1. Tell us about the headaches and migraines you get in the comment section below. Also, if you have any sort of headache relief, migraine relief or pain relief in general, let us know about that too!
    If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ?

  2. I used to wake up three or four days a week with a headache. No pills would touch it. Had them for years. Asked a doctor and even had an MRI. No diagnosis. Then eventually someone gave me Excedrin and it went away. I discovered Excedrin has caffeine. I decided to give up my ONE cup of coffee each morning. Headaches are GONE. I love my iced coffee, but the headaches are not worth it.

  3. This video just scared the shit out of me. I always get headaches and migraines. They make me sick a lot of times and zap me of all my energy. Sometimes I get dizzy or have blurred vision and anytime I have one lights only make it worse. Most meds don’t touch my headaches if they do it’s because I’ve taken 5 ibuprofen and if I drink too much or have too little caffeine I tend to get them as well. I’ve never had a diagnosis but I’ve only seen an eye doctor about them

  4. I get really bad migraine headaches. They start at bridge of nose then spread across forehead. They last for 3 days straight and nothing helps it.

  5. I have been suffering from migraines all of my life. I've been taking meds since I've been old enough to say my head hurt. Had all kind of test just to find nothing. They used to shut me down. I've tried everything. The only thing to stop it is Excedrin. I have to take them as soon as I feel the slightest pain. If I don't I won't be able to function.

  6. I always get tension headaches and migraines and depression and anxiety.? I'm taking aspirin every day in the morning and afternoon because afraid of rebound.

  7. I got a headache on one side if I try to turn over to sleep I can still feel the pain my sister told me to drink water but it's not working

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