Tout savoir sur la MIGRAINE et les MAUX DE TETE / CEPHALEES / Noura Marashi

Tout savoir sur la MIGRAINE et les MAUX DE TETE / CEPHALEES / Noura Marashi

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Hello everyone I hope you go
well, I find you today for tell you about a pain that happens at
head level and who can very greatly disrupt your daily
headache. To begin, know that it there are different types of headaches
that is, headaches, migraine and tension headaches.
It should be noted that headaches tension happen mostly at the level of the
nape and forehead they cause a feeling of pressure as if someone
we would be her head very strongly. The migraine
it appears on one side of the head either on the right side is the left side and
she can reoffend several times a day. Know that
migraine can be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting
but also of an intolerance it is to to say that the person is going to be embarrassed by
light, noises and some odors. Visual disturbances like
the appearance of bright dots called scotomes or the sensation of
flies that fly can also accompany the migraine.
We will talk about a migraine ophthalmic also called migraine with
aura, this type of migraine can also be accompanied by numbness,
tingling and even trouble the speech. Tension headaches are
usually due to stress, overwork, fatigue, changes
hormones, abuse of consumption of alcohol, at the abrupt cessation of
coffee consumption but also to poorly adjusted glasses to the vision of the
person or the absence of the port of glasses in a person who has
need. it is interesting to know that
some foods as different cheeses, chocolate and even different
types of sweeteners such as aspartame can cause headaches.
I draw your attention to the fact that the abuse of analgesics
that is to say drugs allowing to fight against pain can also
cause headaches, usually the headache happens right after
taking medication but rest assured type of headache maybe stop in
steadily stopping the drug in question. So the causes of the
migraine are not really known, we just know that it appears following a
contraction then a dilatation of the vessels
blood in the brain which causes severe pain. A migraine
can happen as a result of stress, fatigue, sleep disorders,
hormonal changes but also following inflammation like inflammation
sinuses applied also sinusitis. The consumption of certain foods as well
that the appearance of different noises or odors can also cause
migraines. To treat migraine the advice I give you is first
to observe and analyze the moments when she appears in order to treat her the most
effectively possible. In case of migraine it is advisable to put yourself in a
quiet room and relax. If ever the pain does not pass you
can take analgesics like ibuprofen, paracetamol or
aspirin with obviously the opinion from your doctor or pharmacist.
Know that there are drugs that have for indication to deal with the crisis
migraine such as sumatriptan. These drugs help to limit
dilation of the blood vessels at level of the brain, so they reduce the
pain due to migraine. This kind of medication should be prescribed by your
doctor. Background treatments exist also to treat migraine,
they aim to reduce the frequency and intensity of seizures
migraineurs, that is to say to make them less violent.
Finally, I draw your attention to the fact that if ever you are in the presence
a person who has a headache sudden, violent and unusual,
accompanied by paralysis on one side of the face or limb, disorders of the
speech and a disturbance of the balance
well, you have to call it right away samu ie the 15th
because this person is likely to make a stroke
that is a stroke brain and she risks very
heavy complications. It’s over for this video
devoted to migraine, I hope really it will have helped you better
understand this subject, so especially do not hesitate to like the video share
there to inform as many people as possible. And to be aware of all
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side. I tell you very quickly and by then
take care of yourself.

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  1. merci pour tes videos toujours forts instructives et pedagogues, j'ai souvent aussi des migraines l'hiver à cause du froid, du vent, de l'humidité, la climatisation mal réglée aussi.

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