Trevor’s Story – Ibogaine Treatment for Depression and Migraines

Trevor’s Story – Ibogaine Treatment for Depression and Migraines

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yeah hi there my friends tell your friend
button to see you Trevor yep you know this really particularly video we’re
doing is too i suffered personally from the child two from depression and I
separate also from migraines finally when i discovered ibogaine and I
i treated myself also i got rid of both okay it was like it’s like I can see live I know what it is okay and people think
that somebody has depression or somebody has migraines like there are crazy
awesome no it’s a disease very very very bad disease a minute reset you you you talk about the hot
painful is go ahead for my migraines i would get i would get them and if I
didn’t take a whole bunch of different pills within like 20 minutes I like first my eye my eyes would start
hurting and I would have to like lay down if I didn’t like to take care of it
really quickly with with a bunch of pills I it would last for 24 Wow 12 to 36 hours and I’d have to be in
a dark room i could really hard to see as almost I mean it was can’t talk to
anyone you can’t work you can’t get up you can’t it’s just terrible took the
worst pain because it’s not really pain just like in your head you bring out of
my ideas it’s hard to explain but yeah it is like
the bill your brain but it’s exploding were on fire explosion going on and then
I used to throw up a lot did you said I never threw up but I
definitely felt nauseous and and if I didn’t once i had it like if I didn’t
get rid of it quickly with the pills once i had it there’s nothing you can do you just
suffer and I’ve gone to bed went to sleep I wake up with them some even after going to sleep it’s just
yeah I’ve had to take many many date way more days off work than anyone else and
was it you know when you tell people you have migraines they don’t nobody gets it
because everyone gets headaches but they don’t and they take couple aspirins goes
away and they think that’s what it is what are you complaining over you know
they don’t understand you it’s blast and it’s him extremely more
people and regular headache and his last that you said mine lasted 24 36 and
measurement three days yeah okay and then it’s related also
with with the depression and i’ll tell you what it is is like we have strings
or wiring in our brain you’re a mechanical engineer right yeah okay so
this is this wiring sometimes they get tangled up or they’re not communicating
correctly and that causes depression and the migrants so I obviously know of no
pill can help and you are also a lot of antidepressants it yeah and the thank God you have been
year we came for 10 days and I did I ask you to you’re not done yet another 10 days
almost done and we went to see the doctor and you get you have a clean bill
right yeah thank God you get real depression she’s really he’s a misery
that nobody can live with and migraines those are two major major pains that
nobody can understand i guess they had yeah alright thank you for coming and
I’m so happy you’re gonna go and you’re going to succeed and conquer the world please don’t wait until it’s too late
for there is a tragedy call us not at 888 462 1164 888 462 1164 or go on our website ibogaine
clinic . com make sure you put the . com

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