Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show

Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show

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The impeachment of Donald Trump
is getting closer. Today, the Democrats on
the House Intelligence Committee released a 300-page report outlining the conclusions
of their impeachment inquiry. And while all of this
was going on in D.C., Trump hopped on Air Force One
and flew to the U.K. And obviously I’m not saying
Trump is fleeing the country, but it was weird that
he only bought a one-way ticket. (laughter) It was also weird that he bought
a ticket for his own plane. Yeah. The pilot was like,
“Mr. President, “you don’t need a ticket
for this. This is Air Force One.”
He’s like, “Oh, yeah? “Then why does it say ‘one-way
ticket’ on this KFC napkin? You explain that to me!” (laughter) Now, obviously,
I’m joking, man. The real reason Trump was headed
to the U.K. was for a major NATO summit between
America and its European allies. And in classic Trump fashion, he began the trip with a bang. President Trump kicked off
his meetings here in London with a freewheeling,
impromptu press conference and some harsh words for French
president Emmanuel Macron. MAN 2:
Asked about recent comments by French president Macron that NATO is becoming
brain-dead, he hit back hard. Very, very nasty statement. You just can’t go around
making statements like that about NATO.
It’s very disrespectful. MAN 3:
In the past, President Trump has had his own harsh words
towards NATO. NATO is-is obsolete. It’s old, it’s fat, it’s sloppy. (laughter) NATO is old, fat and sloppy? (laughter) Why is it
that every insult Trump uses against others always seems to really be about himself? (laughter, cheers and applause) No, I don’t know if you’ve
noticed it, but every time… he mocks other people, it’s like it’s a pain
that’s inside of him that he’s trying
to project onto others. Like, where did he get that? It’s almost like
he’s taking notes during his fights with Melania.
Like, everything he says. He’s like, “Fat and sloppy. “That’s good.
I’m gonna use that. “Um, and how am I in bed? Maybe there’s something
in there.” Now, just so
we’re all on the same page, what basically happened here is
the French president said that NATO was becoming
brain-dead, partly because Trump’s administration
had stopped supporting it. And Trump, as the proud owner
of a dying brain, thought Macron
was insulting him personally. But that’s not the only reason
there’s been animosity between France and the U.S.
right now. Because as this summit goes on, there’s also a trade war
heating up between the two countries. NEWSMAN:
The Trump administration is now threatening tariffs
of up to 100% on $2.4 billion worth
of French imports, including wine,
cheese and handbags. The new tariffs are retaliation
against new French taxes targeting U.S. tech companies
like Apple and Google. I’m not necessarily
in love with those companies, uh, but, uh,
they’re our companies. They’re American companies. I want to tax…
those companies. They’re not gonna be taxed
by France. I’m not gonna let people
take advantage of American companies, because
if anyone’s gonna take advantage of the American companies,
it’s gonna be us. It’s not gonna be France. (laughter) Yo. No, I’m sorry, Donald Trump
is rock and roll, man. -(laughter)
-I’m sorry. How dare you take advantage
of American companies? -That’s what I was gonna do!
-(laughter) This man is one of a kind. He’s, like, the world’s worst
superhero. You know? He’ll, like, stop a mugger who’s
robbing an old lady, but only so he can fly off
with her purse. -“It’s mine!”
-(laughter) So yes… in response
to France announcing taxes on American tech companies,
Trump is now threatening to tax all the most clichéd
French goods, like wine, cheese and handbags. Yeah. He was probably also gonna
tax French fries and mistresses, -but that hit too close to home.
-(laughter) Now, although Trump plans
to punish France by taking as much from them
as possible, earlier today, when he actually sat down
with President Macron, he did offer to give France
something in return. We have a… a tremendous amount
of captured fighters, ISIS fighters, over in Syria, and, uh, they’re all
under lock and key. But many are from France,
many are from Germany, many are from UK–
they’re mostly from Europe. I have not spoken
to the president about that. Uh, would you like
some nice ISIS fighters? I could give ’em to you. You can take… you can take
every one you want. This is why he’s
a great politician– ’cause that was one
of the greatest non-answers I’ve ever heard. And that’s okay. -Goddamn. Whew!
-(gasping, groaning) That whole… meeting got,
as the French say, very (bleep) uncomfortable. -(laughter)
-S’il vous plait. I mean, just look at Macron. You can see
from his body language he’s trying
to hold himself back, but deep down he’s thinking,
“I swear to God, “this buffoon is gonna make me
cut the bitch, I swear to God. -(laughter)
-“I swear to God. Oh, my God,
I’m going to kill him.” (applause, cheering, whistling) And what a turn this
relationship has taken, huh? I mean, just last year,
Trump and Macron were giving each other
friendship trees, remember that? And now Trump is offering
to send him ISIS. (laughter) It’s pretty dark
that Trump would offer to send ISIS fighters
to Macron as a gift. But, I guess, on the other hand,
we have found the one gift that’s worse than a Peloton.

100 thoughts on “Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show”

  1. Mr. Noah is so clueless on this subject. The US has been carrying NATO since it's inception, and we are sick of it. When America sends troops overseas, we are an Evil Empire, and when Trump pulls our troops out, these losers we have been carrying scream because their foreign policy interests are hit hard, and they want the US to fight for them.
    European ISIS fighters come from France more than any other European nation. Let them contribute more to NATO, and maybe they will protect their own citizens in the process.

  2. I'm on Trump side with this one. NATO has been the most incompetent international meeting since the start of it after world war 2. Some one name something in NATO that's be properly executed since the start of it? And because this is a comedy show and not news he can get away with not talking about the facts on NATO

  3. "…old, fat and sloppy…" perfectly describes ttump. He must have been looking a full-length mirror when he pulled that out of his old, fat and sloppy ass, which has always served as his "brain".

  4. A lot of those same Isis fighters were released when Trump did what his big daddy Putin told him to do and let him attack Ukraine, causing the release of many of those Isis fighters.
    Trump is an idiot.

  5. Enlightenment
    To "Cut a bitch" means:
    To turn around.
    To run away.
    To retreat.
    So very French.

  6. Hey Trevor, are you really so stupid you don't understand what is going on? Or are you just pandering to your brain dead audience?

  7. It’s sad when the French know that they’re shit so over 1,900 frenchies go fight with isis. When they learn how to fight a war and win for once then they can speak up.

  8. Trump said America is going to profit from those companies, and not places like France. Noah is stupid . He doesn’t understand simple logic and his audience is just as dumb.

  9. I strongly advise everyone here to listen to Steven crowders rebuttle to all of this, he makes very good points like how we are the main source of revenue for nato, that the French has the most isis traitors and the French president isn’t doing anything about it. Trevor Noah here isn’t telling you all the facts and I STRONGLY urge you to look into the opposing sides. Like how he made fun of trump joking about taxing companies? Like what you guys were all about big corporate taxes? Now your against it I’m so confused.

  10. As Muslim, Trump is right.
    The reason why most Muslims join ISIS are from EU because of their racism and Decrimination.
    U.S has more liberty to ethic group and religion than EU

  11. Trump the dumb fuck is too stupid to remember that all of those nations helped us when we were attacked by terrorists on Sept 11, 2001. We are not fucking holding Isis anywhere in America. We are holding them outside of America so that they do not come to America. Americans are too fucking stupid for turning pure garbage into their leader. Trumps keeps proving to the world how stupid we are.

  12. I'm curious. Why doesn't this South African native, little trevor noah, talk about the paternalistic hold France still has over 20 of its "former" African colonies ? Like controlling the military and the currency in those countries. Face facts. Little trevor is playing the good little boy for his leftist masters within the stinking bowels of the cultural marxist politically correct pop culture. In other words he's a sell out coward and he's about as interesting as watching two flies fuck.

  13. The result of the investigation was based on blatant biased, slanted & one sided dems premeditated action to remove Pres Trump whom was denied of his right to defend himself from baseless accusations. #GOP #TRUMP2020

  14. The prez might be a joke but the USA isn’t and he better stand his ground instead of leaving like a punk the other world leaders can catch these hollows

  15. Trevor Noah is so bad! He can't deliver a joke. He and humor are total strangers! Bring back John Daily!! The guy was mega funny.
    Make Comedy Central great again!

  16. Hey Dumbass why wouldn't not tax other countries companies when you the highest number of homeless people in LA as we speak??

  17. Only low IQ people watch this garbage. Trump was referring to the number of Isis fighters that come from European countries. The vast majority of those fighters are French nationals, well above any other European countries. Buncha NPC losers…

  18. When something stupid is said… a socialist is always behind it…. lolololol….socialist is endless supply of dummies …..1 born every second…

  19. …Apple, Facebook, Starbucks, Amazon, Google, Uber etc ….aren't American companies – they're global robbers that don't pay taxes in any countries in Europe, but in tricky Tax low heavens somewhere else in the caribik – despite very profitable exploiting a market of 500 million by undercutting prices… taxfree! Legal robery of monopolists. Macron ist right to ask for just three % turnover tax!

  20. “If Anyone’s Gonna Take Advantage Of American Companies, It’s Gonna Be Us” Please Throw The Whole Cabinet Away ??‍♂️

  21. Dear trevor, you have to send Trump christmas present. He give you a lot of material to put on your show. ?. Really love ur show.


  23. Interesting commentary about France and NATO. Considering that De Gaulle withdrew France from the military alliance and that they have only recently returned in 2009, they have little room to talk. And NATO is 'brain dead' for the same reasons that the UN and for that matter the EU is 'brain dead.' "…gift worse than a Peloton." Your sarcasm is lacking.

  24. Yay EU freeloaders that won't pay for their own defense! This Trevor Noah Goy TOTALLY has our best interest in mind, fellow young people.

  25. Will someone, anyone PLEASE explain try to that totally brain dead President how Tariffs actually work? They are PAID by the importer, ADDED to the cost a distributor pays, INCLUDED in the cost a retailer pays, and in the end, paid by the consumer.

  26. France should leave NATO and join the communists. It's already bad with the protest going on. Just imagine France after Sanction's

  27. And while Macron was chuckling it up his people were in the streets rioting and protesting because of his liberal policies. High unemployment and turmoil.

    Trump returned home to another history breaking unemployment numbers. ??

  28. "Can't wait for Trump to step down. We're all gonna storm North America! Wooooh! NO BORDERS NO BORDERS NO BORDERS"
    You people are dead once he steps down. Welcome to the 3rd world 🙂

  29. Socialist are so dumb, if Trump wanted to close a Nazi death camp, they would march on the street to keep it open because they are told by they left tabloids it was club med….lolololol

  30. This dude is a brainless puppet of the socialist tabloid….a bouffon….reading anything written on the TelePrompTer ….a clown… nothing more…lolololol

  31. Huh….. France has the most ISIS recruits from all of Europe.

    Huh….. The USA pays more than all the other countries of NATO combined.

    Why exactly should EU govern NATO?

  32. Has any president ever been openly disrespected? Kinda sad that Americans can’t seem to get the truth anymore just slander, presumption and mudslinging. Anything to feed the masses need for drama and turmoil. If you really think that anybody in the government has your best interest REP. Or Dem. your ignorant and are blinded by the spectacle they are making.

  33. Sorry Noah but Trump is 100% right here you're spinning the truth for your viewers. EU is now a breeding ground for Isis due to their immigration policies.

  34. I gotta say, that "those are our companies" line made my heart swell to be an American. Please don't beat me up for saying that, internet.

  35. Macron is a piece of shit and so is Trevor Noah. Shits always hate those who aren't shit and thus their mutual hatred for the POTUS.

  36. ISIS has 1900 fighters from France. And France refuses to charge them with anything. Marcon was shaking in his boots.

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